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Институт демографии Национального исследовательского университета "Высшая школа экономики"

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Demography of Russia. From the past to the present

Молодежь в Содружестве Независимых Государств: статистический портрет

Этнические аспекты урбанизации в России

Медико-демографические показатели Российской Федерации в 2015 году

Women and men - working and living partnership

По страницам журналов «Здравоохранение Российской Федерации» и «Профилактическая медицина»

Содержание журнала «Demography»

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Официальный журнал Американской демографической ассоциации


Volume 53, 2016

Issue 6, December

Original Papers

Ready, Willing, and Able? Impediments to the Onset of Marital Fertility Decline in the United States
J. David Hacker

Midpregnancy Marriage and Divorce: Why the Death of Shotgun Marriage Has Been Greatly Exaggerated
Christina M. Gibson-Davis, Elizabeth O. Ananat, Anna Gassman-Pines

Is Divorce More Painful When Couples Have Children? Evidence From Long-Term Panel Data on Multiple Domains of Well-being
Thomas Leopold, Matthijs Kalmijn

Parental Divorce and Children’s Schooling in Rural Malawi
Sophia Chae

Relationship Transitions and the Risk for Child Maltreatment
William Schneider

Trends in Spouses’ Shared Time in the United States, 1965–2012
Katie R. Genadek, Sarah M. Flood, Joan Garcia Roman

Child Marriage and Intimate Partner Violence in Rural Bangladesh: A Longitudinal Multilevel Analysis
Kathryn M. Yount, AliceAnn Crandall, Yuk Fai Cheong, Theresa L. Osypuk, Lisa M. Bates, Ruchira T. Naved, Sidney Ruth Schuler

Young Children’s Developmental Ecologies and Kindergarten Readiness
Stefanie Mollborn

Compensation or Reinforcement? The Stratification of Parental Responses to Children’s Early Ability
Michael Grätz, Florencia Torche

Diverging Mobility Trajectories: Grandparent Effects on Educational Attainment in One- and Two-Parent Families in the United States
Xi Song

Global Neighborhoods: Beyond the Multiethnic Metropolis
Wenquan Zhang, John R. Logan

The Contributions of Places to Metropolitan Ethnoracial Diversity and Segregation: Decomposing Change Across Space and Time
Christopher S. Fowler, Barrett A. Lee, Stephen A. Matthews

Assimilation and Health: Evidence From Linked Birth Records of Second- and Third-Generation Hispanics
Osea Giuntella

Moving Beyond Salmon Bias: Mexican Return Migration and Health Selection
Christina J. Diaz, Stephanie M. Koning, Ana P. Martinez-Donate

One Size May Not Fit All: How Obesity Among Mexican-Origin Youth Varies by Generation, Gender, and Age
Michelle L. Frisco, Susana Quiros, Jennifer Van Hook

Fathers’ Imprisonment and Mothers’ Multiple-Partner Fertility
Maria Cancian, Yiyoon Chung, Daniel R. Meyer

Incarceration and Household Asset Ownership
Kristin Turney, Daniel Schneider

Quantifying Intrinsic and Extrinsic Contributions to Human Longevity: Application of a Two-Process Vitality Model to the Human Mortality Database
David J. Sharrow, James J. Anderson


An Update on Identifying Same-Sex Couples in the American Time Use Survey
Kate C. Prickett, Alexa Martin-Storey, Robert Crosnoe


Acknowledgment of Reviewers
Laura Tesch

Volume 54, 2017

Issue 1, February

Brief Note

A Note from the New Co-Editors

Original Papers

Agency in Fertility Decisions in Western Europe During the Demographic Transition: A Comparative Perspective
David Sven Reher, Glenn Sandström, Alberto Sanz-Gimeno, Frans W. A. van Poppel

The Effect of Childhood Family Size on Fertility in Adulthood: New Evidence From IV Estimation
Sara Cools, Rannveig Kaldager Hart

Is Stepfamily Status Associated With Cohabiting and Married Women’s Fertility Behaviors?
Karen Benjamin Guzzo

Is the Association Between Education and Fertility Postponement Causal? The Role of Family Background Factors
Felix C. Tropf, Jornt J. Mandemakers

