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Policy in action: a tool for measuring alcohol policy implementation

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Journal of Marriage and Family


Volume 79, 2017

Issue 3, June

Issue Information

Work, Unemployment, and Family Policy

Nonstandard Work Schedules and Private Safety Nets Among Working Mothers
Jessica Houston Su and Rachel Dunifon

Who Participates and Who Benefits From Employer-Provided Child-Care Assistance?
Lena Hipp, Taryn W. Morrissey and Mildred E. Warner

Stand By Your Man: Wives' Emotion Work During Men's Unemployment
Aliya Hamid Rao

Poverty and Economic Disadvantage

“Stress That I Don't Need”: Gender Expectations and Relationship Struggles Among the Poor
Jennifer Sherman

Moving “Up and Out” Together: Exploring the Mother–Child Bond in Low-Income, Single-Mother-Headed Families
Amanda L. Freeman

Household Income and Trajectories of Marital Satisfaction in Early Marriage
Grace L. Jackson, Jennifer L. Krull, Thomas N. Bradbury and Benjamin R. Karney

Giving Unto Others: Private Financial Transfers and Hardship Among Families With Children
Natasha V. Pilkauskas, Colin Campbell and Christopher Wimer

Intergenerational Relations and Processes

The Intergenerational Transmission of Union Instability in Early Adulthood
Paul R. Amato and Sarah E. Patterson

Providing More but Receiving Less: Daughters in Intergenerational Exchange in Mainland China
Anning Hu

Intergenerational Contact in Chinese Families: Structural and Cultural Explanations
Rob J. Gruijters

Resources of Grandparents: Educational Outcomes Across Three Generations in Europe and Israel
Christian Deindl and Nicole Tieben

Corrected by:

Erratum: Resources of Grandparents: Educational Outcomes Across Three Generations in Europe and Israel

Grandparents' Education and Infant Health: Pathways Across Generations
Michael J. McFarland, Sara S. McLanahan, Bridget J. Goosby and Nancy E. Reichman

The Intergenerational Consequences of Parental Health Limitations
Jessica Halliday Hardie and Kristin Turney

Health and Psychological Well-being

Health-Related Parenting Among U.S. Families and Young Children's Physical Health
Jennifer March Augustine, Kate C. Prickett and Rachel Tolbert Kimbro

Psychological Well-being Among Older Adults: The Role of Partnership Status
Matthew R. Wright and Susan L. Brown

Psychological Distress, Couple Interactions, and Parenting: A Dyadic Analysis of African American Couples
Tara E. Sutton, Leslie Gordon Simons, Ronald L. Simons and Carolyn Cutrona

Of General Interest

Intimate Partner Violence and Children's Attachment Representations During Middle Childhood
Hanna C. Gustafsson, Geoffrey L. Brown, W. Roger Mills-Koonce, Martha J. Cox and The Family Life Project Key Investigators

Sole Physical Custody and Mother's Repartnering After Divorce
Christine Schnor, Inge Pasteels and Jan Van Bavel

Issue 4, August

Issue Information

Families and Education

Relatives in Residence: Relatedness of Household Members Drives Schooling Differentials in Mozambique
Sara Lopus

Educational Achievement of Children From Single-Mother and Single-Father Families: The Case of Japan
Yuko Nonoyama-Tarumi

Black Mothers' Perceptions of the Role of Race in Children's Education
Amber D. Williams, Meeta Banerjee, Fantasy Lozada-Smith, Danny Lambouths III and Stephanie J. Rowley

Does Educational Similarity Drive Parental Support?
Brett Ory, Renske Keizer and Pearl A. Dykstra

Families and Time

Long Hours and Longings: Australian Children's Views of Fathers' Work and Family Time
Lyndall Strazdins, Jennifer A. Baxter and Jianghong Li

Children's Experiences of Time When a Parent Travels for Work
Anisa M. Zvonkovic, Andrea V. Swenson and Zoë Cornwell

Who Experiences Leisure Deficits? Mothers' Marital Status and Leisure Time
Emily J. Passias, Liana Sayer and Joanna R. Pepin

