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Институт демографии Национального исследовательского университета "Высшая школа экономики"

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Dictionnaire de demographie et des sciences de la population

World migration report 2010 the future of migration: building capacities for change

Глобализация демографии

Социальная поддержка: уроки кризисов и векторы модернизации

Результаты самостоятельной оценки служб общественного здравоохранения в Республике Узбекистан

Анализ правоприменительной практики по отдельным административным правонарушениям в сфере миграции

По страницам журналов «Вопросы статистики» и «Человек и труд»

Содержание журнала «Gender and Development»

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Gender and Development


Volume 18

Issue 2 2010

The Economic Crisis

Original Articles

Ruth Pearson; Caroline Sweetman

The global economic crisis, its gender and ethnic implications, and policy responses
Stephanie Seguino

Gender and the global economic crisis in developing countries: a framework for analysis
Diane Elson

Critical times: gendered implications of the economic crisis for migrant workers from Burma/Myanmar in Thailand
Jackie Pollock; Soe Lin Aung

Feminised recession: impact of the global financial crisis on women garment workers in the Philippines
Kristina Gaerlan; Marion Cabrera; Patricia Samia; L. Santoalla

Securing the fruits of their labours: the effect of the crisis on women farm workers in Peru's Ica valley
Reineira Arguello

Cheap and disposable? The impact of the global economic crisis on the migration of Ethiopian women domestic workers to the Gulf
Bina Fernandez

The effects of the global economic crisis on women in the informal economy: research findings from WIEGO and the Inclusive Cities partners
Zoe Elena Horn

How the global economic crisis reaches marginalised workers: the case of street traders in Johannesburg, South Africa
Jennifer Cohen

Crisis, care and childhood: the impact of economic crisis on care work in poor households in the developing world
Jessica Espey; Caroline Harper; Nicola Jones


Liz Cooke

Views, events, and debates

Views, events, and debates
Liz Cooke

Book reviews

Book reviews
Suzanne Bergeron; Anna Lindberg; Deborah Eade; Katie Willis; Jennifer G. Mathers; Fiona Macaulay; Elaheh Rostami-Povey

Issue 3 2010


Original Articles

Ines Smyth; Caroline Sweetman

Challenging gender inequality in farmers' organisations in Nicaragua
Beatriz Gonzalez Manchón; Morna Macleod

Agricultural livelihoods and nutrition – exploring the links with women in Zambia
Rebecca Kent; Mairi MacRae

Transforming gender in homestead food production
Emily Hillenbrand

Maize diversity and gender: research from Mexico
Jon Hellin; Alder Keleman; Mauricio Bellon

The nutrition transition: a gender perspective with reference to Brazil
Frances Hansford

Gender, large-scale development, and food insecurity in Lesotho: an analysis of the impact of the Lesotho Highlands Water Project
Yvonne A. Braun

Women trading in food across the Zimbabwe–South Africa border: experiences and strategies
Patience Mutopo

Gender inequality, mothers' health, and unequal distribution of food: experience from a CARE project in India
Suniti Neogy

Food price hikes, food security, and gender equality: assessing the roles and vulnerability of women in households of Bangladesh and Ethiopia
Zenebe Bashaw Uraguchi

New agribusiness investments mean wholesale sell-out for women farmers
Nidhi Tandon

‘Fat eggs’: gender and fertility as important factors in HIV/AIDS prevention in Botswana
Rebecca L. Upton

Liz Cooke

Views, events, and debates
Liz Cooke

Book reviews

Trading Stories. Experiences with Gender and Trade
Christa Wichterich

For the Love of God: NGOs and Religious Identity in a Violent World
Nida Kirmani

Reclaiming the F Word: The New Feminist Movement
Deborah Eade

Gender Matters in Global Politics: A Feminist Introduction to International Relations
Swati Parashar

Re-thinking Men: Heroes, Villains and Victims
Nick Piálek; Ines Smyth

Gender and Development
Fenella Porter

Sexed Pistols. The Gendered Impacts of Small Arms and Light Weapons
Sarah Masters