Women’s Short-Term Employment Trajectories Following Birth: Patterns, Determinants, and Variations by Race/Ethnicity and Nativity
Yao Lu, Julia Shu-Huah Wang, Wen-Jui Han

Education and the Transition to Fatherhood: The Role of Selection Into Union
Alessandra Trimarchi, Jan Van Bavel

Short-Term and Long-Term Educational Mobility of Families: A Two-Sex Approach
Xi Song, Robert D. Mare

Explaining the Immigrant Health Advantage: Self-selection and Protection in Health-Related Factors Among Five Major National-Origin Immigrant Groups in the United States
Fernando Riosmena, Randall Kuhn, Warren C. Jochem

Age at Arrival and Life Chances Among Childhood Immigrants
Are Skeie Hermansen

Do Immigrants Suffer More From Job Loss? Unemployment and Subjective Well-being in Germany
Liliya Leopold, Thomas Leopold, Clemens M. Lechner

America’s Churning Races: Race and Ethnicity Response Changes Between Census 2000 and the 2010 Census
Carolyn A. Liebler, Sonya R. Porter, Leticia E. Fernandez, James M. Noon, Sharon R. Ennis

Measuring Residential Segregation With the ACS: How the Margin of Error Affects the Dissimilarity Index
Jeffrey Napierala, Nancy Denton

The Effects of College on Weight: Examining the “Freshman 15” Myth and Other Effects of College Over the Life Cycle
Charles L. Baum II

Place and Child Health: The Interaction of Population Density and Sanitation in Developing Countries
Payal Hathi, Sabrina Haque, Lovey Pant, Diane Coffey, Dean Spears

The Unequal Consequences of Mass Incarceration for Children
Kristin Turney

Public Sector Employment Inequality in the United States and the Great Recession
Jennifer Laird

Issue 2, April

Original Papers

Malthus in the Bedroom: Birth Spacing as Birth Control in Pre-Transition England
Francesco Cinnirella, Marc Klemp, Jacob Weisdorf

Emotional Variation and Fertility Behavior
William G. Axinn, Dirgha J. Ghimire, Emily Smith-Greenaway

The Long-Term Cognitive and Socioeconomic Consequences of Birth Intervals: A Within-Family Sibling Comparison Using Swedish Register Data
Kieron J. Barclay, Martin Kolk

Children’s Development and Parental Input: Evidence From the UK Millennium Cohort Study
Mónica Hernández-Alava, Gurleen Popli

Family Structure Experiences and Child Socioemotional Development During the First Nine Years of Life: Examining Heterogeneity by Family Structure at Birth
Sharon H. Bzostek, Lawrence M. Berger

Childhood Family Structure and Intergenerational Income Mobility in the United States
Deirdre Bloome

Economic Assimilation and Skill Acquisition: Evidence From the Occupational Sorting of Childhood Immigrants
Marigee Bacolod, Marcos A. Rangel

The Gravity of High-Skilled Migration Policies
Mathias Czaika, Christopher R. Parsons

Job Changing and the Decline in Long-Distance Migration in the United States
Raven Molloy, Christopher L. Smith, Abigail Wozniak

Discrete Barker Frailty and Warped Mortality Dynamics at Older Ages
Alberto Palloni, Hiram Beltrán-Sánchez

Eliciting Survival Expectations of the Elderly in Low-Income Countries: Evidence From India
Adeline Delavande, Jinkook Lee, Seetha Menon

Infant Mortality Rate as a Measure of a Country’s Health: A Robust Method to Improve Reliability and Comparability
Robert M. Gonzalez, Donna Gilleskie

An Assessment and Extension of the Mechanism-Based Approach to the Identification of Age-Period-Cohort Models
Maarten J. Bijlsma, Rhian M. Daniel, Fanny Janssen, Bianca L. De Stavola

Differential Peer Effects, Student Achievement, and Student Absenteeism: Evidence From a Large-Scale Randomized Experiment
Ozkan Eren

Daytime Locations in Spatial Mismatch: Job Accessibility and Employment at Reentry From Prison
Naomi F. Sugie, Michael C. Lens

Brief Communication

Family Income Has Only Weak Effects on Cognitive Scores in Australia: A Comment on Khanam and Nghiem
Gary N. Marks

Original Paper

Family Income and Child Cognitive Development: A Response to Marks
Rasheda Khanam, Son Nghiem

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