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10 - 23 сентября 2018

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Handbook Of the sociology of youth in BRICS countries

The EU in the world

Демографический ежегодник Республики Беларусь, 2018

Сельское здравоохранение России в 2017 году

Spain. Health Systems in Transition

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Содержание журнала «Journal of Population Economics»

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Journal of Population Economics


Volume 31, 2018

Issue 2, April

Original Papers

The marital satisfaction of differently aged couples
Wang-Sheng Lee, Terra McKinnish

Birth order and health of newborns
Anne Ardila Brenøe, Ramona Molitor

Missing time with parents: son preference among Asians in the USA
Neeraj Kaushal, Felix M. Muchomba

Disease risk and fertility: evidence from the HIV/AIDS pandemic
Yoo-Mi Chin, Nicholas Wilson

Women’s economic capacity and children’s human capital accumulation
Jacobus de Hoop, Patrick Premand, Furio Rosati, Renos Vakis

Do significant labor market events change who does the chores? Paid work, housework, and power in mixed-gender Australian households
Gigi Foster, Leslie S. Stratton

The intergenerational transmission of noncognitive skills and their effect on education and employment outcomes
Ildefonso Mendez, Gema Zamarro

The effects of school desegregation on mixed-race births
Nora Gordon, Sarah Reber

Undocumented youth in limbo: the impact of America’s immigration enforcement policy on juvenile deportations
Catalina Amuedo-Dorantes, Thitima Puttitanun

The impact of party affiliation of US governors on immigrants’ labor market outcomes
Louis-Philippe Beland, Bulent Unel

Issue 3, July

Original Papers

The intergenerational education spillovers of pension reform in China
Cheng Yuan, Chengjian Li, Lauren A. Johnston

Private versus public old-age security
Richard C. Barnett, Joydeep Bhattacharya, Mikko Puhakka

Parental retirement timing: the role of unanticipated events in the lives of adult children
Marina Miller, Christopher R. Tamborini, Gayle L. Reznik

Why are fewer married women joining the work force in rural India? A decomposition analysis over two decades
Farzana Afridi, Taryn Dinkelman, Kanika Mahajan

Does it pay to care? Volunteering and employment opportunities
Stijn Baert, Sunčica Vujić

Informal search, bad search?: the effects of job search method on wages among rural migrants in urban China
Yuanyuan Chen, Le Wang, Min Zhang

Social networks and the labour market mismatch
Eleni Kalfa, Matloob Piracha

The effect of female education on marital matches and child health in Bangladesh
Youjin Hahn, Kanti Nuzhat, Hee-Seung Yang

The long-term effects of mistimed pregnancy on children’s education and employment
Cuong Viet Nguyen

The long-term effect of childhood poverty
Rune V. Lesner

Issue 4, October

Original Papers

Same-occupation spouses: preferences or search costs?
Hani Mansour, Terra McKinnish

The intergenerational transmission of human capital: the role of skills and health
Petter Lundborg, Martin Nordin, Dan Olof Rooth

Not your lucky day: romantically and numerically special wedding date divorce risks
Jan Kabátek, David C. Ribar

Planning parenthood: the Affordable Care Act young adult provision and pathways to fertility
Joelle Abramowitz

More than an urban legend: the short- and long-run effects of unplanned fertility shocks
Thiemo Fetzer, Oliver Pardo, Amar Shanghavi

Fertility and education decisions and child-care policy effects in a Nash-bargaining family model
Akira Yakita

Joint custody law and mothers’ labor market outcomes: evidence from the USA
Daniela Vuri

Grandparental availability for child care and maternal labor force participation: pension reform evidence from Italy
Massimiliano Bratti, Tommaso Frattini, Francesco Scervini

Constrained vs unconstrained labor supply: the economics of dual job holding
Chung Choe, Ronald L. Oaxaca, Francesco Renna

Business visits, knowledge diffusion and productivity
Mariacristina Piva, Massimiliano Tani, Marco Vivarelli


2018 Kuznets Prize awarded to Chunbei Wang and Le Wang

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