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HIV/AIDS surveillance in Europe 2018

Глобальный мониторинг эпидемии СПИДА 2018

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Женщины и мужчины Казахстана 2013-2017

Qualitative research in European migration studies

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Содержание журнала «Journal of International Migration and Integration»

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Journal of International Migration
and Integration


Volume 19, 2018

Issue 1, February

Original Papers

The Good Immigrant Worker: 2013 US Senate Bill 744, Color-Blind Nativism and the Struggle for Comprehensive Immigration Reform
Nazli Kibria, Megan O’Leary, Cara Bowman

Migrant Knowledge Workers’ Perceptions of Housing Conditions in Gulf Cities
Ashraf M. Salama, Florian Wiedmann, Hatem G. Ibrahim

Immigrants and Precarious Work in Canada: Trends, 2006–2012
Parvinder Hira-Friesen

Twilight of Ethnic Identity? Implication of Mixed Ancestries Among Arab Americans
Kristine J. Ajrouch, Hyoung-jin Shin

Using Narratives to Understand the Adaptation Process of an Ethnic Migrant Group from a Resilience Perspective—a Case Study of Cochin Jews in Israel
Eitan Shahar, Maya Lavie-Ajayi

Unequal Chance of Obtaining a Secure Job: Marriage Migrant Women in the Korean Labor Market
Kyung-Eun Yang

Socioeconomic Achievement Among Arab Immigrants in the USA: The Influence of Region of Origin and Gender
Abdi M. Kusow, Kristine J. Ajrouch, Mamadi Corra

Impact of Immigration on Economic Growth in Canada and in its Smaller Provinces
Ather H. Akbari, Azad Haider

Service Needs of Immigrants and Refugees
M. Reza Nakhaie

Cities’ Policies: the Work of European Cities to Counter Muslim Radicalisation
Anja van Heelsum, Floris Vermeulen

Linguodidactic Profiling in Teaching Russian as a Foreign Language to Labour Migrants
Anzhela Dolzhikova, Victoria Kurilenko, Yulia Biryukova, Natalia Rumyantseva, Ekaterina Kulikova, Elena Tumakova

Immigrants’ Transnational Entrepreneurial Activities: the Case of Ghanaian Immigrants in Canada
Amos Nkrumah

Issue 2, May

Original Papers

Spatial Segregation and the Impact of Linguistic Multicultural Policies Within the USA
Ronald Kwon, Brigitte Flores, Haydee Yonamine

The Costs of Secondary Migration: Perspectives from Local Voluntary Agencies in the USA
Jeffrey Bloem, Scott Loveridge

Cancer Incidence Among Syrian Refugees in Turkey, 2012–2015
Bayram Göktaş, Serkan Yılmaz, İlknur Münevver Gönenç, Yasemin Akbulut, Abdulvahit Sözüer

West African Immigrant Perspectives on Female Genital Cutting: Experiences, Attitudes, and Implications for Mental Health Service Providers
Adeyinka M. Akinsulure-Smith, Tracy Chu, Ludmila N. Krivitsky

The Comparison of International Doctorate Recipients Intending to Stay in the USA
Feyyaz Karaca

Zimbabwean Teachers in South Africa: their Needs and Advice to Prospective Migrant Teachers
Rian de Villiers, Zenzele Weda

Involvement in Ethnic Organizations and Community Activism Among Asian Immigrants in the United States
Chigon Kim

Immigration Policies and Immigrant Women’s Vulnerability to Intimate Partner Violence in Canada
Vathsala Jayasuriya-Illesinghe


Correction to: Immigration Policies and Immigrant Women’s Vulnerability to Intimate Partner Violence in Canada
Vathsala Jayasuriya-Illesinghe

Belonging and Social Identity Among Young People in Western Sydney, Australia
Charlotte Fabiansson

Foreign Qualification Recognition Regimes for Internationally Trained Professionals: the Case of Pharmacists
Umut Riza Ozkan

Between Fears, Contacts and Family Dynamics: the Anti-Immigrant Attitudes in Italy
Nazareno Panichella, Maurizio Ambrosini

Age and Gender Variations in Healthy Immigrant Effect: a Population Study of Immigrant Well-Being in Canada
Kyunghwa Kwak

Blending, Bargaining, and Burden-Sharing: Canada’s Resettlement Programs
Shauna Labman, Madison Pearlman

“I Believe People Need to Know Us in Order to Integrate Us”: Immigrant Women’s Cultural Attitudes and Needs
Laura Rodríguez Salgado, Iria Vázquez Silva

Asylum Seekers in Europe: Issues and Solutions
Silvia Angeloni, Francesco Maria Spano

Stepping up Your Game: Workplace Experiences of Second-Generation Nigerians in the USA
Onoso Imoagene

Measuring Community Integration of Lusophone West African Immigrant Populations Through Needs Assessment, Human Security, and Realistic Conflict Theory
Brandon D. Lundy, Kezia Darkwah

Issue 3, August

Original Paper

Influence of Perceived Racial Discrimination on the Health of Immigrant Children in Canada
M. Anne George, Cherylynn Bassani

Postpartum Food Traditions of Bhutanese Refugee Women: a Qualitative Study
Christina Davey, Helen Vallianatos

