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К 75-летию победы в Великой Отечественной войне 1941-1945 гг.

World Health Statistics 2020: monitoring health for the SDGs, sustainable development goals

Serbia. Health Systems in Transition

How’s life? 2020. Measuring well being

Распространненость факторов риска неинфекционных заболеваний в Туркменистане. Steps 2018

По страницам журналов «ОРГЗДРАВ: новости, мнения, обучение. Вестник ВШОУЗ» и «Российский онкологический журнал»

Содержание журнала «Population Studies»

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A Journal of Demography


Volume 73, 2019

Issue 1


Worldwide fertility declines do not rely on stopping at ideal parities
Daniel J. Hruschka, Rebecca Sear, Joseph Hackman & Alexandria Drake

Displaced and segregated: The socio-economic status of the second generation of internally displaced Palestinians in Israel
Ameed Saabneh

Children’s age at parental divorce and depression in early and mid-adulthood
Øystein Kravdal & Emily Grundy

Is prenatal sex selection associated with lower female child mortality?
Ridhi Kashyap

Review Article

Early-life mortality clustering in families: A literature review
Ingrid K. van Dijk


A survival analysis of the last great European plagues: The case of Nonantola (Northern Italy) in 1630
Guido Alfani & Marco Bonetti

Modelling and forecasting adult age-at-death distributions
Ugofilippo Basellini & Carlo Giovanni Camarda

Research Note

Environmental bottlenecks in children’s genetic potential for adult socio-economic attainments: Evidence from a health shock
Jason M. Fletcher

Issue 2


The links between women’s employment and children at home: Variations in low- and middle-income countries by world region
John Bongaarts, Ann K. Blanc & Katharine J. McCarthy

Family size and educational attainment in England and Wales
Tak Wing Chan, Morag Henderson & Rachel Stuchbury

Mixed marriage among immigrants and their descendants in the United Kingdom: Analysis of longitudinal data with missing information
Hill Kulu & Tina Hannemann

Until work do us part: Labour migration and occupational stratification in non-cohabiting marriage
Giulia Ferrari & Ross Macmillan

Education, cognitive ability, and cause-specific mortality: A structural approach
Govert E. Bijwaard, Per Tynelius & Mikko Myrskylä

Sexual activity and weekly contraceptive use among young adult women in Michigan
Susannah E. Gibbs, Yasamin Kusunoki, Elizabeth Colantuoni & Caroline Moreau

Gender egalitarianism, perceived economic insecurity, and fertility intentions in Spain: A qualitative analysis
Xiana Bueno & Mary C. Brinton

Divorce, living arrangements, and material well-being during the transition to adulthood in rural Malawi
Monica J. Grant & Isabel Pike

Sixty years of change in Tibetan fertility: An assessment
Thomas Spoorenberg

Book reviews

Scotland’s Populations from the 1850s to Today
Simon Szreter

Demographic Change and Long-Run Development
Philip Kreager

Why Demography Matters; Demography: A Very Short Introduction
Steve Smallwood

Reviewers 2017-2018

Thanks to reviewers of papers submitted 2017-2018

Issue 3


Does broadband Internet affect fertility?
Francesco C. Billari, Osea Giuntella & Luca Stella

Stalling fertility decline of Israeli Muslims and the demographic transition theory
L. Daniel Staetsky

Women’s educational attainment and fertility among Generation X in the United States
Emma Zang

Caesarean section and children’s health: A quasi-experimental design
Jessica Polos & Jason Fletcher

Mind the gap: The health advantages that accompany parental marriage vary by maternal nativity
Wendy Sigle & Alice Goisis

The contribution of urbanization to changes in life expectancy in Scotland, 1861–1910
Catalina Torres, Vladimir Canudas-Romo & Jim Oeppen

Tracking progress in mean longevity: The Lagged Cohort Life Expectancy (LCLE) approach
Michel Guillot & Collin F. Payne

Maternity migration and the recent normalization of the sex ratio at birth in Hong Kong
Stuart Gietel-Basten & Georgia Verropoulou

Research Note

Estimating men’s fertility from vital registration data with missing values
Christian Dudel & Sebastian Klüsener

Volume 74, 2020

Issue 1

Review Article

Fertility preferences and subsequent childbearing in Africa and Asia: A synthesis of evidence from longitudinal studies in 28 populations
John Cleland, Kazuyo Machiyama & John B. Casterline


Projecting future utilization of medically assisted fertility treatments
James Raymer, Qing Guan, Robert J. Norman, William Ledger & Georgina M. Chambers

Cash support vs. tax incentives: The differential impact of policy interventions on third births in contemporary Hungary
Zsolt Spéder, Lívia Murinkó & Livia Sz. Oláh

Fertility intentions and maternal health behaviour during and after pregnancy
Esha Chatterjee & Christie Sennott

Latin American convergence and divergence towards the mortality profiles of developed countries
Jesús-Adrián Alvarez, José Manuel Aburto & Vladimir Canudas-Romo

Population-level adult mortality following the expansion of antiretroviral therapy in Rakai, Uganda
Dorean Nabukalu, Georges Reniers, Kathryn A. Risher, Sylvia Blom, Emma Slaymaker, Chodziwadziwa Kabudula, Basia Zaba, Fred Nalugoda, Godfrey Kigozi, Fred Makumbi, David Serwadda, Steven J. Reynolds, Milly Marston, Jeffrey W. Eaton, Ron Gray, Maria Wawer, Nelson Sewankambo & Tom Lutalo

A family affair: Evidence of chain migration during the mass emigration from the county of Halland in Sweden to the United States in the 1890s
Anna-Maria Eurenius

Can we study the family environment through census data? A comparison of households, dwellings, and domestic units in rural Mali
Véronique Hertrich, Pascaline Feuillet, Olivia Samuel, Assa Doumbia Gakou & Aurélien Dasré

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