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Gender and Development

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Gender and Development



Volume 13, Number 1 / March 2005

Caroline Sweetman

Making the links: womens rights and empowerment are key to achieving the millennium development goals
Noeleen Heyzer

Gender equality and womens empowerment: a critical analysis of the third millennium development goal
Naila Kabeer

Where to for women's movements and the MDGs?
Carol Barton

Approaches to reducingmaternal mortality: Oxfam and the MDGs
Arabella Fraser

The education MDGs: achieving gender equality throughcurriculum and pedagogy change
Sheila Aikman, Elaine Unterhalter, Chloe Challender

Not a sufficient condition: the limited relevance of the gender MDG to womens progress
Robert Johnson

Out of the margins: the MDGs through a CEDAW lens
Ceri Hayes

Linking women's human rights and the MDGs: an agenda for 2005 from the UK Gender and Development Network
Genevieve Renard Painter

Critiquing the MDGs from a Caribbean perspective
Peggy Antrobus

Kanika Lang

Volume 13, Number 2 / July 2005


Fenella Porter and Caroline Sweetman

Gender mainstreaming since Beijing: a review of success and limitations in international institutions
Caroline Moser and Annalise Moser

Gender mainstreaming or just more male-streaming?: Experiences of popular participation in Bolivia
Suzanne Clisby

Freedom for women: mainstreaming gender in the South African liberation struggle and beyond
Shamim Meer

Gender mainstreaming in government offices in Thailand, Cambodia, and Laos: perspectives from below
Kyoko Kusakabe

Is there life after gender mainstreaming?
Aruna Rao and David Kelleher

Re-thinking gender mainstreaming in African NGOs and communities
Senorina Wendoh and Tina Wallace

Strategic gender mainstreaming in Oxfam GB
Elsa Dawson

NGOs, gender mainstreaming, and urban poor communities in Mumbai
Vandana Desai

Kanika Lang

Volume 13, Number 3 / November 2005


Koos Kingma and Caroline Sweetman

A guide to feminist advocacy
Kristy Evans

Politics at work: transnational advocacy networks and the global garment industry
Shae Garwood

Gender networking and advocacy work in Uganda: controlling the agenda and strategies of resistance
Mary Ssonko Nabacwa

The African womens protocol: a new dimension for womens rights in Africa
Rose Gawaya and Rosemary Semafumu Mukasa

A voice of our own: advocacy by women with disability in Australia and the Pacific
Therese Sands

Advocacy for an end to poverty, inequality, and insecurity: feminist social movements in Pakistan
Khawar Mumtaz

Advocacy training by the International Community of women living with HIV/AIDS
Emma Bell

Resources: Compiled by Kanika Lang

Volume 14, Number 1 / March 2006

Mohga Kamal Smith, Fenella Porter, Caroline Sweetman

A gendered response to HIV/AIDS in South Asia and the Pacific: insights from the pandemic in Africa
Madhu Bala Nath

Gender and HIV/AIDS in Botswana: a focus on inequalities and discrimination
Nthabiseng Phaladze and Sheila Tlou

This is not a love story: using soap opera to fight HIV in Nicaragua
Charlie Weinberg

The gendered impact of HIV/AIDS on education in South Africa and Swaziland: Save the Children's experiences
Helen Poulsen

I'm too young to die: HIV, masculinity, danger and desire in urban South Africa
Shannon Walsh and Claudia Mitchell

A gender perspective on HIV treatment in Malawi: a multi-method approach
Lot Nyirenda, Ireen Makwiza, Grace Bongololo, Sally Theobald

Cross-generational relationships: using a Continuum of Volition in HIV prevention work among young people
Amy Weissman, Janine Cocker, Lisa Sherburne, Mary Beth Powers, Ronnie Lovich, Mary Mukaka

HIV-positive African women surviving in London: report of a qualitative study
Lesley Doyal and Jane Anderson

Mainstreaming HIV in Papua New Guinea: putting gender equity first
Janet Seeley and Kate Butcher

Challenges and opportunities for promoting the girl child's rights in the face of HIV/AIDS
Mildredtambudzai Mushunje

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