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Демографическая ситуация и национальная экономика России 2010-х годов

Переселенческое общество Азиатской России: миграции, пространства, сообщества

Здоровье и окружающая среда: принципы коммуникации риска

Очерк развития вопроса о всеобщей народной переписи в России

Расизм, ксенофобия, дискриминация. Какими мы их увидели…

По страницам журналов «Медико-социальная экспертиза и реабилитация» и «Вестник РАМН»

Содержание журнала «International Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Health»

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International Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Health

The Alan Guttmacher Institute


Volume 39, 2013

Number 1, March

In This Issue



Early Marriage, Marital Relations and Intimate Partner Violence in Ethiopia
Annabel Erulkar

Social Desirability Bias in Sexual Behavior Reporting: Evidence from an Interview Mode Experiment in Rural Malawi
Christine A. Kelly, Erica Soler-Hampejsek, Barbara S. Mensch and Paul C. Hewett

Predictors of Sexual Debut Among Young Adolescents In Nairobi’s Informal Settlements
Milly Marston, Donatien Beguy, Caroline Kabiru and John Cleland

Understanding Global Trends in Maternal Mortality
Sarah Zureick-Brown, Holly Newby, Doris Chou, Nobuko Mizoguchi, Lale Say, Emi Suzuki and John Wilmoth


International Family Planning Fellowship Program: Advanced Training in Family Planning to Reduce Unsafe Abortion
Vanessa K. Dalton, Xiao Xu, Patricia Mullan, Kwabena A. Danso, Yao Kwawukume, Kofi Gyan and Timothy R.B. Johnson


Education and Gender Equality Are Inconsistently Associated with HIV Testing in Eastern Africa

Youth, Poverty Linked To Unsafe Abortion Among Women in Ghana

In Malawi, Polygamy Is Associated with Reduced Contraceptive Use

Having HIV Linked To Reduced Fertility Desires in Uganda

Cost-Effectiveness of HIV Messages Varies By Medium in Benin

Voucher Program in Kenya Is Associated with Increases In Skilled Birth Attendance and Facility Deliveries


Guidelines for Authors

Number 2, June

In This Issue



The Influence of Intrafamilial Power on Maternal Health Care in Mali: Perspectives of Women, Men And Mothers-in-Law
Darcy White, Michelle Dynes, Marcie Rubardt, Koman Sissoko and Rob Stephenson

Use of Dual Protection Among Female Sex Workers In Swaziland
Eileen A. Yam, Zandile Mnisi, Xolile Mabuza, Caitlin Kennedy, Deanna Kerrigan, Amy Tsui and Stefan Baral

Acceptability and Feasibility of Mifepristone-Misoprostol For Menstrual Regulation in Bangladesh
Anadil Alam, Hillary Bracken, Heidi Bart Johnston, Sheila Raghavan, Noushin Islam, Beverly Winikoff and Laura Reichenbach

The Incidence of Induced Abortion in Malawi
Brooke A. Levandowski, Chisale Mhango, Edgar Kuchingale, Juliana Lunguzi, Hans Katengeza, Hailemichael Gebreselassie and Susheela Singh

The Mystery of Missing Female Children in the Caucasus: An Analysis of Sex Ratios by Birth Order
Marc Michael, Lawrence King, Liang Guo, Martin McKee, Erica Richardson and David Stuckler


Global Levels of Contraceptive Use by Married Women Have Risen, Especially in Developing Countries

Nine in 10 Abortion Patients in Mexico City Receive Contraceptive Counseling After Their Procedure

Child Marriage Associated With Suboptimal Reproductive Health

Young Men Who Feel That Wife Beating Is Sometimes Acceptable Have Elevated Fertility Desires

Low-Dose Mifepristone Regimens Are Effective And Safe for Early Abortion

HIV Linked to Many Pregnancy-Related Deaths In Sub-Saharan Africa


Guidelines for Authors

Number 3, September

In This Issue



The Cost of Postabortion Care and Legal Abortion In Colombia
Elena Prada, Isaac Maddow-Zimet and Fatima Juarez

Contraception and Abortion in a Low-Fertility Setting: The Role of Seasonal Migration
Arusyak Sevoyan and Victor Agadjanian

Reducing Unmet Need by Supporting Women With Met Need
Anrudh K. Jain, Francis Obare, Saumya RamaRao and Ian Askew

Effectiveness of a Behavior Change Communication Intervention to Improve Knowledge and Perceptions About Abortion in Bihar and Jharkhand, India
Sushanta K. Banerjee, Kathryn L. Andersen, Janardan Warvadekar and Erin Pearson

Risk and Protective Correlates of Young Women’s First Sexual Experiences in Rakai, Uganda
Kristin N. Mmari, Esther Kaggwa, Jennifer Wagman, Ron Gray, Maria Wawer and Fred Nalugoda


Unmet Need for Contraceptives in Developing World Has Declined, But Remains High in Some Countries

Literature Review Identifies Under-Researched Topics in Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health

Home-Based Services May Increase HIV Testing In Rural South Africa

Intimate Partner Violence Linked to HIV Infection Among Ugandan Women

Characteristics Linked To Sexual Debut Vary Across Sub-Saharan Africa


Guidelines for Authors

Number 4, December

In This Issue



Documenting the Individual- and Household-Level Cost of Unsafe Abortion in Uganda
Aparna Sundaram, Michael Vlassoff, Frederick Mugisha, Akinrinola Bankole, Susheela Singh, Leo Amanya and Tsuyoshi Onda

Understanding Couples’ Relationship Quality And Contraceptive Use in Kumasi, Ghana
Carie Muntifering Cox, Michelle J. Hindin, Easmo Otupiri and Roderick Larsen-Reindorf

Consumer Perspectives on a Pericoital Contraceptive Pill In India and Uganda
Jane K. Cover, Jennifer Kidwell Drake, Imelda T. Kyamwanga, Eleanor Turyakira, Tanya Dargan, Edward Kumakech and Claudia Harner-Jay

The Oportunidades Conditional Cash Transfer Program: Effects on Pregnancy and Contraceptive Use Among Young Rural Women in Mexico
Blair G. Darney, Marcia R. Weaver, Sandra G. Sosa-Rubi, Dilys Walker, Edson Servan-Mori, Sarah Prager and Emmanuela Gakidou

Reproduction, Functional Autonomy and Changing Experiences of Intimate Partner Violence Within Marriage in Rural India
Christine Bourey, Rob Stephenson and Michelle J. Hindin


Mortality Is Elevated During Infancy and Early Childhood When Births Are Closely Spaced

In Tanzania, Women Can Correctly Assess Whether They Can Use the Pill

Women’s Autonomy Not Always Related to Men’s Help with Maternal Care

Levels of Risky Sex Did Not Rise When HIV Therapy Was Initiated in KwaZulu-Natal

Researchers Posing as Clients Find Inadequate Contraceptive Care by Some Kenyan Providers


Guidelines for Authors

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