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World Population Prospects 2019

О состоянии санитарно-эпидемиологического благополучия населения России в 2018 году

Статистика о жизни людей с инвалидностью в странах Содружества Независимых Государств

Таджикистан. Медико-демографическое исследование 2017

Улучшение показателей по неинфекционным заболеваниям: барьеры и возможности систем здравоохранения. Страновая оценка – Казахстан

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Содержание журнала «Journal of Marriage and Family»

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Journal of Marriage and Family


Volume 81, 2019

Issue 2, April

Issue Information

The Work Family Interface

Childrearing Stages and Work–Family Conflict: The Role of Job Demands and Resources
Kei Nomaguchi, Marshal Neal Fettro

Harried and Unhealthy? Parenthood, Time Pressure, and Mental Health
Leah Ruppanner, Francisco Perales, Janeen Baxter

Is Two Too Many? Parity and Mothers' Labor Force Exit
Catherine Doren

Labor Force Status, Transitions, and Mothers' and Fathers' Parenting Stress: Direct and Cross‐Spousal Influences
Lyn Craig, Brendan Churchill

Families and the Economy

Beliefs About Money in Families: Balancing Unity, Autonomy, and Gender Equality
Joanna R. Pepin

Local Employment Conditions and Unintended Pregnancy
Jessica Houston Su

Leaving the Financial Nest: Connecting Young Adults' Financial Independence to Financial Security
Megan Doherty Bea, Youngmin Yi

Wage Penalties

The Wage Penalty for Parental Caregiving: Has It Declined Over Time?
Rebecca Glauber

Motherhood Penalties in the U.S., 1986–2014
Eunjung Jee, Joya Misra, Marta Murray Close

Family Policy

Use of Parental Benefits by Family Income in Canada: Two Policy Changes
Rachel Margolis, Feng Hou, Michael Haan, Anders Holm

Paternity Leave and Parental Relationships: Variations by Gender and Mothers' Work Statuses
Richard J. Petts, Chris Knoester

Gender and Sexual Minority Families

The Qualities of Same‐Sex and Different‐Sex Couples in Young Adulthood
Kara Joyner, Wendy Manning, Barbara Prince

Mom, Dad, or Somewhere In Between: Role‐Relational Ambiguity and Children of Transgender Parents
Jaclyn Tabor

Of General Interest

Accounting for Divorce in Marital Research: An Application to Growth Mixture Modeling
Jeremy B. Kanter, Christine M. Proulx, J. Kale Monk

Adoption: A Strategy to Fulfill Sex Preferences of U.S. Parents
Ashley Larsen Gibby, Kevin J. A. Thomas

Issue 3, June

Issue Information

Families in China

Patrilocal, Matrilocal, or Neolocal? Intergenerational Proximity of Married Couples in China
Rob J. Gruijters, John Ermisch

Economic Resources, Cultural Matching, and the Rural–Urban Boundary in China's Marriage Market
Yun Zhou

Parental Education and College Students' Attitudes Toward Love: Survey Evidence From China
Anning Hu, Xiaogang Wu

Intergenerational Family Relationships

Intergenerational Exchange of Support in Low‐Income Families: Understanding Resource Dilution and Increased Contribution
Josipa Roksa

Recent Parental Death and Relationship Qualities Between Midlife Adults and Their Grown Children
Yijung Kim, Kyungmin Kim, Kathrin Boerner, Kira S. Birditt, Steven H. Zarit, Karen L. Fingerman

Intergenerational Transmission of Female Genital Cutting: Community and Marriage Dynamics
Elizabeth Heger Boyle, Joseph Svec

Intergenerational Risk of Parentification and Infantilization to Externalizing Moderated by Child Temperament
Amy K. Nuttall, Qian Zhang, Kristin Valentino, John G. Borkowski

The Roles of Parents in Shaping Fathering Across Generations in Cebu, Philippines
Lee T. Gettler, Patty X. Kuo, Abet Bas, Judith B. Borja

Leaving the Parental Home

Leaving and Returning Home: A New Approach to Off‐Time Transitions
Lonneke van den Berg, Matthijs Kalmijn, Thomas Leopold

Young Adults' Patterns of Leaving the Parental Home: A Focus on Differences Among Asian Americans
Phoebe Ho, Hyunjoon Park

Of General Interest

Latino/a Citizen Children of Undocumented Parents Negotiating Illegality
Cassaundra Rodriguez

Do Family Relationships Buffer the Impact of Disability on Older Adults' Daily Mood? An Exploration of Gender and Marital Status Differences
Deborah Carr, Jennifer C. Cornman, Vicki A. Freedman

Brief Reports

Moving Past Dichotomies of Fathering Roles: A New Approach
Ken Arsenault, J. Bart Stykes

Cohort Trends in Union Dissolution During Young Adulthood
Kasey J. Eickmeyer

Examining Couple Recreation and Oxytocin via the Ecology of Family Experiences Framework
Karen K. Melton, Maddie Larson, Maria L. Boccia



This article corrects the following:

Legal Marriage, Unequal Recognition, and Mental Health Among Same Sex Couples

Allen J. LeBlanc, David M. Frost, Kayla Bowen

Volume 80,Issue 2,Journal of Marriage and Family. pages: 397-408

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