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Институт демографии Национального исследовательского университета "Высшая школа экономики"

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Между Аушвицем и Бабьим Яром. Размышления и исследования о катастрофе

Социальные болезни современной России

Как описывать статистику в медицине

Воздействие трудовой миграции на детей мигрантов, оставшихся в Таджикистане

Здравоохранение в России. 2011

По страницам журналов «Вопросы статистики» и «Уровень жизни населения регионов России»

Содержание журнала «Journal of Population Economics»

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Journal of Population Economics


Volume 24

Number 2 / April 2011

Original Papers

Immigrants assimilate as communities, not just as individuals
Timothy J. Hatton and Andrew Leigh

The savings behavior of temporary and permanent migrants in Germany
Thomas K. Bauer and Mathias G. Sinning

Immigrant selection and short-term labor market outcomes by visa category
Abdurrahman Aydemir

Dual-earner migration. Earnings gains, employment and self-selection
Birgitta Rabe

Immigrant over-education: evidence from Denmark
Chantal Pohl Nielsen

USA immigration policy, source-country social programs, and the skill composition of legal USA immigration
Michael J. Greenwood and John M. McDowell

Change and continuity among minority communities in Britain
Andreas Georgiadis and Alan Manning

When nature rebels: international migration, climate change, and inequality
Luca Marchiori and Ingmar Schumacher

Child mortality in rural India
Bas van der Klaauw and Limin Wang

Uncovering the impact of the HIV epidemic on fertility in Sub-Saharan Africa: the case of Malawi
Dick Durevall and Annika Lindskog

Household allocation decisions and child health: can behavioral responses to vitamin A supplementation programs explain heterogeneous effects?
Benjamin Yarnoff

The dynamics of school attainment of England’s ethnic minorities
Deborah Wilson, Simon Burgess and Adam Briggs

Does teenage childbearing reduce investment in human capital?
Dinand Webbink, Nicholas G. Martin and Peter M. Visscher

The effects of parental leave extension on training for young women
Patrick A. Puhani and Katja Sonderhof

The effect of schooling on teenage childbearing: evidence using changes in compulsory education laws
Mary A. Silles

Number 3 / July 2011


Francine Blau receives IZA Prize in Labor Economics

Original Papers

Kids or courses? Gender differences in the effects of active labor market policies
Michael Lechner and Stephan Wiehler

Sex ratios and the red dragon: using the Chinese Communist Revolution to explore the effect of the sex ratio on women and children in Taiwan
Andrew M. Francis

Fathers’ time investments in children: do sons get more?
Kristin Mammen

Son preference in Japan
Wataru Kureishi and Midori Wakabayashi

How does the stork delegate work? Childbearing and the gender division of paid and unpaid labour
Marc Frenette

Do downward private transfers enhance maternal labor supply? Evidence from around Europe
Ralitza Dimova and François-Charles Wolff

Sibling composition and selective gender-based survival bias
Rubiana Chamarbagwala

Older siblings and adolescent risky behavior: does parenting play a role?
Susan L. Averett, Laura M. Argys and Daniel I. Rees

Timing of family income, borrowing constraints, and child achievement
Maria Knoth Humlum

The institution of marriage
Dirk Bethmann and Michael Kvasnicka

Happiness and altruism within the extended family
Johannes Schwarze and Rainer Winkelmann

Hyperbolic discounting and fertility
Matthias Wrede

The effects of motherhood timing on career path
Amalia R. Miller

Assisted reproductive technologies (ART) in a model of fertility choice
Helmut Rainer, Geethanjali Selvaretnam and David Ulph

Energy use, population and growth, 1800–1970
Maria Fröling

Structural instability and alternative development scenarios
Laurent L. Cellarier and Richard H. Day

The optimum growth rate for population under critical-level utilitarianism
Thomas I. Renström and Luca Spataro

Number 4 / October 2011


Kuznets Prize for Makoto Hirazawa and Akira Yakita

Original Papers

Segregation, entrepreneurship and work values: the case of France
Claudia Senik and Thierry Verdier

Ethnic discrimination in the Greek housing market
Nick Drydakis

Interethnic marriage: a choice between ethnic and educational similarities
Delia Furtado and Nikolaos Theodoropoulos

Educational institutions and the integration of migrants
Nicole Schneeweis

The ins and outs of unemployment and the assimilation of recent immigrants in Spain
José Ignacio Silva and Javier Vázquez-Grenno

