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Мониторинг демографической ситуации в Российской Федерации и тенденции ее изменения

Семья в России. 2008

Экономические последствия неинфекционных заболеваний и травм в Российской Федерации

Состояние здоровья и демографические процессы населения в Оренбургском регионе в начале XXI века

Дискуссия о среднем классе

Социальная политика: реалии XXI века

По страницам журналов «Здравоохранение Российской Федерации» и «Журнал исследований социальной политики»

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Journal of Marriage and Family


Volume 70, 2008

Issue 1

Editorial Comment

From the Editor

David H. Demo

The Transitions to Adulthood and Parenthood

Early Family Transitions and Depressive Symptom Changes From Adolescence to Early Adulthood

Alan Booth, Elisa Rustenbach, Susan McHale

Depression and Anger Trajectories During the Transition to Adulthood

Nancy L. Galambos, Harvey J. Krahn

No Fun Anymore: Leisure and Marital Quality Across the Transition to Parenthood

Amy Claxton, Maureen Perry-Jenkins

Parenting and Parent-Child Relationships

Couple Relationship Status and Patterns in Early Parenting Practices

Karen Benjamin Guzzo, Helen Lee

Parenting and Perceived Maternal Warmth in European American and African American Adolescents

Julia Jackson-Newsom, Christy M. Buchanan, Richard M. McDonald

Mothering and Peer Associations Mediate Cumulative Risk Effects for Latino

Alexandra Loukas, Hazel M. Prelow, Marie-Anne Suizzo, Shane Allua

Parents' Reports of Sexual Communication With Children in Kindergarten to Grade 8

E. Sandra Byers, Heather A. Sears, Angela D. Weaver

Parenting Practices and Adolescent Sexual Behavior: A Longitudinal Study

Melina Bersamin, Michael Todd, Deborah A. Fisher, Douglas L. Hill, Joel W. Grube, Samantha Walker

Divorce and Families

Consequences of Parental Divorce for Adult Children's Support of Their Frail Parents

I-Fen Lin

Stable Postdivorce Family Structures During Late Adolescence and Socioeconomic Consequences in Adulthood

Yongmin Sun, Yuanzhang Li

Intergenerational Relationships in Adulthood

Intergenerational Contact and the Life Course Status of Young Adult Children

Freek Bucx, Frits van Wel, Trudie Knijn, Louk Hagendoorn

Intergenerational Solidarity and Support Between Adult Siblings

Marieke Voorpostel, Rosemary Blieszner

Psychological Implications of Motherhood and Fatherhood in Midlife: Evidence From Sibling Models

Tetyana Pudrovska

Intergenerational Relationships and Affectual Solidarity Between Grandparents and Young Adults

Maria A. Monserud

Of General Interest

Expanding the Family Economic Stress Model: Insights From a Mixed-Methods Approach

Rashmita S. Mistry, Edward D. Lowe, Aprile D. Benner, Nina Chien

Is It Considered Violence? The Acceptability of Physical Punishment of Children in Europe

Enrique Gracia, Juan Herrero

College Student Perceptions of the Content of Father Stereotypes

Jessica Troilo, Marilyn Coleman

Equality and Illusion: Gender and Tenure in Art History Careers

Elizabeth Rudd, Emory Morrison, Renate Sadrozinski, Maresi Nerad, Joseph Cerny

Child Care and Work Absences: Trade-Offs by Type of Care

Rachel A. Gordon, Robert Kaestner, Sanders Korenman

Book Reviews

American Religions and the Family: How Faith Traditions Cope with Modernization and Democracy - Edited by Don S. Browning and David A. Clairmont

Melinda Lundquist Denton

My Father Before Me: How Fathers and Sons Influence Each Other Throughout Their Lives - by Michael J. Diamond

William Marsiglio

Alone Together: How Marriage in America Is Changing - by Paul R. Amato, Alan Booth, David R. Johnson, and Stacey J. Rogers

W. Bradford Wilcox

Issue 2

Life Course Transitions

Life Course Transitions and Housework: Marriage, Parenthood, and Time on Housework

Janeen Baxter, Belinda Hewitt, Michele Haynes

The Stability of Child Physical Placements Following Divorce: Descriptive Evidence From Wisconsin

Lawrence M. Berger, Patricia R. Brown, Eunhee Joung, Marygold S. Melli, Lynn Wimer

Parental Divorce and Offspring Depressive Symptoms: Dutch Developmental Trends During Early Adolescence

Albertine J. Oldehinkel, Johan Ormel, René Veenstra, Andrea F. De Winter, Frank C. Verhulst