Parent and Adult Child Coresidence

Ethnic Differences in Returning Home: Explanations From a Life Course Perspective
Tom Kleinepier, Ann Berrington and Lenny Stoeldraijer

When the Kids Live at Home: Coresidence, Parental Assets, and Economic Insecurity
Michelle Maroto

Fertility in Young Adulthood

Desire for and to Avoid Pregnancy During the Transition to Adulthood
Abigail Weitzman, Jennifer S. Barber, Yasamin Kusunoki and Paula England

Disentangling Perceived Norms: Predictors of Unintended Pregnancy During the Transition to Adulthood
Ellen L. Compernolle

Low-Income Childless Young Adults' Marriage and Fertility Frameworks
Heather M. Rackin and Christina M. Gibson-Davis

Of General Interest

Cohabiting and Married Individuals' Relations With Their Partner's Parents
Kenneth Aarskaug Wiik and Eva Bernhardt

Family Formation and Close Social Ties Within Religious Congregations
Benjamin T. Gurrentz

Facets of Agency in Stories of Transforming From Childless by Choice to Mother
Julia Moore

Benefactors and Beneficiaries? Disability and Care to Others
Carrie L. Shandra and Anna Penner

Who Helps Single Mothers in Nairobi? The Role of Kin Support
Shelley Clark, Sangeetha Madhavan, Cassandra Cotton, Donatien Beguy and Caroline Kabiru

Issue 5, October

Issue Information

Poverty, Wealth, and the Economy

Individual Wealth and Subjective Financial Well-being in Marriage: Resource Integration or Separation?
Philipp M. Lersch

Comparing Child Poverty Risk by Family Structure During the 2008 Recession
David W. Rothwell and Annie McEwen

Marriage, Work, and Racial Inequalities in Poverty: Evidence From the United States
Brian C. Thiede, Hyojung Kim and Tim Slack

Sexual Minorities

Sexual Minority Stress and Same-Sex Relationship Well-being: A Meta-analysis of Research Prior to the U.S. Nationwide Legalization of Same-Sex Marriage
Hongjian Cao, Nan Zhou, Mark Fine, Yue Liang, Jiayao Li and W. Roger Mills-Koonce

Disclosure Stress, Social Support, and Depressive Symptoms Among Cisgender Bisexual Youth
Amanda M. Pollitt, Joel A. Muraco, Arnold H. Grossman and Stephen T. Russell

Marital Status and Perceived Discrimination Among Transgender People
Hui Liu and Lindsey Wilkinson

Families and Incarceration

Parental Incarceration and the Transition to Adulthood
Kristin Turney and Yader R. Lanuza

Consequences of Partner Incarceration for Women's Employment
Angela Bruns

Parenting and Child Well-being

Child-Care Instability and Behavior Problems: Does Parenting Stress Mediate the Relationship?
Alejandra Ros Pilarz and Heather D. Hill

Beyond Orphanhood: Parental Nonresidence and Child Well-being in Tanzania
Lauren Gaydosh

Parental Modeling and Deidentification in Romantic Relationships Among Mexican-Origin Youth
Sally I-Chun Kuo, Lorey A. Wheeler, Kimberly A. Updegraff, Susan M. McHale, Adriana J. Umaña-Taylor and Norma J. Perez-Brena

Living Arrangements in Adult Unions

Ambivalence and Living Apart Together in Later Life: A Critical Research Proposal
Ingrid Arnet Connidis, Klas Borell and Sofie Ghazanfareeon Karlsson

Going the Distance: Individualism and Interdependence in the Commuter Marriage
Danielle J. Lindemann

Premarital Cohabitation and Marital Dissolution in Postreform China
Yongjun Zhang

Of General Interest

Is Communication a Mechanism of Relationship Education Effects Among Rural African Americans?
Allen W. Barton, Steven R. H. Beach, Justin A. Lavner, Chalandra M. Bryant, Steven M. Kogan and Gene H. Brody

Family Images: Stepmotherhood Before Biological Motherhood
Caroline Sanner and Marilyn Coleman

Early Women, Late Men: Timing Attitudes and Gender Differences in Marriage
Keera Allendorf, Arland Thornton, Colter Mitchell, Linda Young-DeMarco and Dirgha J. Ghimire

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