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129 - 22 November 2020

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## 859-860

World demographic barometer

Health costs in OECD countries, 2019

  • The relationship between health care quality and spending is not always clear

  • OECD economies average about $4,000 PPP per person per year, or 9% of GDP

  • 60% of healthcare costs go to inpatient and outpatient care


  • Coronavirus: the fight goes on!

  • Coronavirus: fears of Russians

  • Most Russians are against banning unvaccinated children from school

  • Employment during the pandemic

  • The lockdown has strengthened twice as many families as it has destroyed

In the vastness of Russia

  • Rosstat estimates RSFSR population loss from World War II

  • Ministry of Health announces decrease in mortality in first quarter

  • The number of deaths in Moscow in April reached 10-year high

  • Golikova says Russia does not manipulate coronavirus mortality statistics

  • Is mortality from COVID-19 among doctors in Russia 16 times higher than in other countries?

  • WHO explains low mortality from coronavirus in Russia

  • In Russia, the number of divorces has decreased amid the crisis

  • Disputes about a post-quarantine baby boom in Russia continue

  • HSE predicts 20% drop in household income by July

  • Ministry of Labor decides to reduce the size of funded pension

  • Families with children under three years old will receive an additional 5 thousand rubles per month

  • Russia facing record unemployment

  • Ministry of Labor decides to simplify conditions for early retirement

  • Has up to 19% of the population left Russia’s largest cities?

  • Internal migration in Russia will not be reduced in the long run

  • Moody’s experts predict growth of migration within Russia due to pandemic

  • Russia has begun granting citizenship 2.5 times more often

  • Russia to start issuing residence permits to purchasers of real estate

  • Will coronavirus in Russia continue actively spreading until summer?

  • In Russia, increased deaths from alcohol consumption amid pandemic

  • Government extends sick leave for citizens over 65

  • Ministry of Health chief recognizes need for reform of compulsory medical insurance system

  • Demand for doctors is growing in state medical institutions

  • In Russia, scheduled vaccinations suspended due to coronavirus

  • Golikova tells regions to take care of the homeless

  • Ministry of Internal Affairs considers decriminalization of domestic violence justified

  • One in four Russians has put on weight in lockdown

World news

  • The causes of the pandemic will be jointly investigated by more than 120 countries

  • Had coronavirus already spread around the world at the end of 2019?

  • Latin America turning into new coronavirus epicenter

  • WHO warns of second wave of coronavirus pandemic

  • In northeast China a new outbreak of COVID-19

  • Black British and Asian people are at higher risk of dying from COVID-19

  • In Italy’s Bergamo province mortality increased by 568%

  • Sweden admits April mortality rate to be highest since 1993

  • Could US authorities have prevented 54 thousand deaths from coronavirus?

  • The most dangerous profession during coronavirus is a guard

  • Quarantine will not lead to previously predicted baby boom

  • Pandemic could put 60 million people in extreme poverty

  • The population of Ukraine is 41,830,600 people

  • Citizens of Ukraine banned from traveling to Belarus with internal passports

  • Puerto Rico to hold referendum on joining the United States

  • EU expects illegal migration to increase after COVID restrictions are relaxed

  • UN calls for migrants to be included in national healthcare systems

  • 20 thousand Italians wanted to gather the harvest instead of migrants

  • Migrants transferred $2.9 billion to Ukraine in first quarter

  • Coronavirus pandemic will increase AIDS mortality

  • EU and UK introduce ban on sale of menthol cigarettes

The newspapers write about...

  • Stern, Russkaya sluzhba BBC, CNN, Rossiyskaya Gazeta and Medusa on coronavirus in Russia

  • Novaya Gazeta, Kommersant, Russkaya sluzhba BBC, Le Temps, Financial Times, The New York Times, The Guardian, El País, France Info, Frankfurter Allgemeine on coronavirus mortality statistics

  • Kommersant and Novaya Gazeta on the adequacy of PPE supplies in pharmacies and hospitals

  • Nezavisimaya Gazeta, Novaya Gazeta and RBK on state support during the coronavirus

  • Kommersant,, Izvestia and Medusa on the work of physicians

  • Kommersant on the demographic traces of the war

  • Dagens Nyheter on coronavirus in Europe

  • Russkaya sluzhba BBC on coronavirus in the UK

  • on end-of-coronavirus scenarios

  • Asharq Al-Awsat and The Wall Street Journal on a coronavirus vaccine

  • Le Figaro on criticism of WHO

  • Novaya Gazeta on the role of migration in the spread of coronavirus

  • Nezavisimaya Gazeta, Moskovsky Komsomolets,, and Novye Izvestia on migration and migrants during coronavirus

  • The Conversation on migrants in the British Army

  • Gazeta.Ru on anti-vaxxers

  • on suicide

  • Russkaya sluzhba BBC on alcohol consumption

  • Nezavisimaya Gazeta on poverty and inequality

  • RBK on analyzing data on Muscovites

  • Russkaya sluzhba BBC on abortion in Poland

  • Forbes on maternity

  • on the price of human life

  • on ageism in the time of coronavirus

  • Le Figaro on rural life after coronavirus

  • Izvestiya on pensions

  • Big Think on stress in modern generations

Read books and magazines

  • Sustainable Development Goals Report 2019

  • European regional status report on road safety 2019

  • World population policies 2017. Abortion laws and policies

  • Society at a glance: Asia/Pacific 2019

  • Demographic aging in the Republic of Belarus: challenges and new opportunities

  • Through the pages of the magazines Demograficheskoye Obozreniye (Demographic Review) and Akusherstvo i Ginekologiya (Obstetrics and Gynecology)

  • Content of Studies in Family Planning

Profession: researcher

  • "When it rains it pours: consecutive weather shocks and mortality in Russia." Research Seminar of the Institute of Demography, HSE "Demographic Challenges of the 21st Century"

  • Migration in small and medium-sized cities of Russia: the main trajectories and unresolved issues. Research Seminar of the HSE Institute for Social Policy “Migration Studies”

  • School segregation is carried out by a city’s residents themselves. Research Seminar of the Institute of Education, HSE

  • Methodological approaches to assessing mortality from COVID-19 in France. Scientific seminar of the Center for the Study of Population Problems, Faculty of Economics, Moscow State University Lomonosov

  • In memory of Evgeny Naumovich Pertsik

  • Nikolay Petrov. On the passing of Evgeny Naumovich Pertsik

    • List of books by E.N. Pertsik

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