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14 - 27 September 2020

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## 819-820

World demographic barometer

Global trends in road traffic deaths according to 2018 WHO estimates

  • The number of deaths as a result of road accidents continues to increase due to the rapid motorization of the world's population

  • Traffic accidents are the main cause of death for people aged 5 to 29 years

  • In low-income countries, mortality from road traffic accidents is 3 times higher than in high-income countries, and it continues to rise.

  • Mortality from road accidents in the African region is three times higher than in the European region

  • Half of those killed in traffic accidents are the most vulnerable road users - pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists.


  • Internal Russian Migration

  • Being friends with the opposite sex: is the impossible possible?!

  • A healthy lifestyle: monitoring

  • Dad can do anything?

  • How pensions are accrued

In the vastness of e Russia

  • Pessimistic version of UN forecast predicts a fall in Russia's population to below 100 million

  • By 2025 the number of working-age Russians will decrease by 2 million people

  • Ministry of Health announces decrease in mortality of working-age men

  • Has fertility in Russia fallen due to a "timing failure"?

  • Ministry of Labor and VTsIOM will ask Russians about financial measures to stimulate births

  • Rosstat will start working with big data

  • Most Russians in 2018 got married between the ages of 25 and 34

  • Siluanov explains fall in real incomes of Russians

  • Russians taking out microloans to buy food

  • The number of Russians living below the poverty line has decreased by 400 thousand

  • Half of Russian families with children are below the poverty line

  • The regions with the richest and poorest families

  • Moscow authorities say 7% of Muscovites are poor

  • Russian Pension Fund will develop an automatic search system for finding the poor

  • Children's benefits to be made less insulting

  • Maternity capital will increase to 470 thousand rubles starting in 2020

  • As of April 1, 2019, 113 thousand citizens of pre-retirement age are officially listed as unemployed.

  • One in five Russian pensioners continues to work

  • Chances of finding work for pre-pensioners depend on gender and education

  • Issuing Russian passports to residents of the DPR and LPR is approved of by 70% of citizens

  • Starting in 2021 it will be possible to come to Russia on an e-visa

  • In 2018 more than one hundred thousand compatriots resettled in Russia

  • Alexey Kudrin calls for drug law reform

  • 199,088 cases of cancer were reported among Russians during 2008 mass medical exams

  • The number of abortions is decreasing in Russia

  • Russia ranks second in the world for the number of persons killed in fires

  • Far Eastern Federal District regions enter bottom ten in population health index.

  • Skvortsova does not agree with Audit Chamber on the issue of average salaries of physicians

  • Putin approves strategy for development of health care until 2025

  • Authorities propose carrying out clinical mass medical examinations within 24 hours

World news

  • Population of former East Germany has fallen to 1905 level.

  • Latvia losing its youth faster than the rest of Europe

  • Ukraine to hold census using smartphones

  • Gender pay gap begins long before women take maternity leave

  • The best country in Europe for families with children

  • Belarus lacks nearly 90 thousand workers

  • EU may suspend visa-free regime for certain countries

  • French Interior Minister against idea of introducing migration quotas

  • Iraq and Russia give Finland the most immigrants

  • Almost 19 thousand people have immigrated to Lithuania since the start of the year

  • 8.5% of Ukrainians have experience working abroad

  • Is Poland not facing a massive outflow of Ukrainians?

  • Poland waiting for guest workers from Belarus

  • Poles fear uncontrolled migration

  • In 2018, 70 million people became refugees.

  • The number of migrants from Africa to the USA is growing

  • US will cut aid to Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras because of migrants

  • US and Mexico reach agreement to combat migrants

  • Flow of illegal migrants to Italy has decreased six-fold

  • Uzbek migrants transfer $4 billion home from Russia each year

  • Azerbaijanis marrying foreigners less often

  • IOM warns of new scheme for human trafficking in Poland

  • 29% of adults in the EU have tried drugs at least once in their lives

  • Dengue outbreak announced in Thailand

  • Microbial resistance to antibiotics could negate medical advances.

  • Conversion therapy will be banned in Germany

The newspapers write about...

  • RBK on the demographic situation in Russia

  • Rosbalt on migration policy

  • TUT.BY on migration in Belarus

  • TASS twice, Gazeta.Ru, Polit.Ru on low fertility

  • Ekonomika Sevodnya on indexing the maternity capital

  • Radio Svoboda on prison children

  • Reason on genetically modified children

  • Novye Izvestiya on the lengthening of childhood

  • "The Village" on foster care courses

  • Vechernyaya Moskva on marriage

  • China Daily on inter-ethnic marriages

  • Le Figaro on contraception

  • Russkaya Sluzhba BBC on childfree

  • REGNUM, Kultura and Sputnik on new population projections

  • Izvestiya on social policy

  • Novye Izvestiya and Gazeta.Ru on the fight against poverty

  • Novye Izvestiya on the difficulties of finding a job

  • Rossiyskaya Gazeta on gender inequality

  • Izvestiya on regulating the alcohol market

  • Izvestiya on product labeling

  • Russkaya Sluzhba BBC on vaccinations

  • Moskovsky Komsomolets on children's health

  • BALTNEWS on mortality in Latvia

  • TASS on the aging of the population

  • Project Syndicate on the fight for clean air

  • Le Monde on racism

  • Stern and on violence

  • EurasiaNet on LGBT

  • Neue Zurcher Zeitung on the homeless in Belarus

Read books and magazines

  • World Population Prospects 2019

  • On the state of sanitary and epidemiological well-being in Russia in 2018

  • Statistics on the life of people with disabilities in the countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States

  • Tajikistan. Demographic and Health Survey 2017

  • Improving noncommunicable disease outcomes: barriers and opportunities in health systems. Country Assessment - Kazakhstan

  • Through the pages of the magazines Naseleniye i Ekonomika (Population and Economics) and Vestnik MGU. Seriya 5. Geografiya (MGU Bulletin. Series 5. Geography)

  • Contents of the Journal of Marriage and Family

Profession: researcher

  • Salvatore Strozza lecture series

  • Congratulations to Ekaterina Mitrofanova on her success at the All-Russian Competition for Young University Teachers

  • 130 years since the birth of Lev Semenovich Kaminsky

  • L.S. Kaminsky. Mortality and marital status of the population

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