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STEPS: prevalence of noncommunicable disease risk factors in the Republic of Moldova, 2021

Global report on neglected tropical diseases 2023

Health, United States, 2020–2021

Demographic indicators of Azerbaijan

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A Journal of Demography


Volume 76, 2022

Issue 2

Research Article

The illusion of stable fertility preferences
Maximilian W. Müller, Joan Hamory, Jennifer Johnson-Hanks & Edward Miguel

Does women’s health matter for fertility? Evidence from Norwegian administrative data
Astri Syse, Michael Thomas, Lars Dommermuth & Rannveig Kaldager Hart

Fertility decline in sub-Saharan Africa: Does remarriage matter?
Ben Malinga John & Vissého Adjiwanou

The changing relationship between socio-economic background and family formation in four European countries
Jarl E. Mooyaart, Aart C. Liefbroer & Francesco C. Billari

Constructing monthly residential locations of adults using merged state administrative data
Mark C. Long, Elizabeth Pelletier & Jennifer Romich

Ready–Willing–Able: Early childhood mortality decline in Turkey
Rengin Aktar & Alberto Palloni

The gendered widowhood effect and social mortality gap
Filip Dabergott

Son preference and sex differentials in receipt of key dimensions of children’s healthcare: Evidence from Pakistan
Batool Zaidi

Sex ratios and gender discrimination in Modern Greece
Francisco J. Beltrán Tapia & Michail Raftakis

Quantifying self-rated age
Georgia Verropoulou, Apostolos Papachristos, George B. Ploubidis & Cleon Tsimbos

Issue 3

Research Article

The interplay of race/ethnicity and education in fertility patterns
Emma Zang, Chloe Sariego & Anirudh Krishnan

Employment uncertainty and fertility intentions: Stability or resilience?
Arianna Gatta, Francesco Mattioli, Letizia Mencarini & Daniele Vignoli

Contraceptive choice as risk reduction? The relevance of local violence for women’s uptake of sterilization in Colombia
Signe Svallfors

Internet access and partnership formation in the United States
Maria Sironi & Ridhi Kashyap

So happy together … Examining the association between relationship happiness, socio-economic status, and family transitions in the UK
Brienna Perelli-Harris & Niels Blom

Measuring age differences among different-sex couples: Across religions and 130 countries, men are older than their female partners
Jacob Ausubel, Stephanie Kramer, Anne Fengyan Shi & Conrad Hackett

Maternal nutritional status and offspring childlessness: Evidence from the late-nineteenth to early-twentieth centuries in a group of Italian populations
Matteo Manfredini, Marco Breschi, Alessio Fornasin & Massimo Esposito

Demographic models of the reproductive process: Past, interlude, and future
Daniel Ciganda & Nicolas Todd

Bride price, dowry, and young men with time to kill: A commentary on men’s marriage postponement in India
Alaka Malwade Basu & Sneha Kumar

Seasonal variation in infant mortality in India
Aashish Gupta

Book Review

Crossing the Divide: Rural to Urban Migration in Developing Countries

2021. By ROBERT E. B. LUCAS. New York: Oxford University Press. Pp. xv + 677. RRP £64.00 (hardcover). ISBN: 978-0-197-60215-7.

Ronald Skeldon

Volume 77, 2023

Issue 1

Reviewers 2021–2022

Thanks to the 2021 and 2022 reviewers

Research Article

Cross-sectional average length of life by parity: Country comparisons
Ryohei Mogi, Ester Lazzari, Jessica Nisén & Vladimir Canudas-Romo

A distributional approach to measuring lifespan stratification
Jiaxin Shi, José Manuel Aburto, Pekka Martikainen, Lasse Tarkiainen & Alyson van Raalte

Sources and severity of bias in estimates of the BMI–mortality association
Ryan K. Masters

Interaction between childbearing and partnership trajectories among immigrants and their descendants in France: An application of multichannel sequence analysis
Isaure Delaporte & Hill Kulu

Health outcomes of only children across the life course: An investigation using Swedish register data
Katherine Keenan, Kieron Barclay & Alice Goisis

Mental health benefits of cohabitation and marriage: A longitudinal analysis of Norwegian register data
Øystein Kravdal, Jonathan Wörn & Bjørn-Atle Reme

Cultural differences, intergenerational contacts, and the spread of Covid-19: Evidence from Swiss language regions
Fabrizio Mazzonna & Nicolò Gatti

Sooner, later, or never: Changing fertility intentions due to Covid-19 in China’s Covid-19 epicentre
Min Zhou & Wei Guo

Research Notes

Is the mortality–fertility nexus gendered? A research note on sex differences in the impact of sibling mortality on fertility preferences
Emily Smith-Greenaway & Yingyi Lin

Fertility and contraception: The experience of Spanish women born in the first half of the twentieth century
Miguel Requena, David Reher & Alberto Sanz-Gimeno

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