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World demographic barometer

· Population of the world's cities according to UN estimates for 2018

  • Urban population definition criteria vary by country; how is it defined at the regional and global level?

  • According to UN estimates, the only country where urban residents make up less than half of the population is in Africa - 43%

  • Urbanization pace highest in least developed countries

  • Of the world's 33 mega-cities with a population of 10 million or more, 20 are located in Asia

  • The fastest growing cities are in Asia and Africa

  • 17% of the urban population in Latin America live in mega-cities, and in Asia – 15%

Take care of women!

  • Longer than a lifetime: the world will need another 100 years to achieve gender equality

  • Reproductive Rights Center launches review of abortion law in Europe

In the vastness of Russia

  • Natural population increase recorded only in 18 out of 85 Russian regions

  • Rosstat publishes population forecast by 2036

  • For first time ever Rosstat takes pension reform into account in demographic forecast

  • Skvortsova announces increase in life expectancy in Russia

  • Minister of Labor compares fertility rates in Russia and Europe

  • In Russia, a slight increase in the percentage of families planning to have a child

  • Matvienko proposes to give out free apartments to large families

  • Justice Ministry plans to adjust the legal age of marriage in Russia

  • Almost 60% of Russians consider 2019 a hard year for the country

  • Siluanov names reasons for growth of real incomes of Russians in 2019

  • Russian employers plan to increase employee salaries

  • Authorities discussing abolition of personal income tax for the poor

  • In 2020, maternity capital will increase

  • A promise to eliminate shortage of places in nursery schools by 2021

  • Plan for implementation of Spatial Development Strategy of Russia up to 2025 approved

  • The Urals are growing empty, with the exception of large cities

  • Federal Penitentiary Service will employ prisoners until their release

  • Russia loses its position in world passport index

  • Putin speaks of the benefits of selective migration

  • A number of Russian regions prohibit migrants from working as taxi drivers

  • In Russia, mortality among minors has significantly decreased

  • Skvortsova argues with Golikova about the "terrible" optimization of healthcare

  • Tatyana Golikova suggests changing the approach to patients in neuropsychiatric care homes

World news

  • In 2019, U.S. population growth was the lowest in 100 years

  • By 2050 Latvia may have 1.5 million inhabitants left

  • Lithuania's population continues to decline

  • Since gaining independence, the population of Tajikistan has grown by 70%

  • The number of births in Italy falls to new low

  • Life expectancy in Beijing reaches 82.2 years

  • The world's oldest person is 117 years old

  • As of 2020, retirement age in Latvia will be increased by another 3 months

  • Retirement age raised in Belarus

  • In Ukraine, minimum wage rises to $200

  • Armenia to radically increase amount of benefits for birth of a child

  • Georgia's Ministry of Justice allows believers to get IDs without chips

  • Starting in 2021 it will be harder for Ukrainians to enter EU countries

  • Tajikistan approves migration agreement with Russia

  • A quarter of new migrants in Italy are from Tunisia

  • In 2018, Russia became the main destination of Moldovan migrants

  • The number of asylum applications in Germany has fallen again

  • Kirgiz migrants working in Russia will be able to receive a pension in Kirgizia

  • In Belarus, infant mortality falls to record low

  • Russia will help North Korea reduce child mortality

  • Within 10 years half the US population will be obese

  • Scientists have disproved the main myth about the causes of obesity

  • Chinese scientist convicted for conducting gene modification experiments on children

The newspapers write about

  • RBK and REGNUM on the national projects

  • RBK and Znak on population forecasts

  • Sobesednik and Postnauka on the demographic transition

  • Russkaya Germaniya on refugees in Europe

  • FederalPress on measures to support fertility

  • Helsingin Sanomat on sterilization

  • Novye Izvestia on the behavior of children

  • Sasapost on suicides

  • Financial Times on alcohol consumption

  • Novye Izvestiya on sobering-up stations

  • Gazeta.Ru on smoking

  • Sohu and The Times on poverty

  • Svobodnaya Pressa on pension reform

  • Kommersant and Gazeta.Ru on life expectancy

  • Le Figaro on the placebo effect

  • Gazeta.Ru on ageism

  • on the impact of climate on humanity

Read books and magazines

  • Demographic Yearbook of Russia. 2019

  • 2018 United Nations Demographic Yearbook

  • Monitoring of indicators of the quality of life of the population in the countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States 2015-2018

  • Export of Russian educational services

  • Total morbidity of the child population of Russia (age 0-14 years) in 2018

  • Through the pages of the journals Voprosy Statistiki (Issues in Statistics) and Problemy Prognozirovaniya (Problems of Forecasting)

  • Contents of the journal Demographic Research

From the history of demographic thought

  • Francis Bacon on death, love, parents and children, marriage and single life

Profession: researcher

  • Scientific seminar "Memento mori: the sociology of death"

  • Open lectures and presentations of HSE master's programs at Orenburg State University

  • In memory of Roland Pressat

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