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«Пригородная революция» в региональном срезе: периферийные городские территории на постсоветском пространстве

HIV/AIDs surveillance in Europe 2019

Общая заболеваемость взрослого населения России в 2018 году

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Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies


Volume 45, 2019

Issue 5


‘Surrounded with so much uncertainty’: asylum seekers and manufactured precarity in Australia
John van Kooy & Dina Bowman

The value of education among immigrants and non-immigrants and how this translates into educational aspirations: a comparison of four European countries
Andreas Hadjar & Jan Scharf

European attempts to govern African youths by raising awareness of the risks of migration: ethnography of an encounter
Anne-Line Rodriguez

Diaspora as aesthetic formation: community sports events and the making of a Somali diaspora
Ramón Spaaij & Jora Broerse

How moral disengagement facilitates the detention of refugee children and families
Mary Grace Antony

Ethnic identity and the choice to play for a national team: a study of junior elite football players with a migrant background
Klaus Seiberth, Ansgar Thiel & Ramón Spaaij

Non-migrants’ interethnic relationships with migrants: the role of the residential area, the workplace, and attitudes toward migrants from a longitudinal perspective
Philipp Simon Eisnecker

Mobile lives, immutable facts: family reunification of children in Finland
Anna-Maria Tapaninen, Miia Halme-Tuomisaari & Viljami Kankaanpää

Issue 6

Special Issue: Strategic Citizenship: Negotiating Membership in the Age of Dual Nationality


Strategic citizenship: negotiating membership in the age of dual nationality
Yossi Harpaz & Pablo Mateos


The instrumental turn of citizenship
Christian Joppke

The equality paradox of dual citizenship
Peter J. Spiro

Compensatory citizenship: dual nationality as a strategy of global upward mobility
Yossi Harpaz

The mestizo nation unbound: dual citizenship of Euro-Mexicans and U.S.-Mexicans
Pablo Mateos

‘Ethnic capital’ and ‘flexible citizenship’ in unfavourable legal contexts: stepwise migration of the Korean Chinese within and beyond northeast Asia
Jaeeun Kim

The ethno-demographic impact of co-ethnic citizenship in Central and Eastern Europe
Costica Dumbrava

The passport as means of identity management: making and unmaking ethnic boundaries through citizenship
Szabolcs Pogonyi

Strategy, identity or legitimacy? Analysing engagement with dual citizenship from the bottom-up
Eleanor Knott

Genuine links and useful passports: evaluating strategic uses of citizenship
Rainer Bauböck

Issue 7


Immigrant life satisfaction in Europe: the role of social and symbolic boundaries
Boris Heizmann & Petra Böhnke

Ethnocentrism versus group-specific stereotyping in immigration opinion: cross-national evidence on the distinctiveness of immigrant groups
Tobias B. Konitzer, Shanto Iyengar, Nicholas A. Valentino, Stuart Soroka & Raymond M. Duch

Learning to be gay: LGBTQ forced migrant identities and narratives in Belgium
Alexander Dhoest

Precarious intimacies – Europeanised border regime and migrant sex work
Niina Vuolajärvi

Attitudes to immigrants in South Africa: personality and vulnerability
Didier Ruedin

Consequences of religious and secular boundaries among the majority population for perceived discrimination among Muslim minorities in Western Europe
Sabine Trittler

Why do newcomers vote for a newcomer? Support for an immigrant party
Simon Otjes & André Krouwel

Informal practices and the street-level construction of migrant deportability: Chechen refugees and local authorities in Polish accommodation centres for asylum seekers
Michal Sipos

Strategies for origin-based surveying of international migrants
Dirgha J. Ghimire, Nathalie E. Williams, Arland Thornton, Linda Young-DeMarco & Prem Bhandari

The public and the private in guestworker schemes: examples from Malaysia and the U.S.
Joseph Trawicki Anderson & Anja K. Franck



Learning to be gay: LGBTQ forced migrant identities and narratives in Belgium
Alexander Dhoest

Issue 8

Special Issue: Migration Governance in an Era of Large Movements


Introduction to Special issue: ‘migration governance in an era of large movements: a multi-level approach’
Marion Panizzon & Micheline van Riemsdijk


Strengthening migration governance: the UN as ‘wingman’
Colleen Thouez

The Global Forum on Migration and Development as a venue of state socialisation: a stepping stone for multi-level migration governance?
Stefan Rother

Regional migration governance – building block of global initiatives?
Sandra Lavenex

Trans-regional institutional cooperation as multilevel governance: ECOWAS migration policy and the EU
Amanda Bisong

Multi-level governance and migration politics in the Arab world: the case of Syria’s displacement
Tamirace Fakhoury

