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World Health Statistics 2022

World report on the health of refugees and migrants

World Population Prospects 2022: Methodology of the United Nations Population Estimates and Projections

A review of georgian emigrants

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Volume 59, 2022

Issue 2, April 1


The Components of Change in Population Growth Rates
Vladimir Canudas-Romo; Tianyu Shen; Collin F. Payne

What Would It Take to Desegregate U.S. Metropolitan Areas? Pathways to Residential Desegregation by Race
Yana Kucheva

Are Married Women Really Wealthier Than Unmarried Women? Evidence From Japan
Yoko Niimi

Unemployment Insurance and Opioid Overdose Mortality in the United States
Pinghui Wu; Michael Evangelist

Health Care and Education Access of Transnational Children in Mexico
Catalina Amuedo-Dorantes; Laura Juarez

Adult Children's Education and Older Parents' Chronic Illnesses in Aging China
Yafei Liu; Yuanyuan Ma; James P. Smith

Life After Loss: A Prospective Analysis of Mortality Exposure and Unintended Fertility
Emily Smith-Greenaway; Sara Yeatman; Abdallah Chilungo

Competing Effects on the Average Age of Infant Death
Monica Alexander; Leslie Root

Death by Robots? Automation and Working-Age Mortality in the United States
Rourke O'Brien; Elizabeth F. Bair; Atheendar S. Venkataramani

Life Course Socioeconomic Status and Healthy Longevity in China
Collin F. Payne; Kim Qinzi Xu

Safer If Connected? Mobile Technology and Intimate Partner Violence
Luca Maria Pesando

On the Impact of Public Housing on Income Segregation in France
Kevin Beaubrun-Diant; Tristan-Pierre Maury

Forced Migration and the Childbearing of Women and Men: A Disruption of the Tempo and Quantum of Fertility?
Jan Saarela; Ben Wilson

Continuity and Change in U.S. Children's Family Composition, 1968–2017
Paula Fomby; David S. Johnson

The Rise of Sonless Families in Asia and North Africa
Roshan K. Pandian; Keera Allendorf

Mothers in the Military: Effect of Maternity Leave Policy on Take-Up
Marigee Bacolod; Jennifer A. Heissel; Laura Laurita; Matthew Molloy; Ryan Sullivan

Issue 3 , June 1

Research Note

Defining Childlessness Among Middle-Aged and Older Americans: A Research Note
Xiao Xu; Jersey Liang; James M. Raymo; BoRin Kim; Mary Beth Ofstedal


Determinants of Disparities in Early COVID-19 Job Losses
Laura Montenovo; Xuan Jiang; Felipe Lozano-Rojas; Ian Schmutte; Kosali Simon, Bruce A. Weinberg, Coady Wing

The Long-Term Consequences of a Golden Nest: Socioeconomic Status in Childhood and the Age at Leaving Home
Viola Angelini; Marco Bertoni; Guglielmo Weber

Relating Period and Cohort Fertility
Robert Schoen

Religiosity and Young Unmarried Women's Sexual and Contraceptive Behavior: New Evidence From a Longitudinal Panel of Young Adult Women
Isabel H. McLoughlin Brooks; Abigail Weitzman

Loneliness at Older Ages in the United States: Lonely Life Expectancy and the Role of Loneliness in Health Disparities
James M. Raymo; Jia Wang

Expansion, Compression, Neither, Both? Divergent Patterns in Healthy, Disability-Free, and Morbidity-Free Life Expectancy Across U.S. Birth Cohorts, 1998–2016
Collin F. Payne

Does Childbearing Affect Cognitive Health in Later Life? Evidence From an Instrumental Variable Approach
Eric Bonsang; Vegard Skirbekk

Using Social Networks to Sample Migrants and Study the Complexity of Contemporary Immigration: An Evaluation Study
M. Giovanna Merli; Ted Mouw; Claire Le Barbenchon; Allison Stolte

Differences in All-Cause Mortality Among Transgender and Non-Transgender People Enrolled in Private Insurance
Landon D. Hughes; Wesley M. King; Kristi E. Gamarel; Arline T. Geronimus; Orestis A. Panagiotou, Jaclyn M.W. Hughto

Polygenic Scores for Plasticity: A New Tool for Studying Gene–Environment Interplay
Rebecca Johnson; Ramina Sotoudeh; Dalton Conley

The New System of Mexican Migration: The Role of Entry Mode–Specific Human and Social Capital
Joshua Wassink; Douglas S. Massey

The Effect of Parental Loss on Social Mobility in Early Twentieth-Century Sweden
Martin Dribe; Enrico Debiasi; Björn Eriksson

Birth Spacing and Health and Socioeconomic Outcomes Across the Life Course: Evidence From the Utah Population Database
Kieron Barclay; Ken R. Smith

Learning to Value Girls: Balanced Infant Sex Ratios at Higher Parental Education in the United States, 1969–2018
Emily Rauscher; Haoming Song

The Demographic Drivers of Grief and Memory After Genocide in Guatemala
Diego Alburez-Gutierrez

Mass Education and Women's Autonomy: Evidence From Latin America
Daniela R. Urbina

Issue 4, August

Research Notes

Research Note: Demographic Change on the United States Coast, 2020–2100
Mathew E. Hauer; R. Kyle Saunders; Daniel Shtob

Gender Disparities in Increased Parenting Time During the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Research Note
Jennifer March Augustine; Kate Prickett


Do Internal Migration Experiences Facilitate Migration Intentions and Behavior?
Aude Bernard; Sunganani Kalemba; Toan Nguyen

Toxic Neighborhoods: The Effects of Concentrated Poverty and Environmental Lead Contamination on Early Childhood Development
Geoffrey T. Wodtke; Sagi Ramaj; Jared Schachner

Socially Connected Neighborhoods and the Spread of Sexually Transmitted Infections
Lauren Newmyer; Megan Evans; Corina Graif

The Role of Kinship in Racial Differences in Exposure to Unemployment
Xi Song; Hal Caswell

Strategic Parent Meets Detached Child? Parental Intended Bequest Division and Support From Children
Christine Ho

The Accumulation of Economic Disadvantage: The Influence of Childbirth and Divorce on the Income and Poverty Risk of Single Mothers
Susan Harkness

Toward a Holistic Demographic Profile of Sexual and Gender Minority Well-being
Lawrence Stacey; Rin Reczek; R Spiker

Examining Ethnicity: Patterns of Minority Identification Among Children of Interethnic Marriages in China
Andrew Francis-Tan; Zheng Mu

Is the Effect Larger in Group A or B? It Depends: Understanding Results From Nonlinear Probability Models
Deirdre Bloome; Shannon Ang

Long-Term Effects of Local-Area New Deal Work Relief in Childhood on Educational, Economic, and Health Outcomes Over the Life Course: Evidence From the Wisconsin Longitudinal Study
Sepideh Modrek; Evan Roberts; John Robert Warren; David Rehkopf

The Missing Mortality Advantage for European Immigrants to the United States in the Early Twentieth Century
Elyas Bakhtiari

Sexualities and Geographic Mobility Between Childhood and Adulthood in the United States
Andrew Levine

Is It Only a Numbers Game? A Macro-Level Study of Educational Hypogamy
Sinn Won Han

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