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Алименты в России: анализ проблем и стратегия в интересах детей

Eurasian Cities : New Realities Along The Silk Road

Оценка национальной программы борьбы с туберкулезом в Беларуси

Global status report on road safety 2013: supporting a decade of action

Женщины и мужчины России. 2012

По страницам журналов «Социальные аспекты здоровья населения» и «Вестник РАМН»

Содержание журнала «International Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Health»

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International Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Health

The Alan Guttmacher Institute


Volume 38, 2012

Number 1, March

In This Issue



Multiple Deprivations and Maternal Care in India  
Sanjay K. Mohanty

Fertility Differences Among Developing Countries: Are They Still Related to Family Planning Program Efforts and Social Settings?  
Anrudh K. Jain and John A. Ross

Women’s Empowerment and Choice of Contraceptive Methods in Selected African Countries  
Mai Do and Nami Kurimoto

Stability and Change in Fertility Preferences Among Young Women in Malawi  
Christie Sennott and Sara Yeatman


Spousal Separation and Interpretation of Contraceptive Use and Unmet Need in Rural Nepal  
By Bharat Ban, Sujan Karki, Ashoke Shrestha and Stephen Hodgins


Global Abortion Rate Stabilizes, but Unsafe Procedures Remain the Norm in Developing Countries

HPV Tests More Sensitive Than Pap Tests for Cervical Cancer Detection

Providers' Knowledge Of Medication Abortion Is Lacking in Guatemala

Nurses and Doctors are Equally Capable Abortion Providers, Indian Study Indicates

Rates of Unsafe Sex Vary By Gender Among HIV-Positive Hondurans

Medication Abortion Linked with Increased Risk Of Vaginal Bleeding in Subsequent Pregnancy

A Third of Kenyans Have Genital Herpes, Including Most of Those with HIV


Guidelines for Authors

Number 2, June

In This Issue



Incidence of Induced Abortion by Age and State, Mexico, 2009: New Estimates Using a Modified Methodology  
Fatima Juarez and Susheela Singh

Increasing Postpartum Contraception in Rural India: Evaluation of a Community-Based Behavior Change Communication Intervention  
Mary Philip Sebastian, Mohammed Ejazduin Khan, Kaushal Kumari and Rukma Idnani

Women’s Empowerment and Ideal Family Size: An Examination of DHS Empowerment Measures In Sub-Saharan Africa  
Ushma D. Upadhyay and Deborah Karasek

Treatment-Seeking for Symptoms of Reproductive Tract Infections Among Young Women in India  
Shagun Sabarwal and K. G. Santhya

Ethnic Inequality in Guatemalan Women’s Use of Modern Reproductive Health Care  
Kanako Ishida, Paul Stupp, Reina Turcios-Ruiz, Daniel B. William and Evelyn Espinoza


Application of Antiseptic to Umbilical Stump Reduces Risk of Neonatal Infection and Mortality

Prevalence of Female Genital Cutting Varies Greatly in Western Africa

Male Circumcision Reduces Risk of HIV Acquisition For as Long as Seven Years

Prevalence of Cesarean Delivery Rising Sharply Among Poor, Rural Women

Giving Misoprostol Before Vacuum Aspiration Lowers Risk of Complications

Remarriage, HIV Infection Linked Among Women In Sub-Saharan Africa

Young Malawi Women Who Get Payments for Schooling Are Less Likely to Get HIV


Guidelines for Authors

Number 3, September

In This Issue



The Incidence of Menstrual Regulation Procedures And Abortion in Bangladesh, 2010  
Susheela Singh, Altaf Hossain, Isaac Maddow-Zimet, Hadayeat Ullah Bhuiyan, Michael Vlassoff and Rubina Hussain

Feasibility of Expanding the Medication Abortion Provider Base in India to Include Ayurvedic Physicians and Nurses  
Shireen J. Jejeebhoy, Shveta Kalyanwala, Shuchita Mundle, Jaydeep Tank, A.J. Francis Zavier, Rajesh Kumar, Rajib Acharya and Nita Jha

Legal Abortion Levels and Trends By Woman’s Age at Termination  
Gilda Sedgh, Akinrinola Bankole, Susheela Singh and Michelle Eilers

Attitudes and Intentions Regarding Abortion Provision Among Medical School Students in South Africa  
Stephanie B. Wheeler, Leah L. Zullig, Bryce B. Reeve, Geoffrey A. Buga and Chelsea Morroni


Use of Medicines Changing the Face of Abortion  
Beverly Winikoff and Wendy Sheldon


Antiretroviral Therapy Given to Mother or Child Reduces Risk of HIV Transmission from Breast-Feeding

Contraceptives Prevented A Quarter of a Million Deaths Worldwide in 2008

As Circumcision Wound Heals, Some Men Ignore Advice to Abstain from Sex

Voucher Program Increases Use of Maternal Health Services in Bangladesh

In Malawi, End of One’s Reproductive Years Does Not Mean End of HIV Risk

Reproductive Health Clinicians in Southern Africa Often Counsel Male Clients About Circumcision


Guidelines for Authors

Number 4, December

In This Issue



The Desire for Sons and Excess Fertility: A Household-Level Analysis of Parity Progression in India
Sanjukta Chaudhuri

Sterilization Regret Among Married Women in India: Implications for the Indian National Family Planning Program  
Abhishek Singh, Reuben Ogollah, Faujdar Ram and Saseendran Pallikadavath

The Timing of Sexual Debut Among Chinese Youth  
Wei Guo, Zheng Wu, Yue Qiu, Gong Chen and Xiaoying Zheng

A Study of Refugee Maternal Mortality in 10 Countries, 2008–2010  
Michelle Hynes, Ouahiba Sakani, Paul Spiegel and Nadine Cornier


Community-Based Distribution of Injectable Contraceptives: Introduction Strategies in Four Sub-Saharan African Countries  

Theresa Hoke, Aurélie Brunie, Kirsten Krueger, Crystal Dreisbach, Angela Akol, Ny Lovaniaina Rabenja, Alice Olawo and John Stanback


Young Kenyan Women Are Less Likely to Finish 
School if They Have Dated or Had Sex

Cohort of Circumcised Men Shows No Evidence Of ‘Risk Compensation

Women Who Suspect They Have HIV Want a Child Soon—or Not at All

Unplanned Pregnancy Linked to Poor Child Health in India

Donor Aid For Child And Maternal Health Programs Fell in 2010

Traditional Birth Attendants Can Be Trained To Manage Hemorrhage


Guidelines for Authors

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