Making good citizens: local authorities’ integration measures navigate national policies and local realities
Romana Careja

The effects of multilevel governance on the rights of migrant domestic workers in Singapore
Gabriela Marti

The ‘spirit of the Schengen rules’, the humanitarian visa, and contested asylum governance in Europe – The Swiss case
Philip Hanke, Marek Wieruszewski & Marion Panizzon

Issue 9


The paradox of integration: why do higher educated new immigrants perceive more discrimination in Germany?
Jan-Philip Steinmann

Finding your way into employment against all odds? Successful job search of refugees in Austria
Roland Verwiebe, Bernhard Kittel, Fanny Dellinger, Christina Liebhart, David Schiestl, Raimund Haindorfer & Bernd Liedl

Contact and conflict between adult children and their parents in immigrant families: is integration problematic for family relationships?
Matthijs Kalmijn

Communities of belonging in the temporariness of the Danish Asylum System: Shalini’s anchoring points
Andrea Verdasco

‘I grew a beard and my dad flipped out!’ Co-option of British Muslim parents in countering ‘extremism’ within their families in Bradford and Leeds
Madeline-Sophie Abbas

Why symbolise control? Irregular migration to the UK and symbolic policy-making in the 1960s
Mike Slaven & Christina Boswell

Workers by any other name: comparing co-ethnics and ‘interns’ as labour migrants to Japan
Yunchen Tian

‘The sweet memories of home have gone’: displaced people searching for home in a liminal space
Luis Eduardo Perez Murcia

Ethnic inequality, cultural distance, and social integration: evidence from a native-settler conflict in the Philippines
Omar Shahabudin McDoom

Im/mobile highly skilled migrants in Qatar
Zahra Babar, Michael Ewers & Nabil Khattab

The occupational (im)mobility of migrants in Italy
Elisa Barbiano di Belgiojoso

Social welfare grey zones: how and why subnational actors provide when nations do not?
Erica Dobbs, Peggy Levitt, Sonia Parella & Alisa Petroff

Support and setback: how religion and religious organisations shape the incorporation of unaccompanied indigenous youth
Stephanie L. Canizales

Social structure, relationships and reproduction in quasi-family networks: brokering circular migration of Vietnamese sex workers to Singapore
Nicolas Lainez

Information and communication technologies and migrant intimacies: the case of Punjabi youth in Manila
Jason Vincent A. Cabañes

Female employment following childbirth: differences between native and immigrant women in Switzerland
Elena Vidal-Coso

Issue 10

Special Issue: Intergenerational Relations Among Immigrants in Europe


Intergenerational relations among immigrants in Europe: the role of ethnic differences, migration and acculturation
Marco Albertini, Debora Mantovani & Giancarlo Gasperoni


The impact of migration on intergenerational solidarity types
Helen Baykara-Krumme & Tineke Fokkema

Intergenerational ties across borders: a typology of the relationships between Polish migrants in the Netherlands and their ageing parents
Kasia Karpinska & Pearl A. Dykstra

Intergenerational relationships among Latino immigrant families in Spain: conflict and emotional intimacy
Mariña Fernández-Reino & Amparo González-Ferrer

Whom to help and why? Family norms on financial support for adult children among immigrants
Marco Albertini, Giancarlo Gasperoni & Debora Mantovani

Co-residence of adult children with their parents: differences by migration background explored and explained
Helga A. G. de Valk & Valeria Bordone

First-generation immigrant transfers and mobility intentions: longitudinal evidence from France
François-Charles Wolff

Issue 11


Ethnic diversity and attitudes towards refugees
Liza G. Steele & Lamis Abdelaaty

Hiding within racial hierarchies: how undocumented immigrants make residential decisions in an American city
Asad L. Asad & Eva Rosen

The fertility integration of Mexican-Americans across generations: confronting the problem of the ‘third’ generation
Christopher D. Smith & Susan K. Brown

Ethnic minorities in British politics: candidate selection and clan politics in the Labour Party
Parveen Akhtar & Timothy Peace

‘If it weren’t for rugby I’d be in prison now’: Pacific Islanders, rugby and the production of natural spaces
Brent McDonald, Lena Rodriguez & James Rimumutu George

The new ‘twice migrants’: motivations, experiences and disillusionments of Italian-Bangladeshis relocating to London
Francesco Della Puppa & Russell King

New neighbours in a time of change: local pragmatics and the perception of asylum centres in rural Denmark
Zachary Whyte, Birgitte Romme Larsen & Karen Fog Olwig

Migrants’ class and parenting: the role of cultural capital in Migrants’ inequalities in education
Karolina Barglowski

Enabling sexual self-fashioning: embracing, rejecting and transgressing modernity among the Iranian Dutch
Rahil Roodsaz & Willy Jansen

