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26 марта - 8 апреля 2018

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World Population Ageing 2017

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№ 548, October 2017

Across the world, is men’s fertility different from that of women?

Bruno Schoumaker

Fertility is generally calculated by dividing the number of births by the number of women of reproductive age to obtain a mean number of children per woman. Looking at the question from a male perspective, Bruno Schoumaker has calculated the mean number of children per man for most countries of the world and explains here why men’s and women’s fertility are sometimes very different.


№ 549, November 2017

Fifty years of legal contraception in France:diffusion, medicalization, feminization

Mireille Le Guen, Le laboratoire junior Contraception&Genre

By legalizing access to “anti-conceptional” methods, France’s Neuwirth Law paved the way for the diffusion of the contraceptive pill and the IUD, and for the medicalization of contraception. The birth control pill is now the most widely used method in France, though in third place at the international level, behind male and female sterilization, and the IUD. Since 2012 and the “pill scare” around new generations of birth control pills, pill use has decreased in France in favour of other methods, though the pill is still most commonly used. The recent controversy around the pill has opened up critical perspectives on the French contraceptive model, which may evolve toward more equal sharing of the responsibility for contraception between men and women.


№ 550, December 2017

Young women in large cities are the main victims of violence in public space

Amandine Lebugle, l’équipe de l’enquête Virage

Violence against women in the street and in public transport is a major social issue. The VIRAGE survey conducted by the French Institute for Demographic Studies in 2015 gives a clearer picture of men’s and women’s experiences in public space and of the violence – verbal, physical and sexual – to which they are exposed. What are the characteristics of the most frequent victims?


№ 551, January 2018

Why has fertility been increasing in Egypt?

Anne Goujon, Zakarya Al Zalak

A recent upturn in fertility has been observed in several Arab countries. This new trend is surprising and contradicts the demographic transition model. Is it linked to an increase in religiosity in these countries? Examining the case of Egypt, where the fertility rebound is very pronounced, Anne Goujon and Zakarya Al Zalak suggest that the high levels of unemployment among Egyptian women, the most educated in particular, may provide an alternative explanation.


№ 552, February 2018

Admission to France of asylum seekers since 2000

Hippolyte d’Albis, Ekrame Boubtane

What happens to the people who apply for asylum in France? How many obtain protection? And what proportion of unsuccessful asylum seekers are admitted for residence on other grounds, such as employment or family reasons? Analysing data since 2000, Hippolyte d’Albis and Ekrame Boubtane calculate the share of asylum seekers admitted for residence in France and describe the variations by year of application and by reason for admission.


№ 553, March 2018

1968-2018: Four demographic surprises in France over the last 50 years

Gilles Pison

French demography is a tale of continuity and surprises. To mark the 50th anniversary of Population and Societies (the first issue was published in March 1968), Gilles Pison highlights four demographic changes that nobody was expecting half a century ago: the astonishing increase in life expectancy, the postponement of motherhood, the increase in births outside marriage and the invention and success of civil partnerships.


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