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Journal of Marriage and Family


Volume 85, 2023

Issue 5, October

Issue Information

COVID-19 Influences on Families

COVID-19 and the role of gender, earnings, and telecommuting in parents' employment
William J. Scarborough,Caitlyn Collins,Liana Christin Landivar,Leah Ruppanner,Matt L. Huffman

Pandemic precarity: COVID-19's impact on Mexican and Central American immigrant families
Melissa J. García,Caroline V. Brooks,Denise Ambriz,Emily A. Ekl,Nicholas C. Smith,Gerardo Maupomé,Brea L. Perry

Work, Family, and Well-Being

Lesbian and heterosexual Spanish and Swedish couples: Division of labor and life-satisfaction
Mar González,Marta Díez,Beatriz Morgado,Andrea Angulo,Francisca López-Gaviño

The evolution of family policies and couples' housework division after childbirth in Germany, 1994–2019
Gundula Zoch,Stefanie Heyne

Of General Interest

Parental incarceration and parent–youth closeness
Kristin Turney

Unplanned costs and benefits: Gender and spousal spillover effects of retirement on health
Lauren Newmyer,Kendal L. Lowrey,Yuliana Levchenko

Brief Reports

Family resiliency in the aftermath of COVID-19 pandemic: A latent profile analysis
Allen W. Barton,Noah B. Larsen,Qiujie Gong,Scott M. Stanley

COVID-19 job loss and re-employment among partnered parents: Gender and educational variations
Yue Qian,Rebecca Glauber,Jill E. Yavorsky

Volume 86, 2024

Issue 1, February

Issue Information

Intergenerational Support

Parents' socioeconomic status and support to adult children across the life course
Matthijs Kalmijn

Between-sibling inequality in inheritances: Intergenerational support and patrilineality in South Korea
Dahye Kim,Jeremy Lim-Soh

Geographic relocation in response to parents' health shocks: Who moves and how close?
Adriana M. Reyes,Yongxin Shang

Influences of Family Transitions on Children

Stepfamily formation and the educational outcomes of children in Sweden
Jonas Helgertz,Anna Tegunimataka

Gray divorce and parent–child disconnectedness: Implications for depressive symptoms
I-Fen Lin,Susan L. Brown,Kagan A. Mellencamp

Adolescents' experiences with ambiguity in postdivorce stepfamilies
Christian Fang,Ulrike Zartler

Marital Formation and Dissolution

Opting out or left out? The gendered determinants of marriage in South Korea
Paul Y. Chang,Jihye Oh,Young-Mi Kim

Stability and change in predictors of marital dissolution in the US 1950–2017
Michael J. Rosenfeld,Katharina Roesler

Parenthood Penalities and Premiums

The male marital earnings premium contextualized: Longitudinal evidence from the United States, Germany, and the United Kingdom
Manuel Schechtl,Nicole Kapelle

The doubly disadvantaged: The motherhood penalty for internal migrants in China
Siyang Kong,Hao Dong

Of General Interest

Cherished families, unspoken truths: Navigating hidden and challenging family experiences while growing up with LGBTQ parents
Abbie E. Goldberg,Katherine R. Allen,Caroline Sanner

Negotiating good motherhood: Foodwork, emotion work, and downscaling
Priya Fielding-Singh,Marianne Cooper

Family and religion in flux: Relationship complexity, type of religiosity, and race/ethnicity
Jesse Smith

Brief Report

Coparenting profiles and children's socioemotional outcomes in unmarried parents with low-income
Susan Yoon,Joyce Y. Lee,Junyeong Yang,Jingyi Wang,Yiran Zhang,Minjung Kim,Sarah Schoppe-Sullivan

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