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Ageing Europe

Доклад о целях в области устойчивого развития, 2020 год

Управление миграцией и модели миграционной политики: возможности и риски

Demographic situation in Georgia 2019

Заболеваемость взрослого населения России в 2019 году с диагнозом, установленным впервые в жизни

По страницам журналов «Гигигена и санитария» и «Экономика и организация промышленного производства (ЭКО)»

Содержание журнала «Journal of International Migration and Integration»

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Journal of International Migration
and Integration


Volume 21, 2020

Issue 2, June

Determinants of Life Satisfaction: Role of Living Arrangements, Social Status, and Perceived Satisfaction in Women
Filza Waseem, Tahira Jibeen & Waseem Zafar Iqbal

The Immigrant Mortality Advantage in Canada, 2001 and 2011
Frank Trovato

Patterns of Middling Migrant Sociabilities: a Case Study of a Disempowered City and Towns
Krzysztof Jaskulowski

School-Aged Syrian Refugees Resettling in Canada: Mitigating the Effect of Pre-migration Trauma and Post-migration Discrimination on Academic Achievement and Psychological Well-Being
John Walker & Daniyal Zuberi

Integration and Exclusion at Work: Latvian and Swedish Agency Nurses in Norway
Hege Merete Knutsen, Katrine Fangen & Oksana Žabko

Communication Technology and Social Integration: Access and Use of Communication Technologies Among Floridian Resettled Refugees
Caitlin G. Bletscher

Child Care and Labor Deregulation Through the J1 Visa in the USA: Cultural Experiences and Temporary Work of Qualified Young Mexican People
Mirza Aguilar–Pérez

Returning Home: the Experiences of Resettlement for Syrian-Armenian Refugees into Armenia
Rebecca L. Thomas, Grace Felten, Lisa Yagaloff & Marine Yarmaloyan

The Impact of Immigration on Public and Out-of-Pocket Health Expenditure in OECD Countries
Rezwanul Hasan Rana, Khorshed Alam & Jeff Gow

Exploring the Effects of Acculturative Stress and Social Support on the Acculturation-Depression Relationship in Two Countries of Similar Social Status
Mehrdad F. Falavarjani, Christine J. Yeh & Symen A. Brouwers

Through their Eyes: A Photovoice and Interview Exploration of Integration Experiences of Congolese Refugee Women in Indianapolis
Jyotika Saksena & Shannon L. McMorrow

The Economics of Teaching in India Versus Teaching Aboard: Teacher Salary Differentials Using Purchasing Power Parity (PPP)
Gavin George & Bruce Rhodes

Evidence of Hiring Discrimination Against the Second Generation: Results from a Correspondence Test in the Swiss Labour Market
Eva Zschirnt

Why Do People Flee? Revisiting Forced Migration in Post-Saddam Baghdad
Duygu Ozaltin, Farah Shakir & Neophytos Loizides

“Making Do” in the Land of Opportunity—a Quantitative Exploration of the Economic Integration of Refugees in Utah
Yvette Young

“It’s Hard to Explain.”: Service Providers’ Perspectives on Unaccompanied Minors’ Needs Based on Minors’ Forms of Immigration Relief
Kathryn A. V. Clements, Diane Baird & Rebecca Campbell

Remittances and Lifestyle Changes Among Indonesian Overseas Migrant Workers’ Families in Their Hometowns
Siti Mas’udah

Issue 3, September

Towards an Integration of Models of Discrimination of Immigrants: from Ultimate (Functional) to Proximate (Sociofunctional) Explanations
Dmitry Grigoryev, Anastasia Batkhina, Fons van de Vijver & John W. Berry

Restrictions on the Employment of Migrant Workers in the Israeli Domestic Care Sector: Do They Really Work?
Yoram Ida, Gal Talit & Sigal Levy

“All of This Happens Here?”: Diminishing Perceptions of Canada through Immigrants’ Precarious Work in Ontario
Mary Jean Hande, Ayesha Mian Akram & Shelley Condratto

International Migration and Stereotype Formation: Indonesian Migrants in Hong Kong
Wayne Palmer

Strengths and Resilience of Migrant Women in Transit: an Analysis of the Narratives of Central American Women in Irregular Transit Through Mexico Towards the USA
Mayra Carolina Lemus-Way & Helena Johansson

Intercultural Relations Among Cape Verdean Immigrants Living in Portugal
Félix Neto

A Mixed Method Approach on Greek Civil Society Organizations Supporting Migrants During the Refugee Crisis
Stefania Kalogeraki

