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№ 532, April 2016

Who are the million migrants who entered Europe without a visa in 2015?

Philippe Fargues

In 2015, more than a million migrants were smuggled to Greece and Italy, and a similar number of asylum claims were lodged in Germany. Presenting an overview of available statistics, Philippe Fargues addresses three questions: Is this a migrant or a refugee crisis? What triggered the crisis? And last, how can the crisis be resolved?


№ 533, May 2016

How long do sub-Saharan migrants take to settle in France ?

Anne Gosselin, Annabel Desgrées du Loû, Eva Lelièvre, France Lert, Rosemary Dray-Spira, Nathalie Lydié

At a time when the reception of refugees has become a key issue in Europe, there is still little information about how migrants settle in a new country. Using data from the Parcours survey, Anne Gosselin and her colleagues estimate the time migrants from sub-Saharan Africa take to obtain a residence permit, a personal dwelling and employment after arriving in France.


№ 534, June 2016

We only die once… but from how many causes?

Aline Désesquelles, Andrea Gamboni, Elena Demuru and the MultiCause network

When a person dies, the certifying physician records the cause of death on the death certificate. In many cases, several causes are mentioned, as well as the train of events that led to death. Aline Désesquelles and her colleagues explain why this type of information is useful for studying trends in causes of death in a country, and why international comparisons are difficult, notably because of cross-national differences in the ways medical certificates are completed.


№ 535, July 2016

The end of one child per family in China?

Isabelle Attané

In 2015, the Chinese government announced the end of its one-child policy, which had been highly controversial in that country since China’s fertility had become one of the lowest in the world. Will the new “two-child policy” bring fertility back up? Isabelle Attané says it won’t, because of the increasing costs of raising children and the difficulties Chinese women currently have in reconciling family life and a job.


№ 536, Septembre 2016

Fewer teenage births in England and Wales: a convergence towards Europe?

John Tomkinson

Between 2010 and 2015, births to teenage mothers were more frequent in England than in France, due partly to a lower level of contraceptive use and less frequent recourse to abortion. But behaviours are changing. Thanks to efforts to inform young people about sexuality and contraception, along with greater use of contraceptives and recourse to abortion, the teenage fertility rate has fallen sharply in England in recent years and is moving closer to the levels observed in the rest of western Europe.


№ 537, October 2016

Surrogacy in India

Virginie Rozee, Sayeed Unisa, Elise de La Rochebrochard

While gestational surrogacy is illegal in France, it is authorized in other countries, such as India. Drawing upon a study of Indian surrogates, Indian and foreign intended parents pursuing surro­gacy, as well as physicians, lawyers and Indian clinic and agency managers, Virginie Rozée, Sayeed Unisa and Elise de La Rochebrochard describe how surrogacy services are organized in India and examine the expectations and rationales of the protagonists.


№ 538, November 2016

Rape and sexual assaults in France: first VIRAGE results

Christelle Hamel, Alice Debauche, Elizabeth Brown, Amandine Lebugle, Tania Lejbowicz, Magali Mazuy, Amélie Charruault, Sylvie Cromer and Justine Dupuis

The proportion of women reporting experience of rape or sexual assault is much higher than that of men. For women, sexual violence takes place within the family during childhood and adolescence, but is also committed by partners and ex-partners. It is also experienced in the various life spaces (workplace, public spaces etc.) throughout life.


№ 539, December 2016

Living alone or with family beyond age 85: major differences across the French départements

Loïc Trabut, Joëlle Gaymu

In recent decades, the residential autonomy of the very old has increased. They more often live alone or with a partner in their own home rather than with other family members. Loïc Trabut and Joëlle Gaymu examine the changing living arrangements of the over-85s at département level in France, and the degree to which regional disparities persist.


№ 540, January 2017

Has childlessness peaked in Europe?

Eva Beaujouan, Tomáš Sobotka, Zuzanna Brzozowska, Kryštof Zeman

Almost a quarter of European women born in the first decade of the twentieth century had no children. Childlessness decreased in later cohorts, and among women born in the 1940s only one in ten, on average, remained childless. In the west, an upturn in childlessness was observed from the late 1940s cohorts, reaching an average of 15% in northern Europe and 18% in western Europe. In recent years, the increase has been most notable in southern Europe – where up to a quarter of the women born in the 1970s may remain childless – due to weak family policies combined with persistent gender inequalities that make it difficult for women to reconcile work and family life.


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