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Russian demographic barometer

Migration to Russia, preliminary results of 2018

  • In 2018, net migration in Russia decreased by 41%, while international migration turnover increased by 4%

  • Russia’s greatest net migration in 2018 came from population exchange with Tajikistan – 31,000 people

  • The number of migrants moving within Russia increased by 4% in 2018

  • In 2018 the population of 62 regions increased due to migration exchange with CIS countries, due to exchange with other regions of Russia - 17

  • The number of forced migrants, refugees and persons receiving temporary asylum continued to decline in 2018

  • By the end of 2018, the number of foreigners with a valid work permit in Russia dropped to 93,000 people, while those with a valid work license increased to 1,662,000

Take care of women!

  • New report on violence against women in Eastern Europe

  • UNAIDS: case of person cured of HIV inspires hope, but it’s still far from complete victory

  • Abortions in Georgia

In the vastness of Russia

  • Lowest numbers of births are in the Tambov, Tula and Smolensk regions

  • Russian women putting off birth of first child more often

  • Highest mortality rates are in the Pskov, Tver, Novgorod, Ivanovo and Vladimir regions

  • Moscow among top 30 world leaders in life expectancy

  • In 15 years will Muslims make up one third of the population of Russia?

  • Men’s salaries are 28% higher than women’s

  • Rosstat will consider comments of experts on calculating real incomes

  • Has the Ministry of Finance pushed 5.5 million Russians into the shadows?

  • Moscow authorities have provided places in kindergartens for all children over two and a half years old

  • Pre-pensioners will keep the right to alimony

  • HSE has found nothing special about modern teens

  • This spring will 115 thousand Russians be left without a job?

  • Audit Chamber considers state support of young scientists ineffective

  • Golikova announces change in rules for admission to targeted university education

  • “Everyone will move to Moscow and the region”?

  • The number of new citizens of the Russian Federation has doubled in five years

  • 20,800 Russians received EU citizenship in 2017

  • Putin demands that all violations of immigration laws be stopped

  • Plans to attract 425,000 foreign students to Russian universities

  • Kemerovo, Irkutsk and Sverdlovsk regions lead in mortality from HIV

  • Russians will be offered HIV testing in the workplace

  • Alcohol could cause 38% of deaths in the working-age population of Russia

  • Leading wine-drinking regions of Russia named

  • 53% of citizens in Russia do not smoke, 45% do not drink alcohol

  • Ministry of Health introduces anti-tobacco concept to government

  • Maternal mortality in Russia down four-fold

  • Measles outbreaks already observed in seven regions of Russia

  • In Russia, cancer being diagnosed more often

  • Ministry of Health will expand oncological screening program for the older generation

  • Oncological diseases will be treated in private clinics too

  • Putin signs law on palliative care in the Russian Federation

  • Ministry of Health names the most common mental disorders of Russians

  • Golikova promises rural areas 11,500 doctors and 3,000 paramedics

  • Almost 70% of equipment in Russia’s perinatal centers is Russian-made

  • Ministry of Health proposes fines for non-normative medical care

World news

  • 52% of the world's population lives in seven countries

  • Population of Ukraine shrinking by an average of 200,000 people per year

  • Lifting ban on having children is not helping to boost fertility in China

  • Should every Ukrainian woman have four children?

  • Poland plans to abolish income tax for young people

  • Armenia is among the top five post-Soviet countries in the gender equality index

  • World’s best cities to live in named

  • Almost 250,000 jobs will appear in Kirgizia

  • In Kazakhstan, a proposal to improve citizenship legislation

  • Latvian citizens most often obtain British citizenship

  • EU will introduce visas for Americans

  • European Commission announces end of migration crisis

  • Migrants to EU will not solve the problem of population aging

  • In Ukraine, 1,364,713 internally displaced persons

  • Poland uses smartphones to count the number of Ukrainian migrants

  • Migration outflow from Kazakhstan in 2018 increased by 11%

  • Belarus authorities unhappy about migration of specialists

  • Ukraine left without qualified personnel

  • The country that two thirds of the population wants to leave

  • Spanish government announces reduction in the number of illegal migrants

  • First UN center to receive refugees from Venezuela opens in Colombia

  • Experiment to fight HIV in Africa fails

  • More than 1 billion people may experience hearing problems by 2050

  • Myth about danger of measles vaccine refuted

  • Uzbekistan introduces in vitro fertilization

The newspapers write about…

  • Rossiyskaya Gazeta and Svobodnaya Pressa on the national projects

  • Kommersant and Rossiyskaya Gazeta on stimulating fertility

  • Rossiyskaya Gazeta, The New Republic and Moskovsky Komsomolets on reproductive behavior and health

  • Le Figaro on parenthood

  • Gazeta.Ru,, Le Figaro and Radio Svoboda on gender inequality and feminism

  • L'Espresso on gender uncertainty

  • Moskovsky Komsomolets on working in the registry office

  • Snob on increasing life expectancy

  • Forbes, Russkaya sluzhba BBC and the Neue Zurcher Zeitung on aging and longevity

  • Forbes on rehabilitation

  • RFI, Der Spiegel, The New York Times and Foreign Policy on measles and other infectious diseases

  • RBK on HIV

  • The Village on cancer vaccinations

  • and RBK on a healthy lifestyle

  • The Guardian on road traffic mortality

  • Kommersant on attracting new citizens to Russia

  • Izvestia, News Front and The Daily Storm on the migration crisis

  • Radio Azattyk on migrant families

  • Bloomberg and RIA Novosti on Russian emigration

  • Vedomosti and Russkaya sluzhba BBC on new data in the study of migration

  • Moskovsky Komsomolets on inequality

  • Al Arab on the growing number of Muslims in Russia

  • RIA Novosti on the extinction of mankind

  • Forbes and Deutschlandfunk on the 1930s famine in Kazakhstan and new challenges

  • Svenska Dagbladet on Finland as the best country

Read books and magazines

  • Proactive demographic policy: 10 years later. Effects, instruments, new targets

  • Global Education Monitoring Report 2019

  • Monitoring SDG indicators in the CIS region 2015-2017

  • Demographic Yearbook of the Czech Republic 2017

  • On the state of rural areas in the Russian Federation in 2016

  • Through the pages of the journals Problemy sotsialnoy gigieny, zdravokhraneniya i istorii meditsiny (Problems of Social Hygiene, Health and the History of Medicine) and Mir Rossii. Sotsiologiya i etnologiya (The World of Russia. Sociology and Ethnology)

  • Contents of the journal Population & Societes

Profession: researcher

  • The need for migrant workers in modern Russia. Meeting of the Demographic Section of the Central House of Scientists of the Russian Academy of Sciences

  • 155 years since the birth of Alexander Arkadyevich Kaufman

  • Congratulations to Anna Mironova and Timur Fattakhov on the birth of their daughter

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