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Содержание "Европейского демографического журнала" за 2001 год

Содержание "Европейского демографического журнала" за 2001 год

European Journal of Population/
Revue europeenne de Demographie

volume 17, 2001


Содержание журнала за 2001 год

Table of Contents

Volume 17, Issue 1, 2001

Hans-Peter Kohler
pp. 1-2

Why Have Children in the 21st Century? Biological Predisposition, Social Coercion, Rational Choice
S. Philip Morgan, Rosalind Berkowitz King
pp. 3-20

Comments on --Why Have Children in the 21st Century?--
Christiane Capron, Vetta Atam
pp. 21-30

Comments on Morgan and King (2001): Three Reasons Why Demographers Should Pay Attention to Evolutionary Theories and Behaviour Genetics in the Analysis of Contemporary Fertility
Hans-Peter Kohler
pp. 31-35

Tempo Effects in the Fertility Decline in Eastern Europe: Evidence from Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, and Russia
Dimiter Philipov, Hans-Peter Kohler
pp. 37-60

The Empirical Analysis of East German Fertility after Unification: An Update
Michael Lechner
pp. 61-73

Family-Level Continuities in Childbearing in Low-Fertility Societies
Michael Murphy, Duolao Wang
pp. 75-96

Informations for Authors
pp. 97-105

Volume 17, Issue 2, 2001

Main and Interaction Effects of Women-s Education and Status on Fertility: The Case of Tanzania
Oystein Kravdal
pp. 107-135

The Connections between Family Formation and First-time Home Ownership in the Context of West Germany and the Netherlands
Clara H. Mulder, Michael Wagner
pp. 137-164

Jerusalem-s Population, 1995v2020: Demography, Multiculturalism and Urban Policies
Sergio Dellapergola
pp. 165-199

Bernard Jeune and James W. Vaupel (eds.) Validation of Exceptional Longevity
Arjan Gjonca
pp. 201-202

Satish Balram Agnihotri, Sex Ratio Patterns in the Indian Population: A Fresh Exploration
Paula Griffiths
pp. 202-203

James P. Smith and Barry Edmonston (eds.) The Immigration Debate: Studies on the Economic, Demographic and Fiscal Effects of Immigration
Leo van Wissen
pp. 203-205

Volume 17, Issue 3, 2001

Planned and Unplanned Births and Conceptions in Italy, 1970v1995
Maria Castiglioni, Gianpiero Dalla Zuanna, Marzia Loghi
pp. 207-233

Labour Market Participation of French Women over the Life Cycle, 1935v1990
Michael Grimm, Noel Bonneuil
pp. 235-260

Rising Age at Marriage and Fertility in Southern and Eastern Africa
Audrey Harwood-Lejeune
pp. 261-280

Marriage and Fertility in Russia of Women Born between 1900 and 1960: A Cohort Analysis
Sergei Scherbov, Harrie van Vianen
pp. 281-294

Boyle, P. and Halfacree, K (eds.), Migration and Gender in the Developed World
Tony Champion
pp. 295-297

Susan McRae (ed), Changing Britain: Families and Households in the 1990s
Michael Hardey
pp. 297-299

Gail Wilson, Understanding Old Age: Critical and Global Perspectives
Karen Glaser
pp. 299-301

Siddle, David. J. (ed), Migration, Mobility and Modernization
Andrew Hinde
pp. 301-303

Volume 17, Issue 4, 2001

From Pronatalism to Social Welfare? Extending Family Allowances to Minority Populations in France and Israel
Leslie King
pp. 305-322

Inequalities in Infant Survival: An Analysis of Czech Linked Records
Jitka Rychtarikova, George J. Demko
pp. 323-342

Deferment of the First Birth and Fluctuating Fertility in Sweden
Gigi Santow, Bracher
pp. 343-363

Comparing the Childrearing Lifetimes of Britain-s Divorce-Revolution Men and Women
Michael S. Rendall, Heather Joshi, Jeungil Oh, Georgia Verropoulou
pp. 365-388

Samuel H. Preston, Patrick Heuveline and Michel Guillot, Demography: Measuring and Modeling Population Processes
Michael Murphy
pp. 389-390

Michel Dupaquier, Demographie
Daniel Courgeau
pp. 391-392

pp. 393-394

Instructions for Authors
pp. 395-403

Contents of Volume 17, 2001
pp. 405-407

Содержание всех томов и номеров
журнала European Journal of Population/ Revue europeenne de Demographie
за 1995-2001 годы

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