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November 28-December 11 2023

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## 811-812

European demographic barometer

Fertility in the European Union, 2017

  • The number of births per 1000 persons has for the first time decreased to 9.9

  • The total fertility rate in 2017 was 1.59, the average age of a mother at birth of a first child exceeded 29 years.

  • In the EU-28, the total fertility rate varied in 2017 from 1.26 in Malta to 1.90 in France

  • The share of firstborns among those born in 2017 came to 45.4%

  • The growth in the proportion of births out of wedlock has slowed down significantly - in 2017 it was 42.6%

  • The share of children born to foreign women has increased to 15.7%

  • Per capita expenditure on support for families with children has increased to 690 euros


  • Gender equality in Russia: myth or reality?

  • A big salary or a job in ones field?

  • Health care through the eyes of Russians. April 2019

  • 20 percent of Russians would like to leave Russia

In the vastness of Russia

  • Leading regions in population growth and decline

  • Putin advises citizens to follow the example of Chechens in demographic matters

  • Fertility slowing down in Russia

  • Sobyanin estimates real population of Moscow at 20 million people

  • Medvedev announces increase in childcare benefits

  • Ministry of Labor will increase the number of families receiving first child allowance

  • Families of the Far East will receive additional payments for a first child

  • Novgorod governor stands up for age limit for payments at birth of first child

  • Medvedev tells State Duma about the fight against poverty

  • Real incomes of Russians have decreased by 8.3% since 2013

  • May decrees on wages are being carried out in only 4 out of 85 regions

  • Medvedev promises to provide all children places in nurseries within next three years

  • Children will be sent to private kindergartens at state expense.

  • Almost half of Russians have jobs outside their field of training

  • Are the most popular professions in Russia salespeople and drivers?

  • Students name their preferred job fields

  • Ministry of Labor acknowledges insufficient pace of pre-pensioner retraining

  • Most Russians seeking work elsewhere go to the capital and northern regions

  • "Far Eastern hectare" will be extended to Buryatia and Transbaikalia

  • Russia and Costa Rica mutually cancel visa requirement as of May 25

  • 12 regions have put age limits on candidates for resettlement program

  • Increasing the number of foreign students in Russian universities solves strategically important tasks

  • Russia stops offering asylum to Syrians

  • The task of the Ministry of Health for HIV is to reach 90-90-90

  • Will the Ministry of Health procure obsolete hepatitis C drugs for patients with HIV?

  • The rate of decline in mortality from tuberculosis in Russia is 5 times higher than world average

  • Over 750 thousand abortions are performed annually in Russia

  • Rosstat names leading regions in the number of residents with chronic diseases

  • Rospotrebnadzor registers increase in obesity among Russians

  • Ministry of Education and Science proposes not to let unvaccinated children go to school

  • Russians will be able to undergo state medical examination in the evenings

  • The number of deaths on the job has halved in 12 years

World news

  • Population of Kirgizia grows to almost 6.4 million

  • Population of Bulgaria in 2018 decreases by almost 50 thousand people

  • The population of Kazakhstan is 18.43 million people

  • By 2025, the population of Lithuania will shrink to 2.52 million

  • In the next 6 years, the number of Ukrainians will shrink by 1 million

  • The number of inhabitants of Ukraine decreased by 51.6 thousand people over two months

  • Italy is aging" faster than any other EU country

  • A third of girls born today in Germany will live to be a hundred years old

  • Birth rate in South Korea falls by 6.9%

  • Number of marriages in Moldova falls by more than a quarter over ten years

  • US scientists discover demographic imbalance in 12 countries

  • A low pension decreases longevity

  • Material and social deprivation affects 15.7% of EU residents

  • Uzbekistan proposes to create Agency for Urbanization

  • In March 2019, South Korea recorded its lowest rate of internal migration since 1975

  • Donbass residents will be issued Russian passports

  • Will migration issue be key to European Parliament elections?

  • Belgian authorities will "discourage" migrants from seeking refuge in the country

  • Latvian immigrants donate about a million euros to charity every year.

  • Remittances account for almost a third of Tajikistans GDP

  • Incidence of measles in the world has increased 4-fold

  • 20% of deaths in the world are linked to poor nutrition

  • A quarter of Japanese under the age of 39 are virgins

  • WHO warns of the danger of gadgets for children under five years old

The newspapers write about

  • Kommersant and Russkaya Sluzhba BBC on fast-track citizenship

  • Forbes on the desire to emigrate from Russia

  • Nezavisimaya Gazeta on student migration

  • Radio Svoboda on compatriots

  • The Guardian on emigration from Ukraine

  • Radio Ozodi on labor migration

  • Atlantico on crime among migrants

  • Kommersant on the shrinking population

  • REGNUM on child substitutes

  • Nozh on infanticide in antiquity

  • N+1 on selective abortions

  • BFM.RU on the aging of motherhood

  • Le Figaro on the population explosion in Egypt

  • Movskovskiy Komsomolets on hypertension

  • Moskovsky Komsomolets on long-livers

  • Asahi Shimbun on alcohol consumption

  • Financial Times, Project Syndicate and NoonPost on Inequality

  • RBK on pension reform

  • Regions of Russia on the mortality of Russians

  • on the Holodomor

  • Rossiyskaya Gazeta on salt iodization

  • Novye Izvestiya on violence and the height of women

  • The Times on sex change

Read books and magazines

  • Victory over the village: the demographic losses of collectivization

  • Saving Russia's population: health, employment, level and quality of life

  • Demographic indicators of Azerbaijan

  • Social policy from a long-term perspective: Multidimensional poverty and effective targeting

  • The science of wisdom

  • Through the pages of the magazines Gigiena i Sanitariya (Hygiene and Sanitation) and Problemy Prognozirovaniya (Problems of Forecasting)

  • Contents of the magazine Population and Development Review

Profession: researcher

  • Methods and results of socio-demographic monitoring of persons with disabilities. Meeting of the Demographic Section of the Central House of Scientists of the Russian Academy of Sciences

  • "Demography" section at the XII All-Russian Scientific Conference in Memory of Yuri Levada, "Modern Russian Society and Sociology"

  • Inequality in health in Europe: why is it so stable? Scientific seminar Modern Demography of the International Laboratory for Population and Health Research, HSE

  • Happy 50th birthday to Kirill Vladimirovich Reshetnikov

  • Alexander Ivanovich Kuzmin has passed away

  • Natalya Viktorovna Zvereva has died

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