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International Migration Outlook 2018

Нариси з демографічної історії України ХХ століття

Estonia. Health Systems in Transition

Социально значимые заболевания населения России в 2017 году

Российская экономика в 2017 году. Тенденции и перспективы

По страницам журналов «Демографическое обозрение» и «Российский педиатрический журнал»

Содержание журнала «Demography»

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Официальный журнал
Американской демографической ассоциации


Volume 55, 2017

Issue 1, February

Original Papers

Sequential Neighborhood Effects: The Effect of Long-Term Exposure to Concentrated Disadvantage on Children’s Reading and Math Test Scores
Andrew L. Hicks, Mark S. Handcock, Narayan Sastry, Anne R. Pebley

Three Dimensions of Change in School Segregation: A Grade-Period-Cohort Analysis
Jeremy E. Fiel, Yongjun Zhang

Can Increased Educational Attainment Among Lower-Educated Mothers Reduce Inequalities in Children’s Skill Development?
Jennifer March Augustine, Daniela V. Negraia

Divorce, Separation, and Housing Changes: A Multiprocess Analysis of Longitudinal Data from England and Wales
Júlia Mikolai, Hill Kulu Pages

Marital Status and Mothers’ Time Use: Childcare, Housework, Leisure, and Sleep
Joanna R. Pepin, Liana C. Sayer, Lynne M. Casper

Family Trajectories Across Time and Space: Increasing Complexity in Family Life Courses in Europe?
Zachary Van Winkle

Racial and Ethnic Variation in the Relationship Between Student Loan Debt and the Transition to First Birth
Stella Min, Miles G. Taylor

The Changing Safety Net for Low-Income Parents and Their Children: Structural or Cyclical Changes in Income Support Policy?
Bradley Hardy, Timothy Smeeding, James P. Ziliak

Differences in Child Health Across Rural, Urban, and Slum Areas: Evidence From India
Claus C. Pörtner, Yu-hsuan Su

Health Endowment at Birth and Variation in Intergenerational Economic Mobility: Evidence From U.S. County Birth Cohorts
Cassandra Robertson, Rourke O’Brien

The Differential Mortality of Undesired Infants in Sub-Saharan Africa
Martin Flatø

Comparing Observed and Unobserved Components of Childhood: Evidence From Finnish Register Data on Midlife Mortality From Siblings and Their Parents
Hannes Kröger, Rasmus Hoffmann, Lasse Tarkiainen, Pekka Martikainen

The Mexican Drug War and Early-Life Health: The Impact of Violent Crime on Birth Outcomes
Ryan Brown

How We Fall Apart: Similarities of Human Aging in 10 European Countries
Ana Lucia Abeliansky, Holger Strulik

Health Insurance and the Aging: Evidence From the Seguro Popular Program in Mexico
Susan W. Parker, Joseph Saenz, Rebeca Wong

Issue 2, April

Is 60 the New 50? Examining Changes in Biological Age Over the Past Two Decades
Morgan E. Levine, Eileen M. Crimmins

If My Blood Pressure Is High, Do I Take It to Heart? Behavioral Effects of Biomarker Collection in the Health and Retirement Study
Ryan D. Edwards

Males’ Later-Life Mortality Consequences of Coresidence With Paternal Grandparents: Evidence From Northeast China, 1789–1909
Emma Zang, Cameron Campbell

Gender and the Residential Mobility and Neighborhood Attainment of Black-White Couples
Ryan Gabriel

Residential Mobility Across Early Childhood and Children’s Kindergarten Readiness
Stefanie Mollborn, Elizabeth Lawrence, Elisabeth Dowling Root

Transitions From Sexual Relationships Into Cohabitation and Beyond
Sharon Sassler, Katherine Michelmore, Zhenchao Qian

The Economic Foundations of Cohabiting Couples’ Union Transitions
Patrick Ishizuka

Women, Demography, and Politics: How Lower Fertility Rates Lead to Democracy
Udi Sommer

Maternity Leave and Mothers’ Long-Term Sickness Absence: Evidence From West Germany
Nicole Guertzgen, Karsten Hank

Subsidized Housing and the Transition to Adulthood
Yana Kucheva

Early Childbearing, School Attainment, and Cognitive Skills: Evidence From Madagascar
Catalina Herrera Almanza, David E. Sahn

A Second Look at the Process of Occupational Feminization and Pay Reduction in Occupations
Hadas Mandel

Editorial Notes

Co-Editors’ Note
John D. Iceland, Stephen A. Matthews, Jennifer Van Hook

Original Papers

Is Demography Just a Numerical Exercise? Numbers, Politics, and Legacies of China’s One-Child Policy
Feng Wang, Yong Cai, Ke Shen, Stuart Gietel-Basten

Making Demography Astonishing: Lessons in the Politics of Population Science
Susan Greenhalgh

