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14 - 27 September 2020

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## 809-810

Russian demographic barometer

Crime in Russia, 2018

  • The total number of reported crimes and their victims continued to decline in 2018

  • The number of crimes against a person has decreased by 3.9%, against property - by 4.1%

  • The number of homicides and attempted homicides continues to decline, dropping in 2018 to 5.8 per 100 thousand people

  • The death toll in road accidents decreased in 2018 by 5.2%, the number of injured - by 0.8%

  • In 2018, more than 931 thousand people were identified who had committed crimes.

  • 686 thousand people were convicted of various types of punishment in 2018, 563 thousand people were held in places of confinement

Take care of women!

  • Russia opposes sex education

  • Opinion of Russians about the sexual education of young people

  • South Korea legalizes abortion after 66 year ban

In the vastness of Russia

  • Rosstat lowers estimate of the population of Russia in 2018

  • Migrants have not been able to compensate for the decline of the Russian population

  • Mortality in Russia in January was almost 1.4 times higher than fertility

  • Mortality in Russia since 2005 has decreased by 23%

  • In 2018 mortality increased in 32 regions of Russia

  • Rural mortality is 14% higher than urban

  • Government concerned that Russian women giving birth later

  • Muscovites become mothers two years later than women in other regions

  • Government discussing possibility of giving maternity capital for first child

  • 25.7 trillion rubles allocated for the implementation of national projects in Russia

  • Law on indexation of pensions above subsistence minimum has been signed

  • Ministry of Economic Development downgrades salary forecast

  • Regions with the highest salaries in small and medium cities

  • Russians need 66 thousand rubles a month for a decent life

  • One in five Russians lives in a house without sewage system

  • Rosstat clarifies data on the standard of living of Russians

  • Moody's names most prosperous regions of Russia in 2019-2020

  • Preferential mortgages will no longer have fixed term

  • Support program for the unemployed will require 378 billion rubles

  • Professions with no future in Russia

  • Law on fast-track Russian citizenship comes into force

  • More than 800 thousand compatriots have returned to Russia over 12 years

  • One in five Russians wants to emigrate

  • In 2018 more than 70 thousand foreigners were expelled from Russia

  • Russia will extend amnesty for migrants from Kirgizia

  • In Russia, 1.2% of adults are infected with HIV

  • Regional authorities refuse to buy drugs for Russians with HIV

  • State Duma allows persons with HIV to adopt children under certain circumstances

  • Government commission says e-cigarettes no different from ordinary ones.

  • Russia becomes one of top ten countries in mortality due to dirty air

  • Mortality in road accidents in Russia has decreased by 34% in six years

  • Additional measle vaccinations begin in Russia

  • Doctors will start giving out prescriptions online

  • Persons urging others to refuse vaccination will be fined

  • HSE proposes solutions to the problems of providing primary health care

  • In Russia, the number of people with autism has doubled in a few years

  • Russians eat twice as much sugar as needed

  • Incarceration rate in Russia over 600 thousand

World news

  • World population reaches 7.7 billion people

  • For first time ever, more elderly people than children in world

  • Worldwide there are 2.3 billion Christians and 1.8 billion Muslims

  • Average life expectancy in world has grown to 72 years

  • Population of South Korea will begin to decline starting this year

  • Citizens of Japan, Switzerland, France and Singapore get old later than others

  • Average age of Belarusian women at the birth of their first child is 26.7 years.

  • Marriage rate in China declines for fifth consecutive year

  • Denmark introduces mandatory online courses for those wanting to get a divorce

  • Kazakhstan tries out new census methods

  • Kazakhstan census budget will be $24 million

  • In Latvia, a proposal to raise retirement age to 67 years

  • Russians will be allowed to enter Turkey without foreign travel passports only after 2024

  • Russia and Tajikistan will sign new migration agreements

  • Japan sets foreign worker quota for citizens of nine countries

  • Japan intends to attract high school graduates from Russia to Japanese universities

  • Turkmen doctors and teachers leaving en masse for Turkey

  • United States believes that another 2 million refugees will leave Venezuela

  • The number of illegal migrants on the southern border of the United States is growing

  • The US is too crowded and cant accept more migrants?

  • European Commission intends to oblige all EU countries to accept migrants

  • Head of the Association of Industrialists of Italy proposes to train migrants

  • WHO explains why men dont live as long as women

  • Poor nutrition turns out to be more harmful than tobacco use.

  • Salvini refuses to ban abortion, but is willing to help families

  • In Kirgizia, bride kidnappers will be imprisoned for 10 years

  • In Tajikistan, six or seven underage girls get married every day

  • Is sex going out of fashion in the US?

The newspapers write about

  • Otkrytye Media on national projects

  • on Russias demographic prospects

  • Stratfor, Gazeta.Ru, Komsomolskaya Pravda and Nezavisimaya Gazeta on the demographic crisis in Russia

  • Gazeta.Ru,, RT in Russian, Helsingin Sanomat, Russkaya Sluzhba BBC and Komsomolskaya Pravda on migrants and migration policy in Russia

  • NBC News and Dagens Nyheter on migration from Ukraine

  • Le Monde and Le Figaro on the migration crisis in Europe

  • Svenska Dagbladet on the history of European emigration

  • Vechernyaya Moskva twice on the maternity capital for a first child

  • Vybor Naroda on a fertility forecast

  • IQ on getting pregnant before marriage

  • Kommersant on solving the orphanage issue

  • Medusa, Kommersant, MedVestnik, Izvestia and Foreign Policy on infectious diseases and their treatment

  • There is no guarantee against getting hepatitis C

  • Forbes on the relationship between the level of democracy and health

  • Izvestiya on vitamins

  • Kommersant and Argumenty i Fakty on an aging population and the elderly

  • Der Spiegel on the gender difference in life expectancy

  • RIA Novosti on virtual cemeteries

  • RBK and Vedomosti on the labor market

  • Rosbalt on poverty

  • RBK on the problems of city-dwellers

  • Publico on racism

  • The Wall Street Journal, Gorod 812 and SVT on transgender people

  • Haaretz on the rules of sex

Read books and magazines

  • Demographic history and demographic theory

  • Trends in life expectancy in the EU and other OECD countries: why are improvements slowing?

  • Tuberculosis surveillance and monitoring in Europe 2019-2017 data

  • Global tuberculosis report 2018

  • The demographic situation in Georgia. 2017

  • Through the pages of the magazines Narodonaseleniye (Population) and Voprosy Ekonomiki (Economic Issues)

  • Contents of the magazine Population and Environment

Profession: researcher

  • Demography at the XX April International Scientific Conference on Economic and Social Development of HSE

  • In memory of Roger Schofield

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