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World demographic barometer

Life expectancy and health risks in OECD countries

  • Life expectancy at birth in the OECD has increased on average to 80.6 years

  • Life expectancy is increasing against the backdrop of rising health care spending, income and education levels, and a reduction in some health risks

  • Mortality from diseases of the circulatory system and cancer has significantly decreased

  • The prevalence of smoking has decreased to 18% of the population aged 15 years and older, while alcohol consumption has increased to 9 liters per year per person

  • The proportion of overweight people is increasing

  • 68% of the population of OECD countries are exposed to risks associated with high air pollution

Interactive poll

  • Is it necessary to equate cohabitation with an official marriage?


  • 57% of doctors admit to a decrease in the availability and quality of medical care

  • Taboos concerning sex and reproduction

  • Sexual harassment

  • Belief in the supernatural

In the vastness of Russia

  • Natural increase in the Russian population changes to decrease

  • Russia takes 93rd place in world in terms of life expectancy

  • Government approves plans to increase life expectancy of Russians

  • Educated Russians live 15-18 years longer

  • Ministry of Labor recommends that regions increase fertility

  • Russian mortality in 2017 declined in all age groups

  • Rosstat to spend 320 million rubles on informing public about trial census

  • As of January 1 Russia’s reserve fund ceased to exist

  • Head of Ministry of Labor announces need to reduce poverty

  • Russians have determined the necessary amount of money for a decent life

  • Minimum monthly wage rising to subsistence level

  • Law on monthly payments for the birth of a first child has been signed

  • Vladimir Putin extends maternity capital program until the end of 2021

  • Medvedev approves rules of state support for mortgages of families with children

  • Social expenditures in Moscow have increased 1.8 times since 2010

  • Tyumen: the best city in Russia

  • Russians will be able to get internal passports in just one hour

  • State Duma passes law on mandatory fingerprinting of foreigners

  • State Duma introduces liability for registration in offices

  • Fines for helping illegal immigrants will increase up to 500,000 rubles

  • Alcohol consumption down 80% over last seven years

  • Skvortsova names main health care priority in 2018

  • In Russia, a sharp rise in the number of cases of chickenpox

  • Ministry of Justice to decide on the decriminalization of the circulation of opioid painkillers

  • Ministry of Health triples plan for mass medical exams

  • Geriatric care for the elderly has been included in Mandatory Health Insurance system

  • 64% of Russians believe in the special role of the Russian people

  • More and more Russians speaking out for moral values and against abortion

  • Men and women have nearly the same attitudes to marriage

World News

  • Lithuania had 2,810,000 people at the start of the year

  • In 2017 Japan recorded its lowest fertility level in a century

  • One-fifth of all Kazakhstan’s working-age youth live in Alma-Ata

  • Labor migration, lack of education and low wages create a “hunger” on the labor market

  • Over the past five years, 14,000 people have renounced their Armenian citizenship

  • Uzbekistan plans to simplify registration procedures

  • Citizens of the Russian Federation will be able to enter Ukraine only after being fingerprinted

  • Receiving migrants from poor countries is a “step back” for US migration policy

  • 260,000 Salvadorans will have to leave the US

  • Emigration from Norway to the US has slowed significantly

  • Estonia refuses to accept immigrants according to EU quotas

  • Migration crisis overcome in Germany, but not in the world

  • UN evacuates refugees from Libya

  • Over 50% of migrants from Uzbekistan in 2017 went to Russia

  • Citizens of Uzbekistan will be able to find work in Russia within the framework of organization recruitment

  • Kirgizia income from migrants 20 times higher than from gold mines

  • Infant mortality down in Kazakhstan

  • In US, a girl is born from an embryo frozen 24 years ago

  • Polish Sejm rejects draft law on liberalizing abortion

  • First marijuana treatment center opens in US

  • WHO officially recognizes video game addiction as a disease

  • In Belarus, is there really no acute shortage of health workers?

  • Spouses in same-sex families will have right to live anywhere in EU

  • Turkey adjusts divorce procedure

  • Swedish men will have to get permission for sex

The newspapers write about…

  • “Russian Demographics” on stimulating fertility

  • “Izvestiya” on a population forecast for Russia

  • “Novye Izvestiya” on school course “Moral Foundations of Family Life”

  • “Primechaniya” on clerics and early marriages

  • “Videnskab” on contraception

  • “The Independent” on mortality during the New Year Holidays

  • “The Village” on medical results of the year

  • “Rossiyskaya Gazeta” on new perinatal centers in the Moscow region

  • “Novye Izvestiya” on reducing the number of beds in hospitals

  • “” on “medicine of the future”

  • “The New York Times” on health care systems

  • “Meem Magazine” on the HIV/AIDS problem in Egypt

  • “Neue Zurcher Zeitung” on brain damage and crime

  • “Neue Zurcher Zeitung” on non-invasive prenatal testing

  • “Kommersant” on the future of social services

  • “Moskovskiy Komsomolets” on poverty

  • “Novye Izvestiya” on inequality in Russia

  • “” on tax deductions for low-income people

  • “” on refusals to pay insured pension

  • “Inforeactor” on the problems of the elderly

  • “Izvestiya” on “old age medicine”

  • “Novy Kaliningrad.Ru” on the “disappearance” of unemployment

  • “Mainichi Shimbun” on the shortage and the economics of labor in Japan

  • “Russkaya Germaniya” on attitudes towards migrants in Europe

  • “Berlingske” on migrants in Demark

  • “The New York Times” on excursions for migrants in Germany

  • ” on the number of Palestinian refugees

  • “EurasiaNet” on strengthening Ukraine’s border control

  • “Rossiyskaya Gazeta” on migration in Moscow

  • “RBK” on internal migration

  • “” on erroneous estimates of the number of Muslims in France

  • “Le Monde” on atheism in the Muslim world

  • “Jacobin” on school in the USSR and the USA

  • “Neue Zurcher Zeitung“ on sex

Read books and magazines

  • The socio-demographic development of countries in tropical Africa

  • Medico-demographic indicators of the Russian Federation in 2016

  • Healthcare in Russia 2017

  • Bulgaria: Health and well-being of the population

  • Oxford Textbook of Geriatric Medicine

  • Through the pages of the journals “Narodonaseleniye” (“Population”) and “Vrach” (“Doctor”)

  • Contents of the journal “Demographic Research”

Demographic digest

  • Ethnic diversity and well-being

  • Working Life Expectancy at Age 50 in the United States and the Impact of the Great Recession

  • BONUS: It’s worth taking a closer look

Profession: researcher

  • Demography at the 9th Gaidar Forum

  • Happy birthday to Leocadia Mikhailovna Drobizheva!

  •    How and why I came to sociology

  •    L.M. Drobizheva "The Value of Health and the Culture of Illness in Russia"

Student page

  • Meeting of the student society “Demographer”

  • Useful information from the Student Society "Demographer"

  •    Conferences

  •    Schools, seminars

  •    Competitions, grants, internships

  •    More information

Satirical column

  • The law of conservation of alcohol

  • Appendix: News from the alcohol fields


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