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Journal of Marriage and Family


Volume 82, 2020

Issue 4, August

Issue Information

Families, Health, and Well Being

The Psychological Toll of Emotion Work in Same‐Sex and Different‐Sex Marital Dyads
Debra Umberson, Mieke Beth Thomeer, Amanda M. Pollitt, Sara E. Mernitz

Family Structure and Early Life Mortality in the United States
Richard G. Rogers, Robert A. Hummer, Andrea M. Tilstra, Elizabeth M. Lawrence, Stefanie Mollborn

Partner Incarceration and Women's Substance Use
Angela Bruns, Hedwig Lee

Transactional Associations Between Couple Relationship Intimacy and Depressive Symptoms Across 10 Years
Jia J. Yan, Sarah J. Schoppe Sullivan, Xin Feng

When Family Property Becomes Individual Property: Intrahousehold Property Ownership and Women's Well‐Being in China
Emma Zang

Fertility Timing and Intentions

Racial/Ethnic Differences in Unwanted Births: Moderation by Sexual Orientation
Bethany G. Everett, Stefanie Mollborn, Virginia Jenkins, Aubrey Limburg, Lisa M. Diamond

Exploring the Mechanisms Through Which Social Ties Affect Fertility Decisions in Turkey
Serap Kavas, Julie de Jong

No More Babies without Help for Whom? Education, Division of Labor, and Fertility Intentions
Yen hsin Alice Cheng, Chen Hao Hsu

Long‐Term Consequences of Early Parenthood
Eva R. Johansen, Helena S. Nielsen, Mette Verner

Child and Adolescent Time Use: A Cross‐National Study
Pablo Gracia, Joan Garcia Roman, Tomi Oinas, Timo Anttila

Reassessing Parents' Leisure Quality With Direct Measures of Well‐Being: Do Children Detract From Parents' Down Time?
Sarah Flood, Ann Meier, Kelly Musick

Becoming a Female‐Breadwinner Household in Australia: Changes in Relationship Satisfaction
Niels Blom, Belinda Hewitt

Chinese and South Korean Families' Conceptualizations of a Fair Household Labor Distribution
Allegra J. Midgette

Of General Interest

Revisiting the Educational Gradient in Marriage in Japan
Setsuya Fukuda, James M. Raymo, Shohei Yoda

Issue 5, October

Issue Information

Kinship, Siblings, and Extended Family Ties

Kinship Practices Among Alternative Family Forms in Western Industrialized Societies
Frank F. Furstenberg, Lauren E. Harris, Luca Maria Pesando, Megan N. Reed

Sibling Warmth Moderates the Intergenerational Transmission of Romantic Relationship Hostility
April S. Masarik, Christina R. Rogers

Sexual Orientation, Geographic Proximity, and Contact Frequency Between Adult Siblings
Francisco Perales, Stefanie Plage

Internal Migration and the Role of Intergenerational Family Ties and Life Events
Michael J. Thomas, Lars Dommermuth

I Might Stay to Myself: Activation and Avoidance of Assistance from Kin
Joan Maya Mazelis, Laryssa Mykyta

Families,Wages, and Income

Trends in Parental Values in a Period of U.S. Labor Market Change
Rebecca M. Ryan, Ariel Kalil, Caitlin Hines, Kathleen Ziol Guest

Parenthood Wage Gaps Across the Life Course: A Comparison by Gender and Race
Zachary Van Winkle, Anette Eva Fasang

The Wages of Mothers' Labor: A Meta‐Regression Analysis
Megan de Linde Leonard, T. D. Stanley

The Male Marriage Premium: Selection, Productivity, or Employer Preferences?
Patrick McDonald

In the Hands of Women: Conditional Cash Transfers and Household Dynamics
Daniela R. Urbina


Does Time with Dad in Childhood Pay Off in Adolescence?
Sarah Gold, Kathryn J. Edin, Timothy J. Nelson

Father Involvement Among Nonresident Dads: Does Paternity Leave Matter?
Natasha V. Pilkauskas, William J. Schneider

Repackaging Fatherhood: Father Engagement and Cooperative Coparenting in Mid‐Pregnancy Marriages and Cohabitations
Jessica Houston Su, Allison Dwyer Emory

Fatherhood in Complex Families: Ties between Adult Children, Biological Fathers, and Stepfathers
Maaike Hornstra, Matthijs Kalmijn, Katya Ivanova

“We Don't Exactly Fit In, but We Can't Opt Out”: Gay Fathers' Experiences Navigating Parent Communities in Schools
Abbie E. Goldberg, Katherine R. Allen, Megan Carroll

Of General Interest

Relationship‐Based Selective Participation of Secondary Respondents in a German Multi‐Actor Panel Study
Bettina Hünteler, Martin Wetzel

Mothers' and Fathers' Mental State Talk: Ethnicity, Partner Talk, and Sensitivity
Elizabeth Reynolds, Patricia Garrett‐Peters, Mary Bratsch‐Hines, Lynne Vernon Feagans, The Family Life Project Key Investigators

Volume 83, 2021

Issue 1, February

Issue Information

From the Editor

Liana C. Sayer

Employment and Well Being

Work Schedule Unpredictability: Daily Occurrence and Effects on Working Parents' Well‐Being
Elizabeth O. Ananat, Anna Gassman Pines

Parent Work‐to‐Family Conflict and Child Psychological Well‐Being: Moderating Role of Grandparent Coresidence
Sarah Mustillo, Miao Li, Weidong Wang

