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1 - 20 мая 2018

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International Migration Report 2017

Население и демографски процеси 2017

О состоянии сельских территорий в Российской Федерации в 2015 году

Численность обучающихся, педагогического и преподавательского персонала, потенциального числа образовательных организаций всех уровней образования: прогноз до 2035 года

Молодежь Казахстана 2012-2016

По страницам журналов «Демографическое обозрение» и «Экономика и организация промышленного производства»

Содержание журнала «Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies»

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Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies


Volume 43, 2017

Issue 16

Special Issue: Highly Skilled Migration Between the Global North and South: Gender, Life Courses and Institutions


Highly skilled migration between the Global North and South: gender, life courses and institutions
Ajay Bailey & Clara H. Mulder


Social Mobility via academic mobility: reconfigurations in class and gender identities among Asian scholars in the global north
Maggi W. H. Leung

The role of language skills in the settling-in process – experiences of highly skilled migrants’ accompanying partners in Germany and the UK
Stefanie Föbker & Daniela Imani

Highly skilled and highly mobile? Examining gendered and ethnicised labour market conditions for migrant women in STEM-professions in Germany
Grit Grigoleit-Richter

Caste, kinship and the realisation of ‘American Dream’: high-skilled Telugu migrants in the U.S.A.
Sanam Roohi

Migrants in liminal time and space: an exploration of the experiences of highly skilled Indian bachelors in Amsterdam
Kate Kirk, Ellen Bal & Sarah Renee Janssen

‘For the sake of the family and future’: the linked lives of highly skilled Indian migrants
Anu Kõu, Clara H. Mulder & Ajay Bailey

Attracting the best talent in the context of migration policy changes: the case of the UK
Anne Green & Terence Hogarth

Volume 44, 2018

Issue 1


Note from Editor
Paul Statham

Keynote Address

Theorising the power of citizenship as claims-making
Irene Bloemraad


Can you become one of us? A historical comparison of legal selection of ‘assimilable’ immigrants in Europe and the Americas
David S. FitzGerald, David Cook-Martín, Angela S. García & Rawan Arar

Refugees, migrants, neither, both: categorical fetishism and the politics of bounding in Europe’s ‘migration crisis’
Heaven Crawley & Dimitris Skleparis

‘Volunteer Humanitarianism’: volunteers and humanitarian aid in the Jungle refugee camp of Calais
Elisa Sandri

Chinatown 2.0: the difficult flowering of an ethnically themed shopping area
Jan Rath, Annemarie Bodaar, Thomas Wagemaakers & Pui Yan Wu

The U.S. mainstream expands – again
Richard Alba, Brenden Beck & Duygu Basaran Sahin

Interest groups and strategic constructivism: business actors and border security policies in the European Union
Theodore Baird

Gender and free movement: EU migrant women’s access to residence and social rights in the U.K.
Isabel Shutes & Sarah Walker

Employment and earning differences in the early career of ethnic minority British graduates: the importance of university career, parental background and area characteristics
Wouter Zwysen & Simonetta Longhi

List of Reviewers

List of reviewers 2016–2017

Issue 2

Special Issue: Rethinking Integration. New Perspectives on Adaptation and Settlement in the Era of Super-Diversity


Introduction: rethinking integration. New perspectives on adaptation and settlement in the era of super-diversity
Aleksandra Grzymala-Kazlowska & Jenny Phillimore


‘I want to participate.’ transition experiences of new refugees in Glasgow
Alison B. Strang, Helen Baillot & Elodie Mignard

Reciprocity for new migrant integration: resource conservation, investment and exchange
Jenny Phillimore, Rachel Humphris & Kamran Khan

Differentiated embedding: Polish migrants in London negotiating belonging over time
Louise Ryan

From connecting to social anchoring: adaptation and ‘settlement’ of Polish migrants in the UK
Aleksandra Grzymala-Kazlowska

Pathways of settlement among pioneer migrants in super-diverse London
Susanne Wessendorf

Legal status diversity: regulating to control and everyday contingencies
Fran Meissner

Using the city: migrant spatial integration as urban practice
Franz Buhr

Flirting diasporically: visits ‘home’ facilitating diasporic encounters and complex communities
Lauren B. Wagner

Issue 3


Language roulette – the effect of random placement on refugees’ labour market integration
Daniel Auer

Mobilising towards and imagining homelands: diaspora formation among U.K. Sudanese
Cathy Wilcock

Business as usual? Mapping outsourcing practices in Schengen visa processing
María-Luisa Sánchez-Barrueco

Does employment uncertainty particularly impact fertility of children of North African immigrants in France? A gender perspective
Arnaud Dupray & Ariane Pailhé

Socioeconomic success of Asian immigrants in the United States
Kerstin Lueck

Did the escalation of the financial crisis of 2008 affect the perception of immigration-related threats? A natural experiment
Marie Valentova & Marie-Sophie Callens

Evaluations of patriotism across countries, groups, and policy domains
Gal Ariely

Ethnic composition of the school class and interethnic attitudes: a multi-group perspective
Swantje Bubritzki, Frank van Tubergen, Jeroen Weesie & Sanne Smith

From bonds to bridges and back again: co-ethnic ties and the making of Filipino community in Poland
Maria Rosario T. de Guzman & Aileen S. Garcia

Inclusion and responsiveness: disentangling political representation and its effect on ethnic protests in electoral democracies
Miriam Hänni

Issue 4

Special Issue: Exploring the Migration Industries


New directions in exploring the migration industries: introduction to special issue
Sophie Cranston, Joris Schapendonk & Ernst Spaan


Oiling the wheels? Flexible labour markets and the migration industry
David McCollum & Allan Findlay

