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Suicide in the world. Global health estimates

Better health for Europe: more equitable and sustainable

Демографический ежегодник Республики Таджикистан

Изменение климата и здоровье: оценки, индикаторы, прогнозы

Ресурсы и деятельность медицинских организаций дерматовенерологического профиля

По страницам журналов «Демографія та соціальна економіка» и «Вестник МГУ. Серия 6. Экономика»

Содержание журнала «Journal of Marriage and Family»

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Journal of Marriage and Family


Volume 81, 2019

Issue 4, August

Issue Information

Family Time Use

Changing Times Together? A Time‐Diary Analysis of Family Time in the Digital Age in the United Kingdom
Killian Mullan, Stella Chatzitheochari

Adolescence and Early Adulthood

Adolescent Relationship Quality: Is There an Intergenerational Link?
Rachel E. Goldberg, Marta Tienda, Michelle Eilers, Sara S. McLanahan

The Role of Parents and Family Networks in Adolescent Health‐Seeking in Ethiopia
David P. Lindstrom, Mao Mei Liu, Challi Jira

Health Status and Transitions in Cohabiting Relationships of American Young Adults
Brandon Wagner

Gender and Family

Gender Role Attitudes: An Examination of Cohort Effects in Japan
Martin Piotrowski, Akiko Yoshida, Lauren Johnson, Rick Wolford

Gender Differences in Couples' Matrimonial Property Regime in Italy
Romina Fraboni, Agnese Vitali

Family and Intimate Partner Violence

Polygynous Unions and Intimate Partner Violence in Nigeria: An Examination of the Role of Selection
Julia A. Behrman

Gender‐Equitable Parental Decision Making and Intimate Partner Violence Perpetration in Bangladesh
Daniel C. Semenza, Katherine A. Roof, Laurie James Hawkins, Yuk Fai Cheong, Ruchira T. Naved, Kathryn M. Yount

Of General Interest

The Enduring Effects of Mother–Child Interactions on Episodic Memory in Adulthood
Neika Sharifian, Laura B. Zahodne

Informal Networks of Low‐Income Mothers: Support, Burden, and Change
Melissa Radey, Lenore M. McWey

Brief Reports

What's Mine Is Ours? Income Pooling in American Families
Kasey J. Eickmeyer, Wendy D. Manning, Susan L. Brown

Do Expectations of Divorce Predict Union Formation in the Transition to Adulthood?
Rachel Arocho

Single Mothers' New Partners: Partnership and Household Formation in Germany
Sonja Bastin

Intergenerational Transmission of Family Violence and Depressive Symptoms in Urban Thailand
Xiaohe Xu, Thankam Sunil, Heather Edelblute, Erin Madden, Bangon Sirisunyaluck

Becoming a First‐Time Grandparent and Subjective Well‐Being: A Fixed Effects Approach
Paula Sheppard, Christiaan Monden

Issue 5, October

Issue Information

Work and Family

Is There a Fatherhood Wage Premium? A Reassessment in Societies With Strong Male‐Breadwinner Legacies
Gabriele Mari

Overwork, Specialization, and Wealth
Brian Aronson, Lisa A. Keister

Unemployment and Housework in Couples: Task‐Specific Differences and Dynamics Over Time
Jonas Voßemer, Stefanie Heyne

What About Money? Earnings, Household Financial Organization, and Housework
Yang Hu

Parent's and Children's Emotion Regulation and the Work–Family Interface
Beatriz Melim, Marisa Matias, Tiago Ferreira, Paula M. Matos

Fertility Behavior and Attitudes

Child Sex Composition, Parental Sex Preferences, and Marital Outcomes: Evidence From a Matrilineal Context
Emily Smith Greenaway, Abigail Weitzman, Abdallah Chilungo

Childbearing Worldviews and Contraceptive Behavior Among Young Women
Hana Shepherd, Emily A. Marshall

Change in Motherhood Status and Fertility Problem Identification: Implications for Changes in Life Satisfaction
Arthur L. Greil, Julia McQuillan, Andrea R. Burch, Michele H. Lowry, Stacy M. Tiemeyer, Kathleen S. Slauson Blevins

Intergenerational Relationships

The Rise of Maternal Grandmother Child Care in Urban Chinese Families
Cong Zhang, Vanessa L. Fong, Hirokazu Yoshikawa, Niobe Way, Xinyin Chen, Zuhong Lu

Contact with Parents and Parents‐in‐Law, Gender, and Marital Satisfaction in Korea
Heejeong Choi, Boram Nam, Seongeun Kim, Chulwoong Park

Intergenerational Religious Participation in Adolescence and Provision of Assistance to Older Mothers
Merril Silverstein,Dongmei Zuo, Jinpu Wang, Vern L. Bengtson

Interracial and Immigrant Couple Relationships

Color, Culture, or Cousin? Multiracial Americans and Framing Boundaries in Interracial Relationships
Shantel Gabrieal Buggs

Development of Immigrant Couple Relations in Germany
Matthew D. Johnson, Franz J. Neyer, Jared R. Anderson

Of General Interest

Marital Strain and Psychological Distress in Same‐Sex and Different‐Sex Couples
Michael A. Garcia, Debra Umberson

Daily Food Insufficiency and Worry among Economically Disadvantaged Families with Young Children
Anna Gassman Pines, Anika Schenck Fontaine

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