‘We were forgotten’: explaining ethnic voting in Bolivia’s highlands and lowlands
Aline-Sophia Hirseland & Oliver Strijbis

Could you help me, please? Intersectional field experiments on everyday discrimination in clothing stores
Dounia Bourabain & Pieter-Paul Verhaeghe

Sacred remittances: money, migration and the moral economy of development in a transnational African church
David Garbin

Living as a non-Christian in a Christian community: experiences of religious marginalisation amongst young Korean Americans
Jane Yeonjae Lee

American Indian erasure and the logic of elimination: an experimental study of depiction and support for resources and rights for tribes
Raymond Orr, Katelyn Sharratt & Muhammad Iqbal

‘We can’t just put any belly-dancer into the program’: cultural activism as boundary work in the city of Bratislava
Ivana Rapošová

Ethnic origin and identity in the Jewish population of Israel
Noah Lewin-Epstein & Yinon Cohen

Issue 12

Special Issue: Against the evidence: Europe's migration challenge and the failure to protect


The politics of evidence-based policy in Europe’s ‘migration crisis’
Martin Baldwin-Edwards, Brad K. Blitz & Heaven Crawley


Seeking refuge in Europe: spaces of transit and the violence of migration management
Leonie Ansems de Vries & Elspeth Guild

The anti-policy of European anti-smuggling as a site of contestation in the Mediterranean migration ‘crisis’
Nina Perkowski & Vicki Squire

Gendered mobilities and vulnerabilities: refugee journeys to and in Europe
Eleonore Kofman

The EC hotspot approach in Greece: creating liminal EU territory
Anna Papoutsi, Joe Painter, Evie Papada & Antonis Vradis

Italy: the ‘illegality factory’? Theory and practice of refugees’ reception in Sicily
Alessio D’Angelo

The ‘Great Migration’ of summer 2015: analysing the assemblage of key drivers in Turkey
Franck Düvell

Coping with the Libyan migration crisis
Martin Baldwin-Edwards & Derek Lutterbeck

Common agenda or Europe’s agenda? International protection, human rights and migration from the Horn of Africa
Heaven Crawley & Brad K. Blitz

Issue 13


The changing political impact of compassion-evoking pictures: the case of the drowned toddler Alan Kurdi
Jacob Sohlberg, Peter Esaiasson & Johan Martinsson

New and enduring narratives of vulnerability: rethinking stories about the figure of the refugee
Kate Smith & Louise Waite

Domesticating ‘transnational cultural capital’: the Chinese state and diasporic technopreneur returnees
Na Ren & Hong Liu

Labour market participation of Sub-Saharan Africans in the Netherlands: the limits of the human capital approach
Diane Confurius, Ruben Gowricharn & Jaco Dagevos

Detention and its discontents: punishment and compliance within the U.K. detention estate through the lens of the withdrawal of Assisted Voluntary Return
Sarah Walker

Protective ethnicity: how Armenian immigrants’ extracurricular youth organisations redistribute cultural capital to the second-generation in Los Angeles
Oshin Khachikian

Personality and ideological bases of anti-immigrant prejudice among Croatian youth
Jelena Matić, Ajana Löw & Denis Bratko

Ethnic economies in the age of retail chains: comparing the presence of chain-affiliated and independently owned ethnic restaurants in ethnic neighbourhoods
Mahesh Somashekhar

Should I stay or should I go? What we can learn from working patterns of Central and Eastern European labour migrants about the nature of present-day migration
Anita Strockmeijer, Paul de Beer & Jaco Dagevos

Transnational grandchildhood: negotiating intergenerational grandchild–grandparent ties across borders
Adéla Souralová

The influence of social networks, social capital, and the ethnic community on the U.S. destination choices of Mexican migrant men
Christina A. Sue, Fernando Riosmena & Joshua LePree

Selection, adaptation and advantage. Later-life health and wellbeing of English migrants to Australia
Bram Vanhoutte, Vanessa Loh, James Nazroo, Hal Kendig, Kate O’Loughlin & Julie Byles

Why developmental states accept guest workers: bureaucratic policy-making and the politics of labour migration in Singapore
Jack Jin Gary Lee

Satisfied after all? Working trajectories and job satisfaction of foreign-born female domestic and care workers in Italy
Elisa Barbiano di Belgiojoso & Livia Elisa Ortensi

Issue 14

Special Issue 1: Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals through the Gender, Migration and Development Nexus;

Special Issue 2: The Making and Unmaking of Precarious, Ideal Subjects – Migration Brokerage in the Global South

Special Issue: Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals through the Gender, Migration and Development Nexus


Achieving the sustainable development goals: surfacing the role for a gender analytic of migration
Jenna Holliday, Jenna Hennebry & Sarah Gammage