Complex Life Course Patterns and the Risk of Divorce in Second Marriages

Jay Teachman

Changes in Support From Confidants, Children, and Friends Following Widowhood

Jung-Hwa Ha

Race and Family Processes

Linking Perceived Discrimination to Longitudinal Changes in African American Mothers' Parenting Practices

Gene H. Brody, Yi-Fu Chen, Steven M. Kogan, Velma McBride Murry, Patricia Logan, Zupei Luo

Relative Spousal Earnings and Marital Happiness Among African American and White Women

Holly E. Furdyna, M. Belinda Tucker, Angela D. James

Marriage and Marital Relations

Attitudes Toward Gay Marriage in States Undergoing Marriage Law Transformation

Stacey M. Brumbaugh, Laura A. Sanchez, Steven L. Nock, James D. Wright

Till Marriage Do Us Part: Adult Children's Relationships With Their Parents

Natalia Sarkisian, Naomi Gerstel

Marital Conflict, Depressive Symptoms, and Functional Impairment

Heejeong Choi, Nadine F Marks

The Performance of Desire: Gender and Sexual Negotiation in Long-Term Marriages

Sinikka Elliott, Debra Umberson

Religiousness and Infidelity: Attendance, but not Faith and Prayer, Predict Marital Fidelity

David C. Atkins, Deborah E. Kessel

Parents and Youth

Perceptions of Children's Parental Preferences in Lesbian Two-Mother Households

Abbie E. Goldberg, Jordan B. Downing, Christine C. Sauck

Heterogeneity in Two-Parent Families and Adolescent Well-Being

Sarah Halpern-Meekin, Laura Tach

Family Structure Effects on Maternal and Paternal Parenting in Low-Income Families

Christina M. Gibson-Davis

Interparental Incongruence in Differential Treatment of Adolescent Siblings: Links With Marital Quality

Marni L. Kan, Susan M. McHale, Ann C. Crouter

Linkages Between Parents' Differential Treatment, Youth Depressive Symptoms, and Sibling Relationships

Lilly Shanahan, Susan M McHale, Ann C Crouter, D. Wayne Osgood

Of General Interest

Discrepancies in Parent's and Adult Child's Reports of Support and Contact

Jornt J. Mandemakers, Pearl A. Dykstra

Women's Choice of Surname Upon Marriage in Norway

Turid Noack, Kenneth Aarskaug Wiik

The Decision to Remain in an Involuntarily Celibate Relationship

Denise A Donnelly, Elisabeth O Burgess

Factors Associated With Multiple-Partner Fertility Among Fathers

Jennifer Manlove, Cassandra Logan, Erum Ikramullah, Emily Holcombe

Familial Factors Associated With the Use of Multiple Child-Care Arrangements

Taryn W. Morrissey

Book Reviews

Early Childhood Care and Education International Perspectives - Edited by Edward Melhuish and Konstantinos Petrogiannis

Joseph Di Bona

Working Couples Caring for Children and Aging Parents - by Margaret B. Neal and Leslie B. Hammer

Marcie Pitt-Catsouphes

Family Talk: Discourse and Identity in Four American Families - Edited by Deborah Tannen, Shari Kendall, and Cynthia Gordon

Lucie P. Lawrence, Elizabeth A. Suter

Wives Without Husbands: Marriage, Desertion, and Welfare in New York, 1900 – 1935 - by Anna R. Igra

Elizabeth H. Pleck

Issue 3

International Families

Subsidizing "Stayers"? Effects of a Norwegian Child Care Reform on Marital Stability

Inés Hardoy, Pål Schøne

Migrant Interactions With Elderly Parents in Rural Cambodia and Thailand

Zachary Zimmer, Kim Korinek, John Knodel, Napaporn Chayovan

Intergenerational Support and Depression Among Elders in Rural China: Do Daughters-In-Law Matter?

Zhen Cong, Merril Silverstein


He Said, She Said: Comparing Mother and Father Reports of Father Involvement

Kelly S. Mikelson

Parenting Practices of Resident Fathers: The Role of Marital and Biological Ties

Lawrence M. Berger, Marcia J. Carlson, Sharon H. Bzostek, Cynthia Osborne

Paternal Work Characteristics and Father-Infant Interactions in Low-Income, Rural Families

W. Benjamin Goodman, Ann C. Crouter, Stephanie T. Lanza, Martha J. Cox

Parents and Children

Father Doesn't Know Best? Parents' Control of Money and Children's Food Insecurity

