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15 - 28 сентября 2008

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World urbanization prospects, the 2007 revision

Ликвидировать разрыв в течение жизни одного поколения

Выживание детей в странах Восточной Европы: материалы базы данных TRANSMONEE 2007 года

Пространство, люди, экономика Югры

Насилие в семье – насилие в обществе

По страницам журналов «Профилактика заболеваний и укрепление здоровья» и «Проблемы прогнозирования»

Содержание журнала «International Family Planning Perspectives»

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International Family Planning Perspectives

The Alan Guttmacher Institute


Volume 33, Number 3, September 2007

Table of Contents

In This Issue 33(3)

UPDATE 33(3)


HIV Risk Perceptions and First Sexual Intercourse Among Youth in Cape Town South Africa

Kermyt G. Anderson, Ann M. Beutel and Brendan Maughan-Brown

Legal Abortion Worldwide: Incidence and Recent Trends

Gilda Sedgh, Stanley K.Henshaw, Susheela Singh, Akinrinola Bankole and Joanna Drescher

Changes in Contraceptive Method Mix In Developing Countries

Eric E. Seiber, Jane T. Bertrand and Tara M.Sullivan

Consent and Coercion: Examining Unwanted Sex Among Married Young Women in India

K.G. Santhya, Nicole Haberland, F. Ram, R.K. Sinha and S.K. Mohanty

The Pleasure Deficit: Revisiting the "Sexuality Connection" in Reproductive Health

Jenny A. Higgins and Jennifer S. Hirsch


Bangladeshi Husbands’ Work Migration Is Linked To Elevated Levels of Risky Behavior for Both Spouses

Government-Funded Care Is Linked to Higher Perinatal Mortality Risk in Brazil

Female and Male Condoms Offer Similar Protection Against Exposure to Semen [html]

Among HIV-Infected South Africans, Nondisclosure Is Linked to Risky Behavior

Sub-Saharan Africa and Eurasia Lag Behind Other Regions in Use of Skilled Attendants at Delivery

Among Bangladeshi Men, Wife Abuse Is Associated With Extramarital Sex

Volume 33, Number 4, December 2007

Table of Contents

In This Issue



Correlates of Premarital Relationships Among Unmarried Youth in Pune District, Maharashtra, India

Mallika Alexander, Laila Garda, Savita Kanade, Shireen Jejeebhoy and Bela Ganatra

Jamaican and Barbadian Health Care Providers' Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices Regarding Emergency Contraceptive Pills

Eileen A. Yam, Georgiana Gordon-Strachan, Garth McIntyre, Horace Fletcher, Sandra G. Garcia, Davida Becker and Enrique Ezcurra

Prevalence of and Risk Factors for Sexual Victimization in College Women in Chile

Jocelyn A. Lehrer, Vivian L. Lehrer, Evelyn L. Lehrer and Pamela B. Oyarzún

Family Planning Policies and Their Impacts on the Poor: Peru's Experience

James N. Gribble, Suneeta Sharma and Elaine P. Menotti

Introducing Sustainable Vasectomy Services in Guatemala

Ricardo Vernon, Jorge Solórzano and Blanca Muñoz


Both Individual and Community Factors Influence Whether Women in Rural Mali Receive Maternal Care

In India, Visual Inspection of the Cervix Provides a Viable Alternative to Pap and HPV Tests

Both Prenatal and Postnatal Interventions Increase Rates of Exclusive Breast-Feeding

Filipino Youth Whose Parents Have an Equitable Marriage Tend to Delay First Sex

In China, Women Who Give Birth to Girls Face An Increased Risk of Postpartum Depression

Volume 34, Number 1, March 2008

Table of Contents

In This Issue (34:1)

Update 34(1)


Fertility-Limiting Behavior and Contraceptive Choice Among Men in Nepal

Govinda P. Dahal, Sabu S. Padmadas and P.R. Andrew Hinde

Links Between Sex-Related Expectations About Alcohol, Heavy Episodic Drinking and Sexual Risk Among Young Men in a Shantytown in Lima, Peru

Juan Antonio Gálvez-Buccollini, Valerie Paz-Soldan, Phabiola Herrera, Suzanne DeLea, Robert H. Gilman and James C. Anthony

Women's Sexual and Reproductive Health in Post-Socialist Georgia: Does Internal Displacement Matter?

Khatuna Doliashvili and Cynthia J. Buckley

Changing Family Formation in Nepal: Marriage, Cohabitation and First Sexual Intercourse

Marcantonio Caltabiano and Maria Castiglioni

Severity and Cost of Unsafe Abortion Complications Treated in Nigerian Hospitals

Stanley K. Henshaw, Isaac Adewole, Susheela Singh, Akinrinola Bankole, Boniface Oye-Adeniran and Rubina Hussain


South African Men Who Commit Gender-Based Violence Are More Likely to Have Transactional Sex

HIV May Not Increase Risk of Stillbirth Among Women in Sub-Saharan Africa

Sub-Saharan Africa Is Sole Exception to the Global Decline in Maternal Deaths

Demonstrating How to Use Condoms Improves Youths' Knowledge About Them

Maternal Mortality Has Declined Substantially in Rural Bangladesh



Guidelines for Authors

Call for Papers

Volume 34, Number 2, June 2008

Table of Contents

In This Issue

Update: 34(2)


Community and Health Facility Influences on Contraceptive Method Choice in the Eastern Cape, South Africa

Rob Stephenson, Andy Beke and Delphin Tshibangu

Factors Associated with Physical Spousal Abuse of Women During Pregnancy in Bangladesh

Ruchira Tabassum Naved and Lars Persson

The Role of Individual and Community Normative Factors: A Multilevel Analysis of Contraceptive Use Among Women in Mali

Esther B. Kaggwa, Nafissatou Diop and J. Douglas Storey

Recent Evaluations of the Peer-Led Approach in Adolescent Sexual Health Education: A Systematic Review

Caron R. Kim and Caroline Free


Cesarean Section Is Safer Than Vaginal Delivery for Breech Births but Not Normal Presentations

Intimate Partner Violence's Effects on Women's Health May Be Long-Lasting

Inequities Remain in Use of Maternal Health Care Services in Bangladesh

Poverty Linked to Early Sexual Debut and Low Condom Use in Africa

Truckers Who Perceive Having Greater Freedom Tend to Have More Partners

Many Countries May Not Meet Maternal and Child Health Goals by 2015

Pill Use Is Associated with Reductions in Overall Risk of Cancer and in Risk of Main Gynecologic Cancers


Guidelines for Authors

Call for Papers

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