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World demographic barometer

The HIV epidemic: estimates and trends, 2018

  • The global HIV epidemic could be stopped by 2030

  • Compared to 2010, the number of new HIV infections in the whole world has decreased by 18%, the number of deaths due to AIDS-related diseases - by 34%

  • Two thirds of HIV-infected people are between the ages of 25-49 years old, the proportion of young people aged 15-24 years old among people living with HIV is decreasing, the proportion of people 50 years and older is increasing

  • Half of new HIV infections are registered in people aged 25–49, one third in young people aged 15–24.

Take care of women!

  • How many people in Russia are HIV-positive?

  • HIV-positive people among us

In the vastness of Russia

  • Natural decrease of Russia over 9 months was 173,400 people

  • Golikova names main condition for increasing fertility in Russia

  • Are wage arrears in Russia greater than Rosstat data show?

  • Russians need at least 10 minimum wages per month to be happy

  • The highest salaries in Russia are paid to residents of the YNAO and Chukotka

  • Ministry of Labor will try experiment to reduce poverty

  • Poorly planned optimization has harmed health and education

  • The World Bank considers Putin's May Decrees unfeasible

  • Medvedev supports adoption of federal law on large families

  • Disabled pre-pensioners will be supported by their children

  • Interior Ministry decides to reduce workload of local police officers

  • Russian women on maternity leave will be taught new professions for free

  • Interior Ministry proposes to accelerate issuance of passports to citizens

  • Foreigners will be allowed to enter Russia on a Belarusian visa

  • State Duma studying the possibility of Ukrainians obtaining Russian citizenship without renouncing their own

  • Interior Ministry proposes to make residence permit permanent

  • Tatyana Golikova speaks about the need for migrants

  • One in three foreign students in Russia studies for free

  • Russia facing an “African scenario” HIV epidemic

  • The number of people with HIV aged 50–60 years is growing in Russia

  • More than one in two persons with HIV in Europe is a Russian

  • Ministry of Health denies data showing that HIV is spreading fastest in the Russian Federation

  • Federal Anti-monopoly Service approves labelling bottles with warnings on the dangers of alcohol

  • The government will double funding for cancer treatment

  • The number of children with disabilities has increased in Russia

  • Ministry of Labor promises to simplify disability application procedure

  • Tatyana Golikova is for a healthy lifestyle

  • Health of residents of the Russian Federation will be selectively checked every year

  • More than 22,000 Muscovites have had a free mammography

  • Ministry of Health creates multidisciplinary teams in the regions

  • Russia to reconsider prices on vital medicines

  • Average age of Sberbank telemedicine clients is 36 years

  • Special department to be created in Investigative Committee to investigate medical errors

World news

  • Life expectancy in the United States continues to decline

  • Tymoshenko tells of "mass stampede" of the population from Ukraine

  • Ukrainian villages have lost up to half a million people

  • Investors scared off by rapid pace of Ukraine’s population decline

  • Ukraine border service sets conditions for letting in male Russian citizens under 60

  • Russia amnesties Moldovan migrants violating terms of stay

  • In Ukraine, about 8,500 gypsies have received passports

  • Bulgaria is promised to be taken into Schengen zone in spring 2019

  • Migration issue has split Eastern and Western Europe

  • Does the UN Migration Pact commit states to anything?

  • European Commission urges countries refusing migration pact to "change their mind"

  • Switzerland postpones decision on UN Global Migration Pact

  • Italian President signs decree restricting migration

  • Hillary Clinton warns of the danger of migration for the European Union

  • 3.3% of the US population are illegal migrants

  • Trump threatens to close the border with Mexico

  • "Migrant Caravan" intends to force its way into US

  • Most Polish companies want to hire foreigners.

  • Nearly two million Ukrainian citizens work in Poland

  • Kirgiz President calls for expanding manufacturing to reduce migration

  • Most migrant workers from Kirgizia come from its southern regions

  • 70% of new HIV cases in Europe occur in men

  • Beijing records fewer new HIV/AIDS cases

  • Young people in Kazakhstan are poorly informed about HIV

  • France will be handing out condoms for free

  • World’s first genetically modified children born in China

The newspapers write about…

  • “Novaya Gazeta” and “Ekonomika Sevodnya” on national projects and the May decrees

  • "Rossiyskaya Gazeta" on obtaining Russian citizenship

  • "The Independent" and "La Jornada" on the migration crisis in America

  • “” and “Le Figaro” on the global migration pact

  • "InoSMI" on migrant criminals in Europe

  • "" on Latvian repatriates

  • “Rossiyskaya Gazeta” on the educational migration of Kazakhs

  • “Zhenmin zhibao” on reviving the village

  • “Vsemirnaya sluzhba BBC”, Novye Izvestiya”, “Suomen Kuvalehti” and “Izvestiya” on HIV

  • “Focus” on antibiotics

  • “Izvestiya” on cadres to fight cancer

  • "Komsomolskaya Pravda" on Jeanne Calment

  • “Israel Hayom” on domestic violence

  • “Novye Izvestiya” on the shortage of grandmothers

  • "The American Conservative" on the extinction of Europe

  • “MIT Technology Review” and “Russkaya sluzhba BBC” on genetically modified children

  • "Neue Zurcher Zeitung" on sex

  • "" on the initiative to tighten abortion law in Poland

  • “Novye Izvestiya” on the ombudsman’s position concerning female circumcision

  • “Bloomberg” on poverty in the US

  • "Forbes" on teleworking

  • “Ekho Moskvy” on a basic income in Russia

  • “Russkaya sluzhba BBC” on lessons in tolerance

Read books and magazines

  • HIV/AIDS surveillance in Europe 2018

  • Global AIDS Monitoring 2018

  • Medicine in literature

  • Women and men of Kazakhstan 2013-2017

  • Qualitative research in European migration studies

  • Through the pages of the journals “Voprosy Statistiki” ("Issues in Statistics") and “Uroven zhizni naseleniya regionov Rossii” ("The standard of living of the population of the regions of Russia")

  • Contents of the “Journal of International Migration and Integration”

Book anniversary

  • 80 years since publication of B.T. Urlanis’ book "History of the American Census"

The reading room

  • Population of Russia 2016. Twenty-fourth annual demographic report

Profession: researcher

  • International courses in "Population and Development" programs

  • 10 years since the death of John Hajnal

Students’ page

  • Opportunities at the HSE. Meeting of the student society "Demographer"

  • Useful information from the student society "Demographer"

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