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European demographic barometer

Asylum seekers in the EU-28, 2018

  • The number of first-time applicants for asylum in the EU-28 countries decreased in 2018 to 586 thousand

  • Nearly two thirds of those who first applied for asylum in the EU-28 are men, of whom half are between the ages of 18 and 34

  • About 20 thousand first-time applicants for asylum in the EU-28 in 2018 (3.4%) are minors traveling without an adult

  • EU-28 countries provided international protection to over 333 thousand asylum seekers in 2018

  • The number of illegal immigrants discovered in the EU-28 has decreased 3.5 times compared with 2015

Take care of women!

  • UNFPA: a woman has the right to decide when and how many children to have

  • New WHO study: Europe fights obesity in children; experts confirm that breastfeeding protects children from obesity

  • Assisted Reproductive Technologies in the USA

In the vastness of Russia

  • Fertility in Russia down by 9.1% in first quarter

  • Mortality in first quarter down by 3%

  • Infant mortality in Russia decreased by 15.7%

  • Women having children later

  • The government publishes plan to reduce mortality in Russia

  • Russia to have unified population register

  • Increase of retirement age canceled for Vepsians

  • Putin approves criteria for assessing the effectiveness of governors

  • A healthy lifestyle requires a high salary

  • Putin orders the development of sports to be included in the national projects

  • Paper certificates for maternity capital may be abolished

  • Proposal in Federation Council to extend maternity capital program

  • Medvedev orders work schedules for kindergartens and schools to be made more flexible

  • Will parents who have still not gotten places in kindergartens receive compensation?

  • St. Petersburg will pay for nanny for families with twins

  • Experts have compiled list of new professions in Russia

  • Putin simplifies procedure for obtaining citizenship for several categories of foreigners.

  • Russia intends to simplify the acquisition of citizenship for specialists

  • Did 86% of Donbass residents want to get a Russian passport?

  • Residents of Donbass will be paid pensions after moving to Russia

  • In terms of the number of millionaire emigrants, Russia is second only to China.

  • Restrictions on remittances from Russia will not affect migrants from Kirgizia

  • Ministry of Health will increase coverage of antiretroviral therapy for those with HIV

  • In Russia, 25% of people with HIV do not know about their disease

  • Ministry of Health proposes to prohibit the dissemination of information denying the existence of HIV

  • High mortality at home is recorded throughout Russia

  • Rospotrebnadzor tells of results of additional vaccination against measles

  • WHO praises Russian system of standardization and centralization in the treatment of pediatric oncology

  • Russia to have unified register of oncological diseases

  • Medvedev orders for bonuses to be given doctors for diagnosing cancer

  • In 2017, almost 30% of children in Russia were born with a cesarean section

  • Russia to simplify procedure for recognition of disability

World News

  • Israeli population exceeds 9 million for first time ever

  • Japan sets record low for number of children under 15

  • In 2018 more than 32 thousand children were born in Moldova

  • Gallup names world’s happiest and saddest countries

  • Kazakhstan plans to strengthen support for internal migration

  • Germany refuses to prohibit citizenship for polygamists

  • Donbass residents becoming Russian citizens may be deprived of Ukrainian pensions

  • Tourists from Russia with a good visa history will get Schengen visa more easily

  • The most attractive countries for emigrants from Germany are Switzerland, Austria and the UK

  • Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan mutually improve conditions for migrant workers

  • Will a million Uzbeks leave to work in the UAE?

  • Migration of Ukrainians to EU countries continues to grow

  • Shares of remittances to Moldova from Russia and Israel are almost equal

  • Trump tightens migrant asylum rules

  • Germany launches pilot project for integrating refugees

  • Migrants not bringing infectious diseases to Italy

  • Victims of forced sterilization in Japan to receive compensation

  • More than 900 people have died due to Ebola hemorrhagic fever in Congo

  • UNICEF names cause of measles outbreaks around the world

  • WHO has developed global strategy to reduce mortality from snake bites

  • In the Netherlands, the number of cyclists killed in traffic accidents has for the first time exceeded the number of motorists

  • Amsterdam authorities to ban gasoline and diesel cars by 2030

  • Can 10 minutes of sports a week save you from death?

  • One in eight 26-year-old men has not had sex

  • Doctor’s coats turn out to be breeding grounds for bacteria

  • By 2070 there will be more dead people on Facebook than living

The newspapers write about…

  • Rosbalt, Osrodek Studiow Wschodnich, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Aktuality, REGNUM, Novaya Gazeta and The Atlantic on issuing passports to residents of Ukraine

  • Novaya Gazeta on compatriots in Russia

  • on the decrease in migration growth

  • Xinhua on education migration

  • Ekho Kavkaza on migration in Georgia

  • Vestnik Kavkaza on refugees

  • Kommersant and REGNUM on criteria for evaluating governors

  • Izvestiya on the maternity capital

  • The Village and Moskovsky Komsomolets on large families

  • FederalPress on the shortage of schools and kindergartens

  • Gazeta.Ru and Rossiyskaya Gazeta on state medical examinations

  • TASS and IQ on increasing life expectancy

  • IQ on HIV

  • Izvestiya and on obesity and healthy nutrition

  • Moskovskiy Komsomolets on child injuries

  • IQ twice and Suomen Kuvalehti on inequality

  • FUTURIST and Forbes on the future of the nation

  • Forbes on the theory of generations

  • Forbes on automation

  • Svobodnaya Pressa on the shrinking population of Ukraine

  • Argumenty i Fakty on the population of China

  • The New York Times on the attractiveness of Lake Baikal for the Chinese

  • on gender equality

  • Rossiyskaya Gazeta and Raseef22 on violence

  • Videnskab on abstinence

  • on Germany’s Christians

Read books and magazines

  • Urban population in Western Siberia in the 1960s–1980s: a historical demographic study

  • Global status report on alcohol and health 2018

  • Integration of foreign cultural migrants: intercultural prospects

  • Social Europe and the European Union's social policy

  • Can people afford to pay for health care? New evidence on financial protection in Europe

  • Through the pages of the journals Demograficheskoye Obozreniye (Demographic Review) and Regionalnye Issledovaniya (Regional Studies)

  • Contents of the Journal of Population Economics

Profession: researcher

  • Happy 85th birthday to Yevgeny Grigorievich Yasin!

  • Happy birthday to Lyudmila Efimovna Tikhonova!

  • Vladimir Izyavich Mukomel turns 70

  • Vladimir Nikolaevich Arkhangelsky turns 65

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