Catherine T. Kenney

Parenting as a Dynamic Process: A Test of the Resource Dilution Hypothesis

Lisa Strohschein, Anne H. Gauthier, Rachel Campbell, Clayton Kleparchuk

Marital Conflict and Children's Emotional Security in the Context of Parental Depression

Chrystyna D. Kouros, Christine E. Merrilees, E. Mark Cummings

Adolescence and Young Adulthood

Family Structure History and Adolescent Romance

Shannon E. Cavanagh, Sarah R. Crissey, R. Kelly Raley

The Effect of Family Communication Patterns on Adopted Adolescent Adjustment

Martha A. Rueter, Ascan F. Koerner

Religion, Pledging, and the Premarital Sexual Behavior of Married Young Adults

Jeremy E. Uecker

Families and Health

Together Forever? Romantic Relationship Characteristics and Prenatal Health Behaviors

Rachel Tolbert Kimbro

One's Enough for Now: Children, Disability, and the Subsequent Childbearing of Mothers

Maryhelen D. MacInnes

Mental Illness as a Barrier to Marriage Among Unmarried Mothers

Julien O. Teitler, Nancy E. Reichman

Of General Interest

Interracial-Interethnic Unions and Fertility in the United States

Vincent Kang Fu

Earnings and Expenditures on Household Services in Married and Cohabiting Unions

Judith Treas, Esther de Ruijter

Gender, Productivity, and the Marital Wage Premium

Anne E. Lincoln

Mother and Daughter Reports About Upward Transfers

I-Fen Lin

Book Reviews

Transnational Adoption: A Cultural Economy of Race, Gender and Kinship - by Sara K. Dorow

Raeann R. Hamon

Higher Ground: New Hope for the Working Poor and Their Children - by Greg J. Duncan, Aletha C. Huston, and Thomas S. Weisner Russell

Mark Edwards

No Direction Home: The American Family and the Fear of National Decline, 1968 – 1980 - by Natasha Zaretsky

Jennifer Mittelstadt

The Age of Independence: Interracial Unions, Same-Sex Unions, and the Changing American Family - by Michael J. Rosenfeld

Ruth A. Chananie-Hill

Children of a New World: Society, Culture, and Globalization - by Paula Fass

David C. Dollahite

Issue 4

Partnership, Cohabitation, and Marriage

Early Marriage in the United States

Jeremy E. Uecker, Charles E. Stokes

Bridal Pregnancy and Spouse Pairing Patterns in Japan

James M. Raymo, Miho Iwasawa

Serial Cohabitation and the Marital Life Course

Daniel T. Lichter, Zhenchao Qian

Partnership Transitions and Mental Distress: Investigating Temporal Order

Morten Blekesaune

Better Homes and Families: Housing Markets and Young Couple Stability in Sweden)

Nathanael T. Lauster

Marriage and Socioeconomic Change in Contemporary Indonesia

Jenna Nobles, Alison Buttenheim

Low-Income Families

Promises They Can Keep: Low-Income Women's Attitudes Toward Motherhood, Marriage, and Divorce

Andrew Cherlin, Caitlin Cross-Barnet, Linda M. Burton, Raymond Garrett-Peters

Subsidized Housing and Household Hardship Among Low-Income Single-Mother Households

Lawrence M. Berger, Theresa Heintze, Wendy B. Naidich, Marcia K. Meyers

Fathers and Children

Social Fathers and Child Well-Being

Sharon H. Bzostek

Longitudinal Patterns of Nonresident Fathers' Involvement: The Role of Resources and Relations

Rebecca M. Ryan, Ariel Kalil, Kathleen M. Ziol-Guest

Gendered Expectations? Reconsidering Single Fathers' Child-Care Time

Jennifer L. Hook, Satvika Chalasani

Work and Family

Nonstandard Work Schedules, Perceived Family Well-Being, and Daily Stressors

Kelly D. Davis, W. Benjamin Goodman, Amy E. Pirretti, David M. Almeida

Published Online: Oct 23 2008 1:54PM

Adaptive Strategies, Gender Ideology, and Work-Family Balance Among Dutch Dual Earners

Hilde H. Wierda-Boer, Jan R.M. Gerris, Ad A. Vermulst

Of General Interest

Responsiveness in Parent-Adolescent Relationships: Are Influences Conditional? Does the Reporter Matter?

