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Russian demographic barometer

Preliminary demographic results of 2019 in Russia (Part I)

  • The population of Russia is declining for the second year in a row, but the decline has decreased, coming to 30,000 people in 2019 against 100,000 in 2018

  • Natural decrease is growing. In 2019 the number of deaths in Russia exceeded the number of births by 316,000 people; however, increased migration growth compensated for natural decrease by 90%

  • According to preliminary data, in 2019 the population of 28 of the 85 regions of the Federation increased, and in 57 regions decreased

  • The number of births in Russia continues to decline, decreasing to 1,485,000 in January-December 2019


  • Attitudes to payment of maternity capital for first child

  • How Russians build strong relationships

  • Buying medicine online

  • Most Russians would not like to emigrate abroad

In the vastness of Russia

  • Putin calls for consistent work on Russia's demographic development

  • Do two times more people live in Moscow than according to official statistics?

  • Rosstat names regions with lowest fertility

  • Russian regions with the largest numbers of marriages

  • In Russia, women are less likely than men to marry after age 40

  • Citizens of the Russian Federation will be able to choose their nationality for census

  • State Duma refuses to forbid new increase in retirement age

  • A third of Russians believe that the introduction of the maternity capital for a first child will lead to increased fertility

  • "Is extending maternity capital to first children wrong"?

  • Processing time for maternity capital application will be reduced to five days

  • Three thousand more families than planned will receive maternity capital for first child

  • State Duma supports right of male adoptive parents to maternity capital

  • Proposal for government to abolish income threshold for concluding a social contract

  • Parents will be obliged to pay the cost of housing for children after divorce

  • Putin says that under him Russia will have no parents "number one" and "number two"

  • Experts name best Russian regions in terms of quality of life

  • Authorities decide to simplify procedure for obtaining Russian citizenship

  • Deadline for considering applications for Russian citizenship will be the same for everyone

  • Compatriots moving to Russia most often choose the Novosibirsk, Chelyabinsk and Tula regions

  • Moscow earned more than 18 billion rubles on migrants in 2019

  • Ministry of Internal Affairs has prepared bill on deportation of foreigners with coronavirus

  • Public activists ask Ministry of Internal Affairs not to deport migrants with HIV

  • The state allocates enough funds for the treatment of HIV-infected people

  • Are 30% of Russians “functional alcoholics”?

  • Ministry of Health lifts restrictions on foreign drugs for cancer patients

  • Russians may each receive electronic vaccination passport

  • Russian polyclinics will no longer have psychologists and dentists

World news

  • Population of Kirgizia has increased to 6,457,000

  • Egypt's population reaches 100 million

  • Population of Italy has decreased by 116,000 over year

  • Almost a quarter of Italians are over 65

  • Ukraine population aging rapidly

  • Kazakhstan to spend more than $20 million on census

  • Uzbekistan will introduce new system of citizen registration

  • Internal passports of Ukraine will still be valid in Russia after March 1

  • Number of emigrants from Lithuania has exceeded one million people

  • Transnistria registers migration growth

  • Number of emigrants from Mexico to the United States is shrinking

  • Since 1991, over 1 million repatriates have returned to Kazakhstan

  • More than 2.5 million foreigners live in South Korea

  • Italian authorities prepare to repeal migration restriction laws

  • A third of Ukrainian workers dream of staying in Poland forever

  • More and more Tajik citizens going abroad to work

  • Tajik migrants sent $2.7 billion home over year

  • Scientists complete genetic "census" of cancerous tumors

  • The number of people infected with coronavirus in Wuhan may grow to 500,000

  • Experts don’t exclude spread of coronavirus to two-thirds of the world's population

  • Are children less susceptible to coronavirus?

  • France registers first coronavirus death

  • Sweden fights female circumcision with spoons

  • In the Netherlands, a queue for euthanasia

  • Marriage is not a guarantee of "quality" sex

The newspapers write about…

  • Moskovsky Komsomolets, Economy Times and Kommersant on the demographic situation of Russia

  • Russkaya sluzhba BBC and Rosbalt on coronavirus and its consequences

  • Izvestia on the rules of deportation

  • Komsomolskaya Pravda, Novaya Gazeta, and Rossiyskaya Gazeta on simplifying acquisition of citizenship

  • Bloomberg and Rosbalt on the lack of migrants and compatriots

  • Vechernyaya Moskva on the resettlement of migrants

  • Obozrevatel on migration policy in Poland

  • Moskovsky Komsomolets on the maternity capital

  • Rossiyskaya Gazeta on assistance to large families

  • Kommersant on fertility decrease

  • Izvestiya and RBK on marriage and the institution of the family

  • The New York Times on single women

  • and on the traditional family

  • IQ on growing up

  • Moskovsky Komsomolets on domestic violence

  • Delfi.It on murders

  • Foreign Affairs on mortality from despair

  • IQ on alcohol consumption

  • Kommersant on nutrition

  • Economy Times on social risks

  • Rossiyskaya Gazeta on human capital

  • "Kommersant" on classifying regions by level of life expectancy

  • The Times on health care

  • RBK on the shortage of doctors

  • Moskovsky Komsomolets on artificial intelligence in medicine

  • Novye Izvestia on the problems of recording deaths

  • Interfax on speeding tickets

  • Izvestia on custody of children with disabilities

  • Read books and magazines

  • WHO global report on trends in prevalence of tobacco use 2000-2025

  • Population, employment and living conditions in the countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States

  • World Population Prospects 2019

  • Social status and living standards of the population of Russia. 2019

  • Socially significant diseases of the Russian population in 2018

  • Through the pages of the journals Demograficheskoye Obozreniye (Demographic Review) and Vestnik MGU. Seriya 5. Geografiya (Bulletin of Moscow State University. Series 5. Geography)

  • · Contents of the journal International Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Health

Profession: researcher

  • What contributes to and what prevents demographic "globalization" in a developing country (using the example of fertility and marriage in Kirgizia). Scientific seminar of the Institute of Demography "Demographic challenges of the XXI century"

  • Happy birthday to Ella Marlenovna Libanova

  •    Fragments of an interview with E. Libanova

  • Congratulations to Ilnur Aminov on the birth of his son

The reading room

  • Russian Population 2017. Twenty-Fifth Annual Demographic Report

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