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World Population Policies 2019

Сбережение населения России: здоровье, занятость, уровень и качество жизни

Health systems in transition. Latvia

Tuberculosis surveillance and monitoring in Europe 2020- 2018 data

Цели устойчивого развития в Российской Федерации. 2019

По страницам журналов «Журнал исследований социальной политики» и «Профилактическая медицина»

Содержание журнала «Journal of International Migration and Integration»

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Journal of International Migration and Integration


Volume 20, 2019

Issue 3, August

Higher Wages Vs. Social and Legal Insecurity: Migrant Domestic Workers in Russia and Kazakhstan
Liliya Karachurina, Yulia Florinskaya & Anna Prokhorova

Differences in Labor Supply by Birthplace and Family Composition in Switzerland: the Role of Human Capital and Household Income
Julie Lacroix, Elena Vidal-Coso

Stuck Between Mainstreaming and Localism: Views on the Practice of Migrant Integration in a Devolved Policy Framework
Silvia Galandini, Gareth Mulvey & Laurence Lessard-Phillips

Does Labor Market Position Explain the Differences in Self-Rated Health between Employed Immigrants and Native Swedes: a Population-Based Study from Southern Sweden
Marina Taloyan, Hugo Westerlund, Gunnar Aronsson & Per-Olof Östergren

Immigrant Children, Educational Performance and Public Policy: a Capability Approach
Abdirashid A. Ismail

Humanitarianism in Praxis? Probing Power Dynamics around Key Actors in Zimbabwe’s Forced Migration |
Abigail R. Benhura, Maheshvari Naidu

Impacts of Vocational Training for Socio-economic Development of Afghan Refugees in Labor Markets of Host Societies in Baluchistan
Aziz Ahmed

Refugee Mental Health and Healing: Understanding the Impact of Policies of Rapid Economic Self-sufficiency and the Importance of Meaningful Work
Julia Meredith Hess, Brian L. Isakson, Suha Amer, Eric Ndaheba, Brandon Baca & Jessica R. Goodkind

Agent-Based Model Analysis of Impact of Immigration on Switzerland’s Social Security
Marcello Marini, Ndaona Chokani & Reza S. Abhari

Analyzing the Effect of Remittance Transfer on Socioeconomic Well-Being of Left-Behind Parents: a Study of Pakistan and Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK)
Septi Ariadi, Muhammad Saud, Asia Ashfaq

The Puzzle of Canadian Exceptionalism in Contemporary Immigration Policy
Michael Trebilcock

Migrant Integration and Cultural Capital in the Context of Sport and Physical Activity: a Systematic Review
Robyn Smith, Ramón Spaaij, Brent McDonald

Islam and Muslim Minorities in Austria: Historical Context and Current Challenges of Integration
Zeynep Sezgin

The Securitization of the Syrian Refugee Crisis Through Political Party Discourses
Recep Gulmez

Employment Aspirations of Former Refugees Settled in Australia: a Mixed Methods Study
Aparna Hebbani, Nigar G. Khawaja

Syrian Refugees in Turkey and Integration Problem Ahead
Sevda Akar, M. Mustafa Erdoğdu

Issue 4, November

Canadian Refugee Sponsorship Programs: Experience of Syrian Refugees in Alberta, Canada
Sandeep Kumar Agrawal

Bodies at Work, Work on Bodies: Migrant Bodies, Wage Labour, and Family Reunification in Italy
Francesco Della Puppa

“Let Us Help Them at Home”: Policies and Misunderstandings on Migrant Flows Across the Mediterranean Border
Marco Caselli

Drive-By Education: The Role of Vocational Courses in the Migration Projects of Foreign Nurses in Canada
Shiva Nourpanah

Migrant Zimbabwean Teachers in South Africa: Challenging and Rewarding Issues
Zenzele Weda, Rian de Villiers

Integration of Syrian Refugees in Turkey: Understanding the Educators’ Perception
Hasan Aydin, Mahmut Gundogdu, Arif Akgul

Somehow Familiar but Still a Stranger: Syrian Students in Turkish Higher Education
Günnur Ertong Attar, Deniz Küçükşen

Labor Market Integration of Skilled Immigrants
Nonna Kushnirovich

The Employment and Occupational Status of Migrants from Countries Experiencing Armed Conflict
Marie-Pier Joly