Can migration reduce educational attainment? Evidence from Mexico
David McKenzie and Hillel Rapoport

Brain drain and technological relationship between skilled and unskilled labor: brain gain or brain loss?
Xiaofeng Fan and Akira Yakita

Does migration pay? Earnings effects of geographic mobility following job displacement
Anders Boman

Original Papers

Equilibrium unemployment and the duration of unemployment benefits
Rafael Lalive, Jan C. van Ours and Josef Zweimüller

If happiness is relative, against whom do we compare ourselves? Implications for labour supply
Eduardo Pérez-Asenjo

Altruism, labor supply and redistributive neutrality
Ana Fernandes

Demographic, residential, and socioeconomic effects on the distribution of nineteenth-century African-American stature
Scott Alan Carson

Wage and (un-)employment effects of an ageing workforce
Jochen Michaelis and Martin Debus

Wage dynamics and promotions inside and between firms
Bas van der Klaauw and António Dias da Silva


Acknowledgment to editorial collaborators

Volume 25

Number 1 / December 2011


George Borjas and Barry Chiswick receive IZA Prize in Labor Economics

Original Paper

Political regimes and the family: how sex-role attitudes continue to differ in reunified Germany
Stefan Bauernschuster and Helmut Rainer

The pill and partnerships: the impact of the birth control pill on cohabitation
Finn Christensen

Gender wage differentials in Italy: a structural estimation approach
Giovanni Sulis

Does the number of sex partners affect educational attainment? Evidence from female respondents to the Add Health
Joseph J. Sabia and Daniel I. Rees

Dads, disease, and death: determinants of daughter discrimination
Joyce J. Chen

Gender-specific labor market conditions and family formation
Ayako Kondo

Male backlash, bargaining, or exposure reduction?: women’s working status and physical spousal violence in India
Yoo-Mi Chin

The effects of teenage childbearing on the short- and long-term health behaviors of mothers
Jason M. Fletcher

Do fundraisers select charitable donors based on gender and race? Evidence from survey data
Barış K. Yörük

Does welfare reform affect fertility? Evidence from the UK
Mike Brewer, Anita Ratcliffe and Sarah dSmith

Evaluating the impact of conditional cash transfer programs on fertility: the case of the Red de Protección Social in Nicaragua
Jessica E. Todd, Paul Winters and Guy Stecklov

The effect of delaying motherhood on the second childbirth in Europe
Massimiliano Bratti and Konstantinos Tatsiramos

When having many children pays: a case study from Taiwan
Mun Sim Lai

Housing and children: simultaneous decisions?—a cohort study of young adults’ housing and family formation decision
Cecilia Enström Öst

The impact of job loss on family dissolution
Denise Doiron and Silvia Mendolia


Twenty-fifth annual conference of the European Society for Population Economics, Hangzhou, 2011


Erratum to: Wage dynamics and promotions inside and between firms
António Dias da Silva and Bas van der Klaauw

Number 2 / January 2012

Original Paper

Ethnic conflict and job separations
Sami Miaari, Asaf Zussman and Noam Zussman

Institutional rules, labour demand and retirement through disability programme participation
Ossi Korkeamäki and Tomi Kyyrä

“Hard workers” and labor restrictions
Hans Gersbach and Hans Haller

Labor market competitiveness and the size of the informal sector
Hideaki Goto and Yukichi Mano

The contribution of changes in employment composition and relative returns to the evolution of wage inequality: the case of Spain
Aitor Lacuesta and Mario Izquierdo

Life expectancy and labor supply of the elderly
Rosa Aísa, Fernando Pueyo and Marcos Sanso

Piece rates and workplace injury: Does survey evidence support Adam Smith?
Keith A. Bender, Colin P. Green and John S. Heywood

An examination of paternal and maternal intergenerational transmission of schooling
Chiara Pronzato

Social security reform and the support for public education
Iñigo Iturbe-Ormaetxe and Guadalupe Valera

The transition to tertiary education and parental background over time
Regina T. Riphahn and Florian Schieferdecker

Can adult education delay retirement from the labour market?
Anders Stenberg, Xavier de Luna and Olle Westerlund

The younger, the better? Age-related differences in academic performance at university
Michele Pellizzari and Francesco C. Billari

Accounting for family background when designing optimal income taxes: a microeconometric simulation analysis
Rolf Aaberge and Ugo Colombino

Income taxation of couples and the tax unit choice
Helmuth Cremer, Jean-Marie Lozachmeur and Pierre Pestieau

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