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24 сентября - 7 октября 2018

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European Health Report 2018: More Than Numbers - Evidence For All

Eurostat Regional Yearbook 2018 edition

Дети и молодежь Республики Беларусь

Состояние онкологической помощи населению России в 2017 году

OECD Reviews of Health Systems: Lithuania 2018

По страницам журналов «Проблемы социальной гигиены, здравоохранения и истории медицины» и «Профилактическая медицина»

Содержание журнала «Population & Societes»

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№ 554, April 2018

AIDS and the gender gap in life expectancy in Africa
Bruno Masquelier, Georges Reniers

In sub-Saharan Africa, the majority of people living with HIV are women. Yet the number of AIDS-related deaths in this region is higher among men and the gender gap in life expectancy has expanded in recent years. Bruno Masquelier and Georges Reniers explain the reasons behind this paradox.


№ 555, May 2018

The health transition in a century of political upheaval: the case of the Baltic countries
Jacques Vallin, Domantas Jasilionis, France Meslé

The modern history of the three Baltic countries of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania has been profoundly marked by war and political upheaval. Analysing changes in life expectancy in these countries over the last century, Jacques Vallin, Domantas Jasilionis and France Meslé examine the scars left behind by these disruptive historical events.


№ 556, June 2018

One in thirty children in France conceived through assisted reproductive technology
Elise de La Rochebrochard

The world’s first ‘test tube baby’, Louise Brown, will turn forty on 25 July 2018. Elise de La Rochebrochard provides an overview of assisted reproductive technology (ART) in France since its inception. She specifies how many children conceived through ART are born in France each year, explains the methods used and the proportion of children born from gamete donation, and estimates the total number of births by ART from its beginnings.


№ 557, July-August 2018

Being a single man in rural China
Isabelle Attané

Many men in China have no choice but to remain single – a preoccupying situation, as this mass of unmarried men is perceived there as a threat to the social order. Drawing on data from the DefiChine survey, Isabelle Attané and her colleagues examine the factors of male singlehood in rural China and call into question a number of common assumptions held there, including the idea that men who cannot get married are more inclined to engage in high-risk or socially disapproved practices.


№ 558, September 2018

Europe and the spectre of sub-Saharan migration
François Héran

Sub-Saharan Africa is projected to represent 22% of the world’s population in 2050, versus 14% today. The number of migrants originally from this region should therefore increase. But by how much and toward which destinations? François Héran situates African migration in a global context of diasporas. He shows that the scenario for 2050, in which sub-Saharan migrants make up 25% of Europe’s population, does not stand up to scrutiny. The most realistic figure is five times less.


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