Globalization and Third World Women: Exploitation, Coping and Resistance
Jasmine Gideon


Index to Volume 18

Gender and Development

Volume 19

Issue 1 2011


Original Articles

Remittances and transnational families in Italy and The Philippines: breaking the global care chain
Charito Basa; Wendy Harcourt; Angela Zarro

Climate change and migration: a case study from rural Bangladesh
Katha Kartiki

Gendering remittances in Albania: a human and social development perspective
Julie Vullnetari; Russell King

Feminised financial flows: how gender affects remittances in Honduran-US transnational families
Allison J. Petrozziello

The impact of remittances on gender roles and opportunities for children in recipient families: research from the International Organization for Migration
Sylvia Lopez-Ekra; Christine Aghazarm; Henriette Kötter; Blandine Mollard

Constructing 'modern gendered civilised' women and men: gender-mainstreaming in refugee camps
Katarzyna Grabska

Protecting migrant domestic workers in the UK
Krisnah Poinasamy

Who cares? HIV-related sickness, urban-rural linkages, and the gendered role of care in return migration in South Africa
Lorena Núñez Carrasco; Jo Vearey; Scott Drimie

The influence of male migration on female resources, independence, and development in Gambian villages
Björn Gunnarsson


Liz Cooke

Views, Events and Debates

A new UN agency for women: time for impact

'The Coffee Dance': interactive theatre for social change with Nicaraguan immigrants in Costa Rica

Compiled by Liz Cooke

Daniela Rosche; Steven Hawkins

Book Reviews

The International Handbook of Gender and Poverty: Concepts, Research, Policy
Suzanne Clisby

Terrorizing Women: Feminicide in the Americas
Deborah Eade

Feminist Research Methodology: Making Meanings of Meaning-making
Gwendolyn Beetham

Development, Sexual Rights and Global Governance
Lucille C. Atkin

Gender & Culture
Marie Macey

Issue 2, 2011


Original Articles

Transformative social protection programming for children and their carers: a gender perspective
Rachel Sabates-Wheeler & Keetie Roelen

Cash transfers, gender equity and women's empowerment in Peru, Ecuador and Bolivia
Maxine Molyneux & Marilyn Thomson

‘It was as if we were drowning’: shocks, stresses and safety nets in India
Karishma Huda & Sandeep Kaur

It buys food but does it change gender relations? Child Support Grants in Soweto, South Africa
Leila Patel & Tessa Hochfeld

Leaders, not clients: grassroots women's groups transforming social protection
Becca Asaki & Shannon Hayes

Addressing gendered risks and vulnerabilities through social protection: examples of good practice from Bangladesh, Ethiopia, and Peru
Rebecca Holmes, Nicola Jones, Fouzia Mannan, Rosana Vargas, Yisak Tafere & Tassew Woldehanna

Putting gender equality at the heart of social protection: lessons from Oxfam GB's experience with safety net programming
Nupur Kukrety & Sumananjali Mohanty

Towards transformative social protection: a gendered analysis of the Employment Guarantee Act of India (MGNREGA)
Sony Pellissery & Sumit Kumar Jalan


Liz Cooke

Views, Events, and Debates

Views, events, and debates
Gill Hague, Ravi Thiara, Patrick Ndira & Adrienne Hopkins

Book Reviews

The Unhappy Marriage of Religion and Politics: Problems and Pitfalls for Gender Equality
Nida Nida Kirmani

Gender and Global Restructuring: Sightings, Sites and Resistances
Ruth Pearson

War and Rape: Law, Memory and Justice
Joanna Bourke

Women's Rights in Democratizing States: Just Debate and Gender Justice in the Public Sphere
Linh Le

Gender and Migration: Feminist Interventions
Deborah Eade

HIV/AIDS in Sub-Saharan Africa: Politics, Aid and Globalisation
Alice Welbourn

Politicization of Sexual Violence: From Abolitionism to Peacekeeping
Nicola Henry

Women and War: Gender Identity and Activism in Times of Conflict
Jennifer Pedersen PhD

Gender, Women and the Tobacco Epidemic
Sarah Payne

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