What Are the Nutrition Education Needs of Refugees: Assessment of Food Choices, Shopping and Spending Practices of South-Asian Refugees in the USA
Candice Burge, Jigna M. Dharod

Analysis of Migration, Regional Characteristics, and Socioeconomic Outcomes in Developing Economies: Empirical Evidence from Nigeria
Anthony Orji, Chukwuma Agu

“Caught in the Same Webs”—Service Providers’ Insights on Gender-Based and Structural Violence Among Female Temporary Foreign Workers in Canada
Chantal Robillard, Janet McLaughlin, Donald C. Cole, Biljana Vasilevska, Richard Gendron

An Analysis of Factors Influencing the International Migration of Indian Nurses
Hisaya Oda, Yuko Tsujita, Sebastian Irudaya Rajan

Cultural Involvement and Preference in Immigrant Acculturation
Elwood Carlson, Abdurrahim Güler

Coping Mechanisms in Navigating Xenophobia-Afrophobia-Related Challenges Within the Transnational Space: Case of Somali Refugee Women in Gauteng, South Africa
Anthony Gathambĩri Waiganjo

Canadian Arab Youth at the Border: Cultural Dissociation, Fear Management, and Disciplining Practices in Securitized Spaces
Melissa Finn, Jenna Hennebry, Bessma Momani

New Migrants in Residential Aged Care: Managing Diversity in Not-for-Profit Organisations
Eileen Willis, Lily Dongxia Xiao, Wendy Morey, Lesley Jeffers, Ann Harrington, David Gillham, Anita De Bellis

Crossing the Border: Latino Attitudes Toward Immigration Policy
Amy Stringer

The Securitization of Migrant Workers in Sabah, Malaysia
Ramli Dollah, Kamarulnizam Abdullah

Segmented Paths? Mexican Generational Differences in the Transition to First-Time Homeownership in the United States
Luis A. Sánchez

Contributing Factors to Migration Growth Among Iranian Students: Drivers of Migration to Malaysia
Ali Kazemi, Abdolvahab Baghbanian, Mohammad Mahmoudi Maymand, Hojjat Rahmani

Portugal’s Immigration and Integration Policies: a Case Apart?
Maria Lorena Cook

Timing of Naturalization Among US Immigrants
Eva Dziadula

A Comparison of Wages by Gender and Region of Origin for Newly Arrived Refugees in the USA
Olive Melissa Minor, Michelle Cameo

Discrimination in the Housing Market as an Impediment to European Labour Force Integration: the Case of Iceland
Davíð Freyr Björnsson, Fredrik Kopsch, Gylfi Zoega

Issue 4, November

Original Papers

To Live Apart or Together: Integration Outcomes of Astronaut Versus Dual-Parent Household Strategies
Melita Ptashnick, Daniyal Zuberi

Does the Scale of Funding Matter? Manitoba and British Columbia Before and After the Federal Repatriation of Settlement Services
Aude-Claire Fourot

Reversing the Trend: a Psychosocial Intervention on Young Immigrants in Sicily
Maria Garro, Massimiliano Schirinzi

Missed Opportunity: International Students in Canada Face Barriers to Permanent Residence
Huyen Dam, Joyce Chan, Sarah Wayland

Consequences of International Migration on the Size and Composition of Religious Groups in Austria
Michaela Potančoková, Sandra Jurasszovich, Anne Goujon

Beyond the ‘Migrant Network’? Exploring Assistance Received in the Migration of Brazilians to Portugal and the Netherlands
Masja van Meeteren, Sonia Pereira

The Impact of Migration and Remittances on Household Welfare: Evidence from Vietnam
Nguyen Viet Cuong, Vu Hoang Linh

Is STEM Education Portable? Country of Education and the Economic Integration of STEM Immigrants
Monica Boyd, Siyue Tian

Temporary Migration Programmes: the Cause or Antidote of Migrant Worker Exploitation in UK Agriculture
Erica Consterdine, Sahizer Samuk

Living at Work and Intra-worker Sociality Among Migrant Farm Workers in Canada
J. Adam Perry

Global Zimbabweans: Diaspora Engagement and Disengagement
Abel Chikanda, Jonathan Crush

When “Inclusion” Means “Exclusion”: Discourses on the Eviction and Repatriations of Roma Migrants, at National and European Union Level
Dragos Ciulinaru

Structural Barriers to Inclusion in a Latino Immigrant New Destination: Exploring the Adaptive Strategies of Social Service Organizations in South Carolina
Benjamin J. Roth, Breanne Grace

Individual, Pre-Migration, and Post-Settlement Factors in Predicting Academic Success of Adolescents from Refugee Backgrounds: a 12-Month Follow-Up
Charissa W. S. Wong, Robert D. Schweitzer, Nigar G. Khawaja

Organising Somalian, Congolese and Rwandan Migrants in a Time of Xenophobia in South Africa: Empirical and Methodological Reflections
Denys Uwimpuhwe, Greg Ruiters

Consequences of the American States’ Legislative Action on Immigration
Jeremiah B. Wills, Margaret M. Commins

Asylum Seekers, Hotspot Approach and Anti-Social Policy Responses in Greece (2015–2017)
Nikos Kourachanis

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