Who gets ‘Left behind’? Promises and pitfalls in making the global development agenda work for sex workers – reflections from Southeast Asia
Juanita Elias & Jenna Holliday

International nurse migration from India and the Philippines: the challenge of meeting the sustainable development goals in training, orderly migration and healthcare worker retention
Maddy Thompson & Margaret Walton-Roberts

Gender, migration and care deficits: what role for the sustainable development goals?
Sarah Gammage & Natacha Stevanovic

Not without them: realising the sustainable development goals for women migrant workers
Jenna Hennebry, KC Hari & Nicola Piper

Special Issue: The making and unmaking of precarious, ideal subjects – migration brokerage in the Global South


The making and unmaking of precarious, ideal subjects – migration brokerage in the Global South
Priya Deshingkar


Please, thank you and sorry – brokering migration and constructing identities for domestic work in Ghana
Mariama Awumbila, Priya Deshingkar, Leander Kandilige, Joseph Kofi Teye & Mary Setrana

Chutes-and-ladders: the migration industry, conditionality, and the production of precarity among migrant domestic workers in Singapore
Kellynn Wee, Charmian Goh & Brenda S. A. Yeoh

What is a legitimate mobility manager? Juxtaposing migration brokers with the EU
L. Åkesson & J. Alpes

Labour migration brokerage and Dalit politics in Andhra Pradesh: a Dalit fabric of labour circulation
David Picherit

Producing ideal Bangladeshi migrants for precarious construction work in Qatar
Priya Deshingkar, C. R. Abrar, Mirza Taslima Sultana, Kazi Nurmohammad Hossainul Haque & Md Selim Reza

Issue 15


Intergroup contact and its right-wing ideological constraint
Jens Peter Frølund Thomsen & Arzoo Rafiqi

Migration and queer mobilisations: how migration facilitates cross-border LGBTQ activism
Phillip M. Ayoub & Lauren Bauman

Evaluating the effects of immigrant integration policies in Western Europe using a difference-in-differences approach
Michael Neureiter

Perceived discrimination as a major factor behind return migration? The return of Turkish qualified migrants from the USA and Germany
Meltem Yilmaz Sener

A division of labour? Labour market segmentation by region of origin: the case of intra-EU migrants in the UK, Germany and Denmark
Jonas Felbo-Kolding, Janine Leschke & Thees F. Spreckelsen

Does selective acculturation work? Cultural orientations, educational aspirations and school effort among children of immigrants in Norway
Jon Horgen Friberg

The impact of school tracking on school misconduct: variations by migration background in England, The Netherlands, and Sweden
Sara Geven

From irregular migration to radicalisation? Fragile borders, securitised development and the government of Moroccan youth
Lorena Gazzotti

New patterns of ethnic diversity: exploring the residential geographies of mixed-ethnicity individuals in Sydney, Australia
Alexander Tindale

The hope of a better life? Exploring the challenges faced by migrant Roma families in Ireland in relation to children’s education
Patricia Kennedy & Karen Smith

Rhythms of ‘Free’ movement: migrants' bodies and time under South Korean visa regime
June Hee Kwon

Latinos’ connections to immigrants: how knowing a deportee impacts Latino health
Edward D. Vargas, Melina Juárez, Gabriel R. Sanchez & Maria Livaudais

Episodic ethnicity: a case study of a Japanese Buddhist temple
Andrew Nova Le

The Mexican European diaspora: class, race and distinctions on social networking sites
Lorena Nessi García & Olga Guedes Bailey

Non-state actors in the regularisation of undocumented youths: the role of the ‘education without borders network’ in Paris
Stephen P. Ruszczyk

Issue 16

Special Issue: Transnational Families in Global Migration: Navigating Economic Development and Life Cycles Across Blurred and Brittle Borders


Note from the Guest Editor


Transnational families negotiating migration and care life cycles across nation-state borders
Deborah Fahy Bryceson


Beyond breadwinning: Ghanaian transnational fathering in the Netherlands
Miranda Poeze

Parental migration and disruptions in everyday life: reactions of left-behind children in Southeast Asia
Theodora Lam & Brenda S. A. Yeoh

Here or there? Gendered return migration to Bolivia from Spain during economic crisis and fluctuating migration policies
Raquel Martínez-Buján

Transnational migration and the involuntary return of undocumented migrants across the Cambodian–Thai border
Robert Nurick & Sochanny Hak

Tourist brides and migrant grooms: Cuban–Danish couples and family reunification policies
Nadine T. Fernandez

Transnational mobility and cross-border family life cycles: A century of Welsh-Italian migration
Emanuela Bianchera, Robin Mann & Sarah Harper

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