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Китай и зарубежные китайцы

Российско-китайское сотрудничество: проблемы и решения

«Горячие точки» химического загрязнения окружающей среды и здоровье населения России

Экономическая активность населения России (по результатам выборочных обследований). 2008

Азбука прав трудящихся женщин и гендерного равенства

По страницам журналов «Медико-социальная экспертиза и реабилитация» и « Вестник МГУ. Серия 6. Экономика»

Содержание журнала «International Journal of Law, Policy and the Family»

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International Journal of Law, Policy and the Family

Published by Oxford University Press


Volume 21, Number 1, April 2007


Sonia Morano-Foadi

Problems and Challenges in Researching Bi-National Migrant Families Within the European Union

Alison Perry and Bernadette Rainey

Supervised, Supported and Indirect Contact Orders: Research Findings

Lucy-Ann Buckley

Irish Matrimonial Property Division in Practice: a Case Study

Patrick Parkinson, Judy Cashmore, and Judi Single

Parents' and Children's Views on Talking to Judges in Parenting Disputes in Australia

Javaid Rehman

The Sharia, Islamic Family Laws and International Human Rights Law: Examining the Theory and Practice of Polygamy and Talaq

Book Reviews  

José Miola

Policing Pregnancy: The Law and Ethics of Obstetric Conflict

Jens M. Scherpe

Cohabitation, Marriage and the Law: Social Change and Legal Reform in the 21st Century

Volume 21, Number 2, August 2007


Samantha Besson

Enforcing the Child's Right to Know Her Origins: Contrasting Approaches Under the Convention on the Rights of the Child and the European Convention on Human Rights

Patrick Parkinson and Judy Cashmore

Judicial Conversations With Children in Parenting Disputes: The Views Of Australian Judges

Kathryn Hollingsworth

Responsibility and Rights: Children and Their Parents in the Youth Justice System

Debbie S L Ong

Parental Child Abduction in Singapore: The Experience of a Non-Convention Country

Angela Campbell

Conceiving Parents Through Law

Volume 21, Number 3, December 2007


Grania Sheehan, Rachel Carson, Belinda Fehlberg, Rosemary Hunter, Adam Tomison, Regin IP, and John Dewar

Divergent Expectations and Experience: An Empirical Study of the Use Children’s Contact Services in Australia

Joëlle Godard

Pacs Seven Years on: is it Moving Towards Marriage?

Liz Trinder and Joanne Kellett

Fairness, Efficiency and Effectiveness in Court-based Dispute Resolution Schemes in England

Manisuli Ssenyonjo

Women's Rights to Equality and Non-discrimination: Discriminatory Family Legislation in Uganda and the Role of Uganda's Constitutional Court

Kristin Skjørten and Rolf Barlindhaug

The Involvement of Children in Decisions about Shared Residence

Volume 22, Number 1, April 2008


Judith Lind

The Best Interest of The Child as an Argument in Assessments of Parent Potential in Sweden

Lisa Glennon

Obligations Between Adult Partners: Moving From Form to Function?

Lucinda Ferguson

Family, Social Inequalities, and the Persuasive Force of Interpersonal Obligation

Wing-Cheong Chan

Trends in Non-Muslim Divorces in Singapore

David S. Rosettenstein

Choice of Law in International Child Support Obligations: Hague or Vague, and Does it Matter?– An American Perspective

Eva Ryrstedt and Titti Mattsson

Children’s Rights to Representation: A Comparison Between Sweden and England

Volume 22, Number 2, August 2008


Jenni Millbank

The Limits of Functional Family: Lesbian Mother Litigation in the Era of the Eternal Biological Family

Aude Fiorini

Rome III – Choice of Law in divorce: Is the Europeanization of Family Law Going Too Far?

Grania Sheehan, April Chrzanowski, and John Dewar

Superannuation and Divorce in Australia: An evaluation of post-reform practice and settlement outcomes

Marygold S. Melli and Patricia R. Brown

Exploring A New Family Form – The Shared Time Family

Book Reviews  

Daniel Monk

Education, Law and Diversity

International Journal of Law, Policy and the Family Advance Access published on July 9, 2008

Stephen Gilmore

The Relationship Rights of Children

Volume 22, Number 3, December 2008


Ilke turkmendag, Robert Dingwall, and Thérèse Murphy

The Removal Of Donor Anonymity in The UK: The Silencing Of Claims By Would-Be Parents

W. M. Schrama

The Dutch Approach To Informal Lifestyles: Family Function Over Family Form?

Elsje Bonthuys

Realizing South African Children'S Basic Socio-Economic Claims Against Parents And The State: What Courts Can Achieve

Bradley S. Smith and J. A. Robinson

The South African Civil Union Act 2006: Progressive Legislation With Regressive Implications?

Shabnam Ishaque

Islamic Principles On Adoption: Examining The Impact Of Illegitimacy And Inheritance Related Concerns In Context Of A Child'S Right To An Identity

Esther De Ruijter and Bente Braat

Co-Working Partners: The Influence Of Legal Arrangements

Book Review  

Patrick Parkinson

Family Law and Personal Life

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