Safe Employment Integration of Recent Immigrants and Refugees
Agnieszka Kosny, Basak Yanar, Momtaz Begum, Dina Al-khooly, Stephanie Premji, Morgan A. Lay & Peter M. Smith

Immigration and Ethnic Diversity in England and Wales Examined Through an Area Classification Framework
Kitty Lymperopoulou

Migration with Dignity: a Case Study on the Livelihood Transition of Marshallese to Springdale, Arkansas
S. N. McClain, C. Bruch, M. Nakayama & M. Laelan

Knocking on the Doors of Integration: Swedish Integration Policy and the Production of a National Space
Lena Grip

EU-28 Country Clusters and Patterns of Disease During the European Refugee Crisis
Songul Cinaroglu

Resettlement of Syrian Refugees in Canada
Abe Oudshoorn, Sarah Benbow & Matthew Meyer

Image of Immigrants in South Korean News Coverage
Sangtu Ko

Whiteness, Migration and Integration into the British Labour Market
David Manley, Nabil Khattab & Ron Johnston

Noncitizen Voting Rights in the Global Era: a Literature Review and Analysis
Dan Ferris, Ron Hayduk, Alyscia Richards, Emma Strauss Schubert & Mary Acri

The Bureaucratic and Political Work of Immigration Classifications: an Analysis of the Temporary Foreign Workers Program and Access to Settlement Services in Canada
Sarah Elizabeth Roberts

Issue 4, December

Substantial Labor Market Effects of the Residency Status
Eric Schuss

Plural Belongings: Mothering Co-resident Children Post-migration in the USA
Jacqueline Mosselson

Determining a Positive Causal Relationship of Immigration on Living Standards
Jessica Zhu & William Pulleyblank

The Effect of Ethnic Community on Acculturation and Cultural Adaptation: the Case of Russian-Speaking Older Adults
Andrey Vinokurov, Edison J. Trickett & Dina Birman

‘We Do Not Use Freezers in Syria’: Realignment and the Pursuit of Belonging Among Refugees in a Norwegian Village
Gard Ringen Høibjerg

‘My Parents Fell behind’: Social Remittances, Integration and Generational Change Among Moldovan Immigrants
Pietro Cingolani & Francesco Vietti

Protection and Refuge in Brazil and Chile: the Case of Palestinian Refugees - an Analysis from the Model of Economic and Cultural Adaptation
Arlette Leal, Adriana Palomera & Carmen Norambuena

Integration, Settler Colonialism, and Precarious Legal Status Migrants in Canada
Paloma E. Villegas, Breanna Barrie, Serriz Peña, Jilanch Alphonso & Alveera Mamoon

The Consequences of Husband’s International Migration on Family Left-Behind in Tamil Nadu, India
Arokkiaraj Heller & Archana Kaushik

Job Market Perceptions of African Migrant Women in South Africa as an Initial and Long-Term Coping and Adaptation Mechanism
A. Ncube, Yonas T. Bahta & A. J. Jordaan

Transnational Embeddedness of Nigerian Immigrant Entrepreneurship in Ghana, West Africa
Thomas Antwi Bosiakoh

The Immigrant Paradox Among the UK’s Adolescents: Data from the LSYPE 2004–2010 Project
Anica Bowe

The Labour Market Impact of Immigration in Three Sub-Saharan African Economies
Theo Sparreboom, Jesse Mertens & Sandra Berger

The Life Experiences of Refugees in Canada: A Comprehensive Scoping Review to Identify Unmet Needs and Barriers
Setareh Ghahari, Josie Lui, Satmeen Nagra & Sara Morassaei

Signalling the End of the Migration Journey: Exploring Transnational Ageing Narratives on Residential Selection
Shamette Hepburn

Negotiating and Performing “Jewish Australian” Identity in South-East Queensland’s Jewish Community: Creolization, National Identity and Power
Jennifer Creese

The Health Problems at the Landing of the Migrants in Lampedusa from 2011 to June 2019: Analysis of the Data and Revision of the Literature
Linda Pasta, Leonardo Antonio Mesa Suero, Maria Gabriella Filippazzo, Enzo Massimo Farinella, Cettina Gargano, Domenico Serravalle & Nicolò D’Amico

Great Expectations: Perspectives of Young West African Immigrant Men Transitioning to the Canadian Labour Market Without Postsecondary Education
Stacey Wilson-Forsberg, Oliver Masakure, Edward Shizha, Ginette Lafrenière & Magnus Mfoafo-M’Carthy

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