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9 - 22 сентября 2019

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World Urbanization Prospects The 2018 Revision

Demographic scenarios for the EU

Health System Review. Poland

Население и социальные индикаторы стран СНГ и отдельных стран мира. 2015-2018

Cоциально значимые заболевания населения России в 2018 году

По страницам журналов «Население и экономика» и «Экономика и организация промышленного производства»

Содержание журнала «Journal of Demographic Economics»

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Journal of Demographic Economics


Volume 84, 2018

Issue 1, March

Special Issue: Gender, Family and Development


Editorial Introduction
Rohini Somanathan

Research Papers

The impact of education on women's preferences for gender equality: evidence from Sierra Leone
Colin Cannonier, Naci Mocan

Mother singlehood at first birth and mortality risks of first- and later-born children: the case of Senegal
Nathalie Guilbert, Karine Marazyan

Marriage payments and women's bargaining power in rural Bangladesh
Nazia Mansoor

Intrahousehold distribution in migrant-sending families
Lucia Mangiavacchi, Federico Perali, Luca Piccoli

Issue 2, June

Research Papers

From empty pews to empty cradles: fertility decline among european catholics
Eli Berman, Laurence R. Iannaccone, Giuseppe Ragusa

A more measured approach: an evaluation of different measures of marriage rates and implications for family economics
Mary Ann Bronson, Maurizio Mazzocco

Decomposing gaps between roma and non-roma in Romania
Christopher Rauh

Issue 3, September

Research Papers

Racial differences in the effect of marriageable males on female family headship
Terry-Ann Craigie, Samuel L. Myers, William A. Darity

An analysis of female labor supply, home production, and household consumption expenditures
Kellie Forrester, Jennifer Klein

The impact of new drug launches on life-years lost in 2015 from 19 types of cancer in 36 countries
Frank R. Lichtenberg

Issue 4, December

Research Papers

Time, space, and skills in designing migration policy
Michał Burzyński

The role of fathers in the criminal careers of juveniles in Italy
Luca Pieroni, Donatella Lanari

Net nutrition and the transition from 19th century bound to free-labor: assessing dietary change with differences-in-decompositions
Scott Alan Carson

Volume 85, 2019

Issue 1, March

Research Papers

Are we born equal: a study of intergenerational income mobility in China
Mengjie Jin, Xuemei Bai, Kevin X Li, Wenming Shi

The effect of family size on education: new evidence from China's one-child policy
Laura M. Argys, Susan L. Averett

Reexamination of the Serendipity Theorem from the stability viewpoint
Akira Momota, Tomoya Sakagami, Akihisa Shibata

First come, first served? Birth order effects on child height in South Africa
Rajan Bishwakarma, Kira M. Villa

Issue 2, June

Research Papers

The living arrangements of elderly widows, their children, and their children's spouses
Carlos Bethencourt

Female labor force participation and fertility differentials
Irakli Japaridze

Repercussions of negatively selective migration for the behavior of non-migrants when preferences are social
Oded Stark, Wiktor Budzinski

Issue 3, September

Research Papers

The costs of consumption smoothing: less schooling and less nutrition
Leandro De Magalhães, Dongya Koh, Räul Santaeulàlia-Llopis

The likelihood of divorce and the riskiness of financial decisions
Oded Stark, Krzysztof Szczygielski

Forecasting human capital of EU member countries accounting for sociocultural determinants
Guillaume Marois, Patrick Sabourin, Alain Bélanger

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