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Current topic: Russia’s demographic challenges. Part one – Population and Space

  • Introduction

  • The cessation of population growth

  • Russia’s demotion in the global demographic hierarchy

  • The disparity between the size of the population and of the territory

  • Challenges of structural demographic changes

  • Topics of previous issues

Russian demographic barometer

· Russia in a demographically changing world

  • According to UN estimates, Russia is the 9th largest country in terms of population size

  • In the coming years, in Russia, as in the EU-28, a natural decrease of the population is inevitable

  • In terms of fertility trends, Russia is close to the EU-28 and the United States

  • In terms of male mortality, Russia lags behind not only the EU-28 and the US, but also ASEAN

  • In Russia, the EU-28 and the United States, the period of the demographic dividend has come to an end, in ASEAN and LAS it is still only ahead

Through the eyes of the analysts

  • The typology of regional dynamics of the population of Russia in the post-Soviet period

  • Socio-economic outlines of a society of longevity

  • The dynamics of population size of coastal cities of Russia in the post-Soviet period

Take care of women!

  • November 25: International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women

  • An increase in mortality from HIV infection in Russia

  • Russia intends to get HIV epidemic under control by the end of 2020. Interview of the UNAIDS Regional Director on the eve of World AIDS Day

In the vastness of Russia

  • Possibilities for growth of Russia’s population in coming decades are very limited

  • Life expectancy of Russians has increased to 72.6 years

  • In Russia, infant mortality rate reaches historical minimum

  • Government confirms time-frame for Russian census

  • Putin promises new measures to support families with children

  • Golodets denies Kudrin’s statement on lack of funds in the Pension Fund of Russia

  • Budget funds are sufficient to meet obligations of the Pension Fund, but not for the development of the social sphere

  • Expected period of payment of a funded pension will grow by half a year

  • Will poor pensioners disappear by 2018?

  • Ministry of Education proposes to create register of unscrupulous parents

  • Unemployment rate in Russia in next two years will decrease to 4.7%

  • Most Russians consider Moscow the best place for a career

  • Processing time for foreign travel passports in Russian Federation may be changed

  • Russia intends to simplify procedure for residents of South Ossetia to obtain Russian citizenship

  • Russian government approves new type of entry visa

  • State Duma will decide the fate of citizens of North Korea working in Russia

  • State Duma raises penalties for services to illegal migrants

  • The number of crimes committed by migrants has decreased by 9%

  • Top 5 regions of Russia with greatest incidence of HIV have been named

  • Russia bans “light” cigarettes

  • Ministry of Health will rewrite anti-tobacco concept

  • Ministry of Labor opposes reduction of working hours for non-smokers

  • In Russia, about eight million people have diabetes

  • Ministry of Health plans to eliminate tuberculosis in Russia by 2030

  • Two new vaccines against tuberculosis have been developed in Russia

  • Putin discusses with head of Rospotrebnadzor the risks of refusing vaccinations

  • Doctors’ salaries constitute 80% of budget of medical organizations

  • One in three patients in Russia has had a wrong diagnosis

  • Muscovites don’t show up for more than a quarter of doctor appointments

  • Metropolitan Hilarion supports sex education in schools

  • Golodets proposes to introduce school lessons on the basics of medicine

  • More than a third of Russians believe in God

World News

  • Population of Uzbekistan has exceeded 325 million people

  • Population of Ukraine as of September 1 was 42,434,000 people

  • Ukraine among top ten countries with fastest-shrinking populations

  • Population of Ukraine may shrink by 5.5 million people

  • Bulgaria in fourth place in world for population aging

  • The North of Kazakhstan is “ageing” faster than other regions

  • Polish authorities call on population to reproduce

  • In Georgia over past 15 years 31,400 girls were not born

  • Will Latvia increase its population by cloning?

  • British statisticians want to replace polls with data from smartphones

  • Half of the world’s wealth belongs to 1% of the population

  • Australian lawmakers will have to prove they are not dual nationals

  • Around 100,000 Belarusians have received a Pole’s Card

  • Vice-Premier of Hungary announces right of Hungarians abroad to autonomy and citizenship

  • Trump’s migration ban only partially approved by US court

  • US to end protected status for Haiti refugees

  • Engineers, economists, doctors and teachers leaving Kazakhstan

  • Lithuanian business hoping for foreign workers

  • Belarusians receiving fewer remittances from abroad

  • Remittances from migrants exceed budget revenues of Kirgizia

  • Over 10 million people got tuberculosis in 2016

  • On average, OECD member countries spend 9% of GDP on health

  • November 19: Toilet Day

  • Over half of Israelis are overweight

  • Sexual orientation of parents does not affect the emotional well-being of children

  • Germany to legalize third gender

  • Minsk registry offices begin introducing mediation

The newspapers write about…

  • “Rosbalt” and “RBK” on Russia’s demographic challenges

  • “Dsnews” on Ukraine’s demographic problems

  • “Snob” on the retirement age

  • “Project Sydicate” on demography and economic growth

  • “Kommersant” and “Izvestiya” on criteria for evaluating governors

  • “Nezavisimaya gazeta” on international migration in Russia

  • “Rosbalt” on combating illegal migration

  • “Rossiyskaya Gazeta” on migration in Russia

  • “Novye Izvestiya” on Russia’s migration problems

  • “Rossiyskaya gazeta” on the resettlement of compatriots

  • “Le Temps” on migrant camps in Libya

  • “Izvestiya” on the availability of medical care in the regions of Russia

  • “Project Syndicate” on Ruanda’s health care system

  • “Life” on HIV and hepatitis in Russia

  • “RBK” on the concept of countermeasures against smoking

  • “Rossiyskaya gazeta” on organ donation

  • “Novye Izvestiya” on euthanasia

  • “Der Tagesspiegel” on the problem of the sex of newborns in Armenia

  • “Moskovskiy Komsomolets” on high-productivity jobs

  • “Gazeta.Ru” on a new day off and labor productivity

  • “Khaitek” on professions of the future

  • “Russkaya sluzhba BBC” on interrelations between people and robots

  • “Forbes” on inter-regional inequality

  • “Forbes” on the well-being of Russians

  • “EurasiaNet” on the integration of Russia with the countries of Central Asia

  • “Gazeta.Ru” on Soviet man

Read books and magazines

  • Mortality from external causes in Russia since the mid-20th century

  • The population of Russia 2015

  • Demographic challenges of Russia

  • Demographic situation in Georgia

  • Policy in action: a tool for measuring alcohol policy implementation

  • Through the pages of the journals “Sotsiologicheskie issledovaniya” ("Sociological Research") and "Suitsidologiya” (“Suicidology")

  • Contents of the “Journal of Marriage and Family”

Demographic digest

  • Trends in the age at reproductive transitions in the developing world: The role of education

  • Elderly women living alone in Spain: the importance of having children

  • Don’t marry your fellow female students

Profession: researcher

  • "Demographic Challenges of Russia." Round table of the "Human Capital" section of the Center for Strategic Research

  • Demographic policy: goals, measures, results (on the 10th anniversary of the adoption of the Concept of Demographic Policy of the Russian Federation). Meeting of the Demographic Section of the Central House of Scientists of the Russian Academy of Sciences

  • "Analysis of the quality of mortality data for causes of death in Russia and its regions." Scientific seminar "Modern demography" of the International Laboratory of Population and Health Studies of the Higher School of Economics

Students page

  • Statistical analysis of factors influencing child malnutrition in Africa. A meeting of the student society "Demographer"


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