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Содержание журнала «Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Health»

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Perspectives on Sexual and
Reproductive Health


Volume 53, 2021

Issue 1-2, March-June



Open Access

COVID-19, health care, and abortion exceptionalism in the United States
Carole Joffe, Rosalyn Schroeder


Prime-time abortion on Grey's Anatomy: What do US viewers learn from fictional portrayals of abortion on television?
Gretchen Sisson, Nathan Walter, Stephanie Herold, John J. Brooks

Issue 3-4, September-December



Feasibility study of a health coaching intervention to improve contraceptive continuation in adolescent and young adult women in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Aletha Y. Akers, Ava Skolnik, Gabrielle DiFiore, Jennifer Harding, C. Alix Timko

Volume 54, 2022

Issue 1, March



Delivery at Catholic hospitals and postpartum contraception use, five US states, 2015–2018
Michelle C. Menegay, Rebecca Andridge, Katherine Rivlin, Maria F. Gallo

Desire, acceptability, and expected resolution: A latent class analysis of current pregnancy orientation in the United States
Jennet Arcara, Lauren Caton, Anu Manchikanti Gomez

Sex, poverty, and public health: Connections between sexual wellbeing and economic resources among US reproductive health clients
Jenny A. Higgins, Renee Kramer, Leigh Senderowicz, Bethany Everett, David K. Turok, Jessica N. Sanders

Issue 2, June



The frequency of pregnancy recognition across the gestational spectrum and its consequences in the United States
Katie Watson, Cara Angelotta


Is third-trimester abortion exceptional? Two pathways to abortion after 24 weeks of pregnancy in the United States
Katrina Kimport


Who are the women who relinquish infants for adoption? Domestic adoption and contemporary birth motherhood in the United States
Gretchen Sisson


How Ohio's proposed abortion bans would impact travel distance to access abortion care
Payal Chakraborty, Stef Murawsky, Mikaela H. Smith, Michelle L. McGowan, Alison H. Norris, Danielle Bessett

Issue 3, September



COVID-19 impacts on abortion care-seeking experiences in the Washington, DC, Maryland, and Virginia regions of the United States
Jessica L. Dozier, Carolyn Sufrin, Blair O. Berger, Anne E. Burke, Suzanne O. Bell


“This has definitely opened the doors”: Provider perceptions of patient experiences with telemedicine for contraception in Illinois
Bonnie Song, Angel Boulware, Zarina Jaffer Wong, Iris Huang, Amy K. Whitaker, Lee Hasselbacher, Debra Stulberg

Ranges of pregnancy preferences and contraceptive use: Results from a population-based survey in the southeast United States
Corinne H. Rocca, Michael G. Smith, Nathan L. Hale, Amal J. Khoury

“This work that we're doing is bigger than ourselves”: A qualitative study with community-based birth doulas in the United States
Paula M. Kett, Marieke S. van Eijk, Grace A. Guenther, Susan M. Skillman

Provision of fertility services to women in same-sex relationships at Catholic and non-Catholic clinics in the United States
Lara Elizabeth Stein, Kara N. Goldman, Sarah Takimoto, Barbara Neshek, Maryam Guiahi

Engaging hard-to-reach men-who-have-sex-with-men with sexual health screening: Qualitative interviews in an Australian sex-on-premises-venue and sexual health service
Catriona Ooi, David A. Lewis, Christy E. Newman

Issue 4, December



Abortion incidence and service availability in the United States, 2020
Rachel K. Jones, Marielle Kirstein, Jesse Philbin

Randomized experimental testing of new survey approaches to improve abortion reporting in the United States
Laura D. Lindberg, Isaac Maddow-Zimet, Jennifer Mueller, Alicia VandeVusse

Intimate relationships after receiving versus being denied an abortion: A 5-year prospective study in the United States
Ushma D. Upadhyay, Diana Greene Foster, Heather Gould, M. Antonia Biggs

Identifying accurate pro-choice and pro-life identity labels in Spanish: Social media insights and implications for comparative survey research
Danny Valdez, Kristen N. Jozkowski, Maria S. Montenegro, Brandon L. Crawford, Frederica Jackson

Person-centered, high-quality care from a distance: A qualitative study of patient experiences of TelAbortion, a model for direct-to-patient medication abortion by mail in the United States
Courtney Kerestes, Rebecca Delafield, Jennifer Elia, Tara Shochet, Bliss Kaneshiro, Reni Soon

Disruptions and opportunities in sexual and reproductive health care: How COVID-19 impacted service provision in three US states
Alicia VandeVusse, Philicia W. Castillo, Marielle Kirstein, Jennifer Mueller, Megan Kavanaugh

Service delivery at Title X sites in Texas during the COVID-19 pandemic
Kristen Lagasse Burke, Gracia Sierra, Klaira Lerma, Kari White

Volume 55, 2023

Issue 1, March



Safety and effectiveness of self-managed abortion using misoprostol alone acquired from an online telemedicine service in the United States
Dana M. Johnson, Mira Michels-Gualtieri, Rebecca Gomperts, Abigail R. A. Aiken


An exploratory study of COVID-19-related changes in abortion service availability and use in Washington, DC, Maryland, and Virginia
Suzanne O. Bell, Blair O. Berger, Carolyn Sufrin, Jessica L. Dozier, Anne E. Burke

Characterizing physician concerns with publicly supporting abortion at Wisconsin's largest medical school
Abigail S. Cutler, Laura T. Swan, Madison Lands, Nicholas B. Schmuhl, Jenny A. Higgins


Pilot label comprehension study for an over-the-counter combined oral contraceptive pill in the United States
Kate Grindlay, Katherine Key, Russell D. Bradford, Chiara Amato, Kelly Blanchard, Daniel Grossman

Factors associated with never-use of long-acting reversible contraception among adult reproductive-aged women in Ohio
Payal Chakraborty, Shibani Chettri, Maria F. Gallo, Mikaela H. Smith, Robert B. Hood, Danielle Bessett, John B. Casterline, Alison H. Norris, Abigail Norris Turner

Sexual and reproductive health services for autistic young people in the United States: A conceptual model of utilization
Laura Graham Holmes, Kristy Anderson, Greg S. Sieber, Paul T. Shattuck

Pregnancy intentions' relationship with infant, pregnancy, maternal, and early childhood outcomes: Evidence from births in Alaska, Missouri, and Oklahoma
Erica Hobby, Nicholas D. E. Mark, Alison Gemmill, Sarah K. Cowan

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