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Что было пороками, стало нравами

Предотвратимая смертность в России и пути снижения

Здравоохранение в регионах Российской Федерации: механизмы финансирования и управления

Здоровье детей и окружающая среда

Основы политики в отношении алкоголя в Европейском регионе ВОЗ

Нестандартная занятость в российской экономике

По страницам журналов «Здравоохранение Российской Федерации», «Человек и труд»

Содержание журнала «International Journal of Law, Policy and the Family»

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International Journal of Law, Policy and the Family

Published by Oxford University Press


Volume 19, Number 3, December 2005

Ian Dey
Adapting Adoption: A Case of Closet Politics?

Chen Wei and Ran Qi-Yu
A Study of the System of Spousal Maintenance on Divorce: A Comparison between China and Russia

Jacinta Ruru
Indigenous Peoples and Family Law: Issues in Aotearoa/New Zealand

Laura Lundy
Family Values in the Classroom? Reconciling Parental Wishes and Children's Rights in State Schools

Eve D'Onofrio
Child Brides, Inegalitarianism, and the Fundamentalist Polygamous Family in the United States

Alison Cleland and Kay Tisdall
The Challenge of Antisocial Behaviour: New Relationships between the State, Children and Parents

Volume 20, Number 1, April 2006

Kathryn Almack
Seeking Sperm: Accounts of Lesbian Couples' Reproductive Decision-Making and Understandings of the Needs of the Child

Elsje Bonthuys
The Best Interests of Children in the South African Constitution

Eva Ryrstedt
Family Law and Social Law: Reciprocal Dependency in a Comparative Perspective

Monica K. Miller
Through the Eyes of a Father: How PRWORA Affects Non-Resident Fathers and Their Children

S. Kielty
Similarities and Differences in the Experiences of Non-Resident Mothers and Non-Resident Fathers

Shazia Choudhry and Jonathan Herring
Righting Domestic Violence

Book Reviews
Nicholas Bamforth
Sexuality Repositioned: Diversity and the Law, Belinda Brooks-Gordon, Loraine Gelsthorpe, Andrew Bainham and Martin Johnson (ed), Oxford: Hart Publishing, 2004; ?30.00; 438 + xiii pp

Rebecca Jane Probert
Reading History Sideways: The Fallacy and Enduring Impact of the Developmental Paradigm on Family Life, Arland Thornton, Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2005, pp 312

Volume 20, Number 2, August 2006

Anne Revillard
Work/Family Policy in France: From State Familialism to State Feminism?
International Journal of Law, Policy and the Family Advance Access published on May 24, 2006

Jane Lewis
Repartnering and the Management of Risk

Karen Laing
Doing the Right Thing: Cohabiting Parents, Separation and Child Contact

Anne Skevik
Fairness in Child Support Assessments: The Views of Non-resident Fathers in Norway

Manuela Stotzel and Jorg M. Fegert
The Representation of the Legal Interests of Children and Adolescents in Germany: A Study of the Children's Guardian from a Child's Perspective

Ian Dey and Fran Wasoff
Mixed Messages: Parental Responsibilities, Public Opinion and the Reforms of Family Law

Volume 20, Number 3, December 2006

Wade K. Wright
The Tide in Favour of Equality: Same-Sex Marriage in Canada and England and Wales

Graeme B. Wilson
The Non-Resident Parental Role for Separated Fathers: A Review

Cathy Cobley
The Quest for Truth: Substantiating Allegations of Physical Abuse in Criminal Prosecutions and Care Proceedings

Stephen Gilmore
Contact/Shared Residence and Child Well-Being: Research Evidence and its Implications for Legal Decision-Making

Mandy Burton
Judicial Monitoring of Compliance: Introducing 'Problem Solving' Approaches to Domestic Violence Courts in England and Wales

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