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Journal of Marriage and Family


Volume 80, 2018

Issue 4, August

Issue Information

Marital and Cohabiting Unions

What Explains the Decline in First Marriage in the United States? Evidence from the Panel Study of Income Dynamics, 1969 to 2013
Daniel Schneider, Kristen Harknett, Matthew Stimpson

Crossing Boundaries: “Some College,” Schools, and Educational Assortative Mating
David McClendon

Serial Cohabitation in Young Adulthood: Baby Boomers to Millennials
Kasey J. Eickmeyer, Wendy D. Manning

A Research Note on the Stability of Coresidential Unions Formed Postconception
Karen Benjamin Guzzo

Fertility and Childbearing

Maternal Age and Offspring's Educational Attainment
Samuel H. Fishman, Stella Min

Fertility Behavior of Interracial Couples
Kate H. Choi, Rachel E. Goldberg

Conceptualizing Childbearing Ambivalence: A Social and Dynamic Perspective
Christie Sennott, Sara Yeatman

Child and Adolescent Well Being

The Impact of Complex Family Structure on Child Well‐being: Evidence From Siblings
Tarek Mostafa, Ludovica Gambaro, Heather Joshi

Neighborhood Physical Disorder and Early Delinquency Among Urban Children
Sarah Gold, Lenna Nepomnyaschy

Mothers' Partnerships, Men in the Home, and Adolescents' Secondary Exposure to Violence
Robert Crosnoe, Haley Stritzel, Chelsea Smith, Shannon E. Cavanagh

Parental Well Being

Ties That Bind? Comparing Kin Support Availability for Mothers of Mixed‐Race and Monoracial Infants
Jenifer L. Bratter, Ellen M. Whitehead

Doing It All? Mothers' College Enrollment, Time Use, and Affective Well‐being
Jennifer March Augustine, Kate C. Prickett, Daniela V. Negraia

Offspring Migration and Parents' Emotional and Psychological Well‐being in Mexico
Jenjira J. Yahirun, Erika Arenas

Mothers' and Fathers' Well‐Being in Parenting Across the Arch of Child Development
Ann Meier, Kelly Musick, Jocelyn Fischer, Sarah Flood

Gender Roles and Ideology

The Intergenerational Transmission of Gender Roles: Children's Contribution to Housework in Germany
Julia Cordero Coma, Gøsta Esping Andersen

Public Child‐Care Expansion and Changing Gender Ideologies of Parents in Germany
Gundula Zoch, Pia S. Schober

Gender Equality and Restless Sleep Among Partnered Europeans
David J. Maume, Belinda Hewitt, Leah Ruppanner



This article corrects the following:

Status or Access? The Impact of Marriage on Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Queer Community Change

Abigail Ocobock

Volume 80,Issue 2,Journal of Marriage and Family, pages: 367-382

First Published online: March 12, 2018

Issue 5, October

Issue Information

Gender, Motherhood, and Work

Motherhood Penalties and Living Arrangements in China
Jia Yu, Yu Xie

Gender Ideology and Women's Labor Market Transitions Within Couples in the Netherlands
Yassine Khoudja, Fenella Fleischmann

Motherhood, Employment, and Life Satisfaction: Trends in Germany Between 1984 and 2015
Klaus Preisner, Franz Neuberger, Lukas Posselt, Fabian Kratz

Fatherhood and Paternity Leave

Paternity Leave and the Motherhood Penalty: New Causal Evidence
Signe Hald Andersen

Paternity Leave‐Taking and Father Engagement
Richard J. Petts, Chris Knoester

Loose Ties? Determinants of Father–Child Contact After Separation in Germany
Katja Köppen, Michaela Kreyenfeld, Heike Trappe

A Longitudinal Examination of Housing Hardships Among Urban Fathers
Amanda Geller, Marah A. Curtis

Child Care Arrangements

Parental Work Schedules and Child‐Care Arrangements in Low‐Income Families
Peter Hepburn

Maternal Employment, Community Contexts, and the Child‐Care Arrangements of Diverse Groups
Elizabeth Ackert, Robert Ressler, Arya Ansari, Robert Crosnoe