Marriage and Migration: Moroccan Women’s Views on Partner Choice, Arranged and Forced Marriage in Belgium
Alexia Sabbe, Karima El Boujaddayni, Marleen Temmerman & Els Leye

Inclusion Through Political Participation, Trust from Shared Political Engagement: Children of Migrants and School Activism in Italy
Federico Farini

The Meaning of Detention on Life Trajectories and Self-Identities: the Perspectives of Detained Migrants in a Removal Centre in Portugal
Paula Cristina Sampaio & Isabel Estrada Carvalhais

Pathways for Refugees’ Descent into Homelessness in Edmonton, Alberta: the Urgent Need for Policy and Procedural Change
David St. Arnault, Noorfarah Merali

Cultural Brokering with Syrian Refugee Families with Young Children: An Exploration of Challenges and Best Practices in Psychosocial Adaptation
Sophie Yohani, Anna Kirova, Rebecca Georgis, Rebecca Gokiert, Teresa Mejia & Yvonne Chiu

Similar or Different? A Comparison of Environmental Behaviors of US-Born Whites and Chinese Immigrants
Guizhen Ma

Volume 21, 2020

Issue 1, March

Migration and the Labour Market: Ukrainian Women in the Italian Care Sector
Luisa Salaris, Nicola Tedesco

Refugee Settlement in New Brunswick
Mikael Hellstrom

Dispersed or Concentrated? Urban Distributions of Ethnic Retail Entrepreneurs: the Late Nineteenth-Century USA
Robert L. Boyd

Positive Changes and Appreciation of Life Among Economic Immigrants in Scotland
Anna Bak-Klimek, Thanos Karatzias, Lawrie Elliott, Adele Dickson & Rory MacLean

Refugee Migration Histories in a Meatpacking Town: Blurring the Line Between Primary and Secondary Migration
Kyle Anne Nelson, Christine Marston

Determinants of Indigenous Migration: the Case of Guerrero’s Mountain Region in Mexico
Jorge Mora-Rivera, Isael Fierros-González

Regulating Immigrant Identities: the Role of Government and Institutions in the Identity Construction of Refugees and Other Migrants
Ibolya Losoncz, Jay Marlowe

Do Migrants Get Involved in Politics? Levels, Forms and Drivers of Migrant Political Participation in Italy
Livia Elisa Ortensi, Veronica Riniolo

Gendered Spaces and Educational Expectations: the Case of the Former Refugee Camp “Elliniko” in Athens
Arezou Rezaian, Ivi Daskalaki & Anna Apostolidou

Citizens of Ambivalence: How Educated Young Somali Americans Perceive their Transnational Being and Belonging?
Marko Kananen

Bargaining the Future: a Descriptive Study of the Lives of the Indonesian Illegal Migrant Workers
Bagong Suyanto, Rahma Sugihartati, Sutinah & Medhy Hidayat

The Latent Precariousness of Migrant Workers: a Study of Ukrainians Legally Employed in Poland
Kamil Filipek, Dominika Polkowska

Social Networks and the Geographies of Young People’s Migration: Evidence from Independent Child Migration in Ghana
Richard Serbeh & Prince Osei-Wusu Adjei

Examining the Housing Experiences in Malaysia: a Qualitative Research on Pakistani Immigrant Labours
Zermina Tasleem, Mohd Na’eim Ajis & Nor Azizah Zainal Abidin

Factoring in Societal Culture in Policy Transfer Design: the Proliferation of Private Sponsorship of Refugees
Daniel Bertram, Ammar Maleki, Niels Karsten

“Can Someone Help Me?” Refugee Women’s Experiences of Using Settlement Agencies to Find Work in Canada
Sonja Senthanar, Ellen MacEachen, Stephanie Premji & Philip Bigelow

Effect of Positive Social Interaction on the Psychological Well-being in South American Immigrants in Chile
Alfonso Urzúa, Jose Leiva & Alejandra Caqueo-Urízar

Analyzing the Effect of ICT on Migration and Economic Growth in Belt and Road (BRI) Countries
Kashif Iqbal, Hui Peng, Muhammad Hafeez & Khurshaid

The Role of Environmental Perception in the Attitudes of People in Aran and Bidgol Concerning the Presence of Afghan Migrants
Mohsen Shaterian

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