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Социальное положение и уровень жизни населения России. 2017

Мониторинг демографического развития Москвы. 2016-2017 гг.: аналитические материалы

Сборник статистических материалов по болезням системы кровообращения

Green book ageing society. How “new ageing” will change our lives

Low Fertility And Reproductive Health In East Asia

По страницам журналов «Демографическое обозрение»-«Demographic Review» и «Вестник МГУ. Серия 18. Социология и политология»

Содержание журнала «European Journal of Population»

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Volume 33, 2017

Issue 3, July

Original Papers

Surviving the Holocaust: Socio-demographic Differences Among Amsterdam Jews
Peter Tammes

Choosing to Remain Childless? A Comparative Study of Fertility Intentions Among Women and Men in Italy and Britain
Francesca Fiori, Francesca Rinesi, Elspeth Graham

Quantifying Economic Dependency
Elke Loichinger, Bernhard Hammer, Alexia Prskawetz, Michael Freiberger, Joze Sambt

Changes in Employment Uncertainty and the Fertility Intention–Realization Link: An Analysis Based on the Swiss Household Panel
Doris Hanappi, Valérie-Anne Ryser, Laura Bernardi, Jean-Marie Le Goff

Fertility Patterns Among Turkish Women in Turkey and Abroad: The Effects of International Mobility, Migrant Generation, and Family Background
Helen Baykara-Krumme, Nadja Milewski

Book Review

André Grow and Jan Van Bavel (eds): Agent-Based Modelling in Population Studies: Concepts, Methods, and Applications
Thomas Fent

Margaret O’Brien and Karin Wall (Eds.): Comparative Perspectives on Work–Life Balance and Gender Equality
Gayle Kaufman

Issue 4, October

Original Papers

The Reversed Gender Gap in Education and Assortative Mating in Europe
Yolien De Hauw, André Grow, Jan Van Bavel

Religiosity and Fertility: Jews in Israel
Barbara S. Okun

Individual Survival Expectations and Actual Mortality: Evidence from Dutch Survey and Administrative Data
Vesile Kutlu-Koc, Adriaan Kalwij

The Influence of Parental Educational Attainment on the Partnership Context at First Birth in 16 Western Societies
Judith C. Koops, Aart C. Liefbroer, Anne H. Gauthier

Migrating with Special Needs? Projections of Flows of Migrant Women with Female Genital Mutilation/Cutting Toward Europe 2016–2030
Livia Elisa Ortensi, Alessio Menonna

Why Childless Men and Women Give Up on Having Children
Petra Buhr, Johannes Huinink

Book Review

Cesnuitytè, Vida, Lück, Detlev and Widmer, Eric D.: Family Continuity and Change. Contemporary European Perspectives. Series: Palgrave Macmillan Studies in Family and Intimate Life
Nicole Hiekel

Biodemography of Aging Determinants of Healthy Life Span and Longevity
Vladimir Canudas-Romo, José Manuel Aburto

Issue 5, December

Special issue: The end of East-West divergence in European life expectancies?

Editorial Notes

The End of East–West Divergence in European Life Expectancies? An Introduction to the Special Issue
France Meslé, Jacques Vallin

Original Papers

Reconstructing Long-Term Coherent Cause-of-Death Series, a Necessary Step for Analyzing Trends
Markéta Pechholdová, Carlo-Giovanni Camarda, France Meslé, Jacques Vallin

Between ‘Pioneers’ of the Cardiovascular Revolution and Its ‘Late Followers’: Mortality Changes in the Czech Republic and Poland Since 1968
Agnieszka Fihel, Marketa Pechholdová

Alcohol-Related Causes of Death and Drinking Patterns in Moldova as Compared to Russia and Ukraine
Olga Penina

Health Convergence Between East and West Germany as Reflected in Long-Term Cause-Specific Mortality Trends: To What Extent was it Due to Reunification?
Pavel Grigoriev, Markéta Pechholdová

Recent Mortality Trend Reversal in Russia: Are Regions Following the Same Tempo?
Sergey Timonin, Inna Danilova, Evgeny Andreev, Vladimir M. Shkolnikov

Volume 34, 2018

Issue 1, February

Original Papers

Maternal Repartnering: Does Father Involvement Matter? Evidence from United Kingdom
Lawrence M. Berger, Lidia Panico, Anne Solaz

Family Systems and Fertility Intentions: Exploring the Pathways of Influence
Bastian Mönkediek, Hilde Bras

Migration and the Partner Market: How Gender-Selective Relocations Affect Regional Mating Chances in Germany
Jan Eckhard, Johannes Stauder

Mortality Differences by Partnership Status in England and Wales: The Effect of Living Arrangements or Health Selection?
Sebastian Franke, Hill Kulu

The Decline in Marriage in Israel, 1960–2007: Period or Cohort Effect?
Jona Schellekens, David Gliksberg

Book Review

Ronald J. Burke and Lisa M. Calvano (eds): The Sandwich Generation. Caring for Oneself and Others at Home and at Work
Anita Abramowska-Kmon

Hans-Peter