Facilitating labour migration from Latvia: strategies of various categories of intermediaries
Oksana Žabko, Aadne Aasland & Sylvi Birgit Endresen

Enabling, structuring and creating elite transnational lifestyles: intermediaries of the super-rich and the elite mobilities industry
Sin Yee Koh & Bart Wissink

Adapting to change in the higher education system: international student mobility as a migration industry
Suzanne E. Beech

Calculating the migration industries: knowing the successful expatriate in the Global Mobility Industry
Sophie Cranston

Intermediaries and destination reputations: explaining flows of skilled migration
William S. Harvey, Dimitria Groutsis & Diane van den Broek

Navigating the migration industry: migrants moving through an African-European web of facilitation/control
Joris Schapendonk

Migration decision-making and migration industry in the Indonesia–Malaysia corridor
Ernst Spaan & Ton van Naerssen

Issue 5


Determinants of cultural assimilation in the second generation. A longitudinal analysis of values about marriage and sexuality among Moroccan and Turkish migrants
Matthijs Kalmijn & Gerbert Kraaykamp

Italians with veils and Afros: gender, beauty, and the everyday anti-racism of the daughters of immigrants in Italy
Annalisa Frisina & Camilla Hawthorne

Economic Americanness and defensive inclusion: social location and young citizens’ conceptions of national identity
Natasha Warikoo & Irene Bloemraad

Hometown associations and the micropolitics of transnational community development
Deepak Lamba-Nieves

Crossing borders: family migration strategies and routes from Burma to the US
Manashi Ray

How cities shape refugee centres: ‘deservingness’ and ‘good aid’ in a Sicilian town
Noemi Casati

Emplaced mobilities: Lisbon as a translocality in the migration journeys of Punjabi Sikhs to Europe
Jennifer McGarrigle & Eduardo Ascensão

Re-bounding EU citizenship from below: practices of healthcare for ‘(Il)legitimate EU Migrants’ in Italy
Roberta Perna

Fear of small numbers? Immigrant population size and electoral support for the populist radical right in Switzerland
Effrosyni Charitopoulou & Javier García-Manglano

‘He used to be a Pollero’ the securitisation of migration and the smuggler/migrant nexus at the Mexico-Guatemala border
Rebecca B. Galemba

The duration of residence spells among Malawians: the role of established family and friend connections at migrants’ destinations
Tyler W. Myroniuk

Issue 6

Special Issue: Aspiration, Desire and the Drivers of Migration


Aspiration, desire and drivers of migration
Jørgen Carling & Francis Collins


Push-pull plus: reconsidering the drivers of migration
Nicholas Van Hear, Oliver Bakewell & Katy Long

Revisiting aspiration and ability in international migration
Jørgen Carling & Kerilyn Schewel

Desire as a theory for migration studies: temporality, assemblage and becoming in the narratives of migrants
Francis L. Collins

Forced to leave? The discursive and analytical significance of describing migration as forced and voluntary
Marta Bivand Erdal & Ceri Oeppen

Shifting migration aspirations in second modernity
Elisabeth Scheibelhofer

Desiring ‘foreign talent’: lack and Lacan in anti-immigrant sentiments in Singapore
Peidong Yang

Navigating aspirations and expectations: adolescents’ considerations of outmigration from rural eastern Germany
Frank Meyer

Issue 7


Anticipating the citizenship premium: before and after effects of immigrant naturalisation on employment
Floris Peters, Maarten Vink & Hans Schmeets

Impossible children: illegality and excluded belonging among children of migrants in Sabah, East Malaysia
Catherine Allerton

Land of welcome, land of fear: explaining approaches to ‘new’ diversity in Catalonia and South Tyrol
Andrea Carlà

More than just shopping: Ethnic majority consumers and cosmopolitanism in immigrant grocery shops
Michael Parzer & Franz Astleithner

‘In England, they don’t call you black!’ Migrating racialisations and the production of Roma difference across Europe
Jan Grill

Changing places: children of return migrants in Albania and their quest to belong
Elida Cena, Derek Heim & Ruxandra Trandafoiu

The ‘new Chinatown’: the racialization of newly arrived Chinese migrants in Singapore
Sylvia Ang

Am I allowed to be pregnant? Awareness of pregnancy protection laws among migrant domestic workers in Hong Kong
Anju Mary Paul & Pearlyn Neo

Trapped in small business? An investigation of three generations of migrants from Turkey to Western Europe
Şebnem Eroğlu

Of employers, uncles and interpreters: the diverse trajectories of guest workers to the Belgian city of Ghent, 1960–1975
Jozefien De Bock

Issue 8

Special issue: Diaspora Mobilizations for Conflict and Postconflict Reconstruction: Contextual and Comparative Dimensions


Diaspora mobilisation for conflict and post-conflict reconstruction: contextual and comparative dimensions
Maria Koinova


Diasporas and Fragile states – beyond remittances assessing the theoretical and policy linkages
David Carment & Rachael Calleja

Critical junctures and transformative events in diaspora mobilisation for Kosovo and Palestinian statehood
Maria Koinova

Deconstructing diasporic mobilisation at a time of crisis: perspectives from the Palestinian and Greek diasporas
Elizabeth Mavroudi

Winning, Westminster-style: Tamil diaspora interest group mobilisation in Canada and the UK
Matthew Godwin

Making a difference in Mogadishu? Experiences of multi-sited embeddedness among diaspora youth
Cindy Horst

Mobilising diasporas for justice. Opportunity structures and the presencing of a violent past
Camilla Orjuela

Aiming for transitional justice? Diaspora mobilisation for youth and education in Bosnia and Herzegovina
Dženeta Karabegović

Breaking the silences, breaking the frames: a gendered diasporic analysis of sexual violence in the DRC
Marie Godin



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