Karen Bogenschneider, Linda Pallock

Divorce, Race, and Military Service: More Than Equal Pay and Equal Opportunity

Jay D. Teachman, Lucky Tedrow

Family Cohesion in the Lives of Mexican American and European American Parents

Andrew O. Behnke, Shelley M. MacDermid, Scott L. Coltrane, Ross D. Parke, Sharon Duffy, Keith F. Widaman

Generative Ritual Among Nonmetropolitan Lesbians and Gay Men: Promoting Social Inclusion

Ramona Faith Oswald, Brian P. Masciadrelli

Migrant Remittances and Household Division: The Case of Nang Rong, Thailand

Martin Piotrowski

Book Reviews

Marriage and Cohabitation - by Arland Thornton, William G. Axinn, and Yu Xie

Catherine L. Cohan

Striking a Balance: Work, Family, Life - by Robert W. Drago (p 1089-1090)

Susan Cody-Rydzewski

Market Friendly or Family Friendly? The State and Gender Inequality in Old Age - by Madonna Harrington Meyer and Pamela Herd

Debra L. Craig

Issue 5

In Memoriam

In Memoriam—Felix Mario Berardo

Exchange on Fathers' Prenatal Involvement

Explaining the Long Reach of Fathers' Prenatal Involvement on Later Paternal Engagement

Natasha J. Cabrera, Jay Fagan, Danielle Farrie


Understanding Men's Prenatal Experience and the Father Involvement Connection: Assessing Baby Steps

William Marsiglio

Public Policy and Couple Relationships: A Commentary on Cabrera et al. (2008) (

William J. Doherty

Published Online: Nov 21 2008 4:27AM


Why Should We Encourage Unmarried Fathers to Be Prenatally Involved?

Natasha J. Cabrera, Jay Fagan, Danielle Farrie

Intimate Relationship Dynamics and Outcomes

Relationship Risks in Context: A Cumulative Risk Approach to Understanding Relationship Satisfaction

Amy J. Rauer, Benjamin R. Karney, Cynthia W. Garvan, Wei Hou

Marriage Following Adolescent Parenthood: Relationship to Adult Well-being

Mary Rogers Gillmore, Jungeun Lee, Diane M. Morrison, Taryn Lindhorst

Perceived Equity in the Gendered Division of Household Labor

Michael Braun, Noah Lewin-Epstein, Haya Stier, Miriam K Baumgärtner

Is Partner Violence Worse in the Context of Control?

Kristin L. Anderson

Men's Aggression Toward Women: A 10-Year Panel Study

Hyoun K Kim, Heidemarie K. Laurent, Deborah M. Capaldi, Alan Feingold

Marriage, Money, and African American Mothers' Self-Esteem

Jelani Mandara, Jamie S. Johnston, Carolyn B. Murray, Fatima Varner

Conflict Resolution Between Mexican Origin Adolescent Siblings

Sarah E. Killoren, Shawna M. Thayer, Kimberly A. Updegraff

Family Structure, Transitions, and Trajectories

Gender, Family Structure, and Adolescents' Primary Confidants

Kei M. Nomaguchi

Single, Cohabitating, and Married Mothers' Time With Children

Sarah M. Kendig, Suzanne M. Bianchi

Mother and Grandmother Parenting in Low-Income Three-Generation Rural Households

Melissa A. Barnett

The Timing of Family Instability and Children's Social Development

Shannon E. Cavanagh, Aletha C. Huston

Precursors of Young Women's Family Formation Pathways

Paul R. Amato, Nancy S. Landale, Tara C. Havasevich-Brooks, Alan Booth, David J. Eggebeen, Robert Schoen, Susan M. McHale

Of General Interest

Body Weight and Matching With a Physically Attractive Romantic Partner

Julie H. Carmalt, John Cawley, Kara Joyner, Jeffery Sobal

Keeping the Bar Low: Why Russia's Nonresident Fathers Accept Narrow Fatherhood Ideals

Jennifer Utrata

Processes Linking Social Class and Racial Socialization in African American Dual-Earner Families

Ann C. Crouter, Megan E. Baril, Kelly D. Davis, Susan M. McHale

Book Reviews

Listening to Battered Women: A Survivor-Centered Approach to Advocacy, Mental Health, and Justice - by Lisa A. Goodman and Deborah Epstein

Janel M. Leone

Just Don't Get Sick: Access to Health Care in the Aftermath of Welfare Reform - by Karen Seccombe and Kim A. Hoffman

Danielle A. Crosby

Opting Out: Why Women Really Quit Careers and Head Home - by Pamela Stone

Caryn E. Medved

Published Online: Nov 21 2008 4:26AM

Special Reviewers

Special Reviewers

Author Index

Author Index

Keyword Index

Keyword Index

Index to Volume 70, 2008

Cumulative Table of Contents

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