With Greater Power Comes Greater Stress? Authority, Supervisor Support, and Work‐Family Strains
Philip J. Badawy, Scott Schieman

Relationships and Well Being

Social Relationships and Loneliness in Late Adulthood: Disparities by Sexual Orientation
Ning Hsieh, Hui Liu

Intergenerational Ambivalence and Loneliness in Later Life
Cassandra L. Hua, J. Scott Brown, Jennifer R. Bulanda

Families and Incarceration

Familial Incarceration, Social Role Combinations, and Mental Health Among African American Women
Evelyn J. Patterson, Ryan D. Talbert, Tony N. Brown

Connecting Models of Family Stress to Inequality: Parental Arrest and Family Life
Kristin Turney, Naomi F. Sugie

Union Transitions

Family Forerunners? Parental Separation and Partnership Formation in 16 Countries
Juho Härkönen, M.D. (Anne) Brons, Jaap Dronkers

Patterns of Black–White Partnership: Black Ethnics and African Americans Compared
Suzanne Model

Does the Marriage Tax Differential Influence Same‐Sex Couples' Marriage Decisions?
Christine Cheng, D. Larry Crumbley, Charles Enis, Amy J. N. Yurko, Joseph P. Yurko

Union Instability and the Economy

Divorce, Economic Resources, and Survival among Older Black and White Women
Joseph D. Wolfe, Mieke Beth Thomeer

The Effect of Expanded Parental Benefits on Union Dissolution
Rachel Margolis, Youjin Choi, Anders Holm, Nirav Mehta

Cash‐for‐Care Use and Union Dissolution in Finland
Kathrin Morosow, Marika Jalovaara, Juho Härkönen

Union Instability and Gender

Gender and Changes in Household Wealth after the Dissolution of Marriage and Cohabitation in Germany
Diederik Boertien, Philipp M. Lersch

Marital Dissolution and Personal Wealth: Examining Gendered Trends across the Dissolution Process
Nicole Kapelle, Janeen Baxter

Comments and Rejoinder

Cohabitation and Marital Dissolution: A Comment on Rosenfeld and Roesler (2019)
Wendy D. Manning, Pamela J. Smock, Arielle Kuperberg

Premarital Cohabitation and Marital Dissolution: A Reply to Manning, Smock, and Kuperberg
Michael J. Rosenfeld, Katharina Roesler

Of General Interest

Explaining the Decline in Young Adult Sexual Activity in the United States
Lei Lei, Scott J. South


Issue 2, April

Issue Information

Leaving the Parental Home

Stepfamily Effects on Early Home‐Leaving: The Role of Conflict and Closeness
Lonneke van den Berg, Matthijs Kalmijn, Thomas Leopold

Criminal Justice Contact, Residential Independence, and Returns to the Parental Home
Cody Warner, Brianna Remster

Children's Psychological Well Being

Family Complexity and Children's Behavior Problems over Two U.S. Cohorts
Paula Fomby, Ariane Ophir, Marcia J. Carlson

Nonresident Fathers' and Grandparents' Early Years Support and Middle Childhood Socio‐Emotional Adjustment
Alison Parkes, Stephanie Chambers, Katie Buston

Military Families' Stressful Reintegration, Family Climate, and Their Adolescents' Psychosocial Health
Catherine Walker O'Neal, Jay A. Mancini

Marriage in Africa

Women's Marital Experiences Following Premarital Fertility in Sub‐Saharan Africa
Emily Smith Greenaway, Alissa Koski, Shelley Clark

Bridewealth Marriage in the 21st Century: A Case Study from Rural Mozambique
Sophia Chae, Victor Agadjanian, Sarah R. Hayford


Pre‐parenthood Sense of Self and the Adjustment to the Transition to Parenthood
Eva Yi Ju Chen, Eli Yi Liang Tung, Robert D. Enright

The Transition to Fatherhood and the Health of Men
Florencia Torche, Tamkinat Rauf

The Repercussions of Parental Depression for Perceptions of Coparental Cooperation
Kristin Turney, Jessica Halliday Hardie

Long‐Distance Mothering in Urban Kenya
Cassandra Cotton, Donatien Beguy

Parenting in Postdivorce Families: The Influence of Residence, Repartnering, and Gender
Tara Koster, Anne Rigt Poortman, Tanja van der Lippe, Pauline Kleingeld

Money Management in Marital and Cohabiting Unions

Distributive Justice in Marriage: Experimental Evidence on Beliefs about Fair Savings Arrangements
Daria Tisch, Philipp M. Lersch

Cross‐National Differences in Income Pooling among Married and Cohabiting Couples
Ann Evans, Edith Gray

Of General Interest

Longitudinal Associations Between Adult Relations with Intimate Partners and Siblings
Matthew D. Johnson, Karsten Hank, Jennifer Yurkiw

Maternal Education, Family Formation, and Child Development: The Continuing Significance of Race
Jordan A. Conwell, Catherine Doren

Brief Reports

Division of Baby Care in Heterosexual and Lesbian Parents: Expectations Versus Reality
Esra Ascigil, Britney M. Wardecker, William J. Chopik, Robin S. Edelstein

Post‐Separation Parenting Time Schedules in Joint Physical Custody Arrangements
Anja Steinbach, Lara Augustijn

Who Reacts to Less Restrictive Divorce Laws?
Peter Fallesen

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