Socioeconomic Factors Have Been the Major Driving Force of China’s Fertility Changes Since the Mid-1990s
Zhongwei Zhao, Guangyu Zhang

If Science Had Come First: A Billion Person Fable for the Ages (A Reply to Comments)
Daniel Goodkind

Issue 3, June

Original Papers

Gender Differences in the Consequences of Divorce: A Study of Multiple Outcomes
Thomas Leopold

School Progress Among Children of Same-Sex Couples
Caleb S. Watkins

Formerly Incarcerated Parents and Their Children
Bruce Western, Natalie Smith

Marriage Markets and Intermarriage: Exchange in First Marriages and Remarriages
Zhenchao Qian, Daniel T. Lichter

The Role of Family Behaviors in Determining Income Distribution: The Case of South Korea
Inhoe Ku, Wonjin Lee, Seoyun Lee, Kyounghoon Han

Education and Physical Health Trajectories in Later Life: A Comparative Study
Liliya Leopold

Birth Intervals and Health in Adulthood: A Comparison of Siblings Using Swedish Register Data
Kieron J. Barclay, Martin Kolk

A Cause-of-Death Decomposition of Young Adult Excess Mortality
Adrien Remund, Carlo G. Camarda, Tim Riffe

Health Selection, Migration, and HIV Infection in Malawi
Philip Anglewicz, Mark VanLandingham, Lucinda Manda-Taylor, Hans-Peter Kohler

Children and the Elderly: Wealth Inequality Among America’s Dependents
Christina M. Gibson-Davis, Christine Percheski

Growing Wealth Gaps in Education
Fabian T. Pfeffer

Incorporating Neighborhood Choice in a Model of Neighborhood Effects on Income
Maarten van Ham, Sanne Boschman, Matt Vogel

Growing and Learning When Consumption Is Seasonal: Long-Term Evidence From Tanzania
Paul Christian, Brian Dillon

Measuring Geographic Migration Patterns Using Matrículas Consulares
Maria Esther Caballero, Brian C. Cadena, Brian K. Kovak

Beyond the Border and Into the Heartland: Spatial Patterning of U.S. Immigration Detention
Margot Moinester

Issue 4, August

Original Papers

Partners’ Educational Pairings and Fertility Across Europe
Natalie Nitsche, Anna Matysiak, Jan Van Bavel, Daniele Vignoli

The Impact of the Affordable Care Act Young Adult Provision on Childbearing: Evidence From Tax Data
Bradley Heim, Ithai Lurie, Kosali Simon

Father Absence and Accelerated Reproductive Development in Non-Hispanic White Women in the United States
Lauren Gaydosh, Daniel W. Belsky, Benjamin W. Domingue, Jason D. Boardman, Kathleen Mullan Harris

Maybe Next Month? Temperature Shocks and Dynamic Adjustments in Birth Rates
Alan Barreca, Olivier Deschenes, Melanie Guldi

Organized Violence and Institutional Child Delivery: Micro-Level Evidence From Sub-Saharan Africa, 1989–2014
Gudrun Østby, Henrik Urdal, Andreas Forø Tollefsen, Andreas Kotsadam, Ragnhild Belbo, Christin Ormhaug

Effect of Retirement on Cognition: Evidence From the Irish Marriage Bar
Irene Mosca, Robert E.

Extension, Compression, and Beyond: A Unique Classification System for Mortality Evolution Patterns
Matthias Börger, Martin Genz, Jochen Ruß

Bayesian Estimation of Age-Specific Mortality and Life Expectancy for Small Areas With Defective Vital Records
Carl P. Schmertmann, Marcos R. Gonzaga

Cross-National Comparisons of Union Stability in Cohabiting and Married Families With Children
Kelly Musick, Katherine Michelmore

Same-Sex Married Tax Filers After Windsor and Obergefell
Robin Fisher, Geof Gee, Adam Looney

Sampling Weights for Analyses of Couple Data: Example of the Demographic and Health Surveys
Stan Becker, Amanda Kalamar

Imputation Match Bias in Immigrant Wage Convergence
Joni Hersch, Jennifer Bennett Shinall

The Effects of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals on the Educational Outcomes of Undocumented Students
Amy Hsin, Francesc Ortega

How Durable Are Ethnoracial Segregation and Spatial Disadvantage? Intergenerational Contextual Mobility in France
Haley McAvay

Places of Persistence: Slavery and the Geography of Intergenerational Mobility in the United States
Thor Berger

Cohort Differences in Parental Financial Help to Adult Children
John C. Henretta, Matthew F. Van Voorhis, Beth J. Soldo


Correction to: Interior Immigration Enforcement and Political Participation of U.S. Citizens in Mixed-Status Households
Catalina Amuedo-Dorantes, Mary J. Lopez

Correction to: Perturbation Analysis of Indices of Lifespan Variability
Alyson A. van Raalte, Hal Caswell

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