Fertility and Childbearing

Understanding Generational Differences in Early Fertility: Proximate and Social Determinants
Rachel E. Goldberg

Family Histories and Teen Pregnancy in the United States and Canada
Chelsea Smith, Lisa Strohschein, Robert Crosnoe

Understanding Sterilization Regret in the United States: The Role of Relationship Context
Mieke C. W. Eeckhaut, Megan M. Sweeney

Union Transitions

Social Class Divergence in Family Transitions: The Importance of Cohabitation
Heather M. Rackin, Christina M. Gibson Davis

Divorce Chinese Style
Li Ma, Jani Turunen, Ester Rizzi

Making Sense of Marriage: Gender and the Transition to Adulthood in Nairobi, Kenya
Isabel Pike, Sanyu A. Mojola, Caroline W. Kabiru

Of General Interest

Social Disadvantage and Instability in Older Adults' Ties to Their Adult Children
Alyssa W. Goldman, Benjamin Cornwell

When Home Is Still Unsafe: From Family Reunification to Foster Care Reentry
Sarah A. Font, Kierra M. P. Sattler, Elizabeth Gershoff

Volume 81, 2019

Issue 1, February

Issue Information

Families and Sex

Sex in Midlife: Women's Sexual Experiences in Lesbian and Straight Marriages
Emily Allen Paine, Debra Umberson, Corinne Reczek

Sharing's More Fun for Everyone? Gender Attitudes, Sexual Self‐Efficacy, and Sexual Frequency
Daniel L. Carlson, Brian Soller

Union Instability and Dissolution

Cohabitation Experience and Cohabitation's Association With Marital Dissolution
Michael J. Rosenfeld, Katharina Roesler

Gender Gap in Repartnering: The Role of Parental Status and Custodial Arrangements
Alessandro Di Nallo

Caregiving and Union Instability in Middle and Later Life
Margaret J. Penning, Zheng Wu

Sibling and Intergenerational Ties

Changing Sibling Relationships After Parents' Death: The Role of Solidarity and Kinkeeping
Matthijs Kalmijn, Thomas Leopold

Women's Education, Intergenerational Coresidence, and Household Decision‐Making in China
Cheng Cheng

Household Labor

Diverging Trends in Satisfaction With Housework: Declines in Women, Increases in Men
Thomas Leopold

Partner Characteristics and Perceptions of Responsibility for Housework and Child Care
Long Doan, Natasha Quadlin

Parent Child Relationships

A Matter of Time: Father Involvement and Child Cognitive Outcomes
Tomás Cano, Francisco Perales, Janeen Baxter

Interparental Conflict Management Strategies and Parent–Adolescent Relationships: Disentangling Between‐Person From Within‐Person Effects Across Adolescence
Stefanos Mastrotheodoros, Jolien Van der Graaff, Maja Deković, Wim H. J. Meeus, Susan J. T. Branje

Income and Wealth

Income Level and Volatility by Children's Race and Hispanic Ethnicity
Lisa A. Gennetian, Christopher Rodrigues, Heather D. Hill, Pamela A. Morris

Childhood Family Structure and the Accumulation of Wealth Across the Life Course
Fabrizio Bernardi, Diederik Boertien, Koen Geven

Marriage and Intimate Unions

Becoming “Us”: Marital Name, Gender, and Agentic Work in Transition to Marriage
Anna Maija Castrén

The Development of Willingness to Sacrifice and Unmitigated Communion in Intimate Partnerships
Matthew D. Johnson, Rebecca M. Horne, Franz J. Neyer


Retraction: The Development of Willingness to Sacrifice and Unmitigated Communion in Intimate Partnerships by Matthew D. Johnson, Rebecca M. Horne, and Franz J. Neyer


This article corrects the following:

Loose Ties? Determinants of Father–Child Contact After Separation in Germany Katja Köppen, Michaela Kreyenfeld, Heike Trappe

Volume 80,Issue 5,Journal of Marriage and Family pages: 1163-1175

First Published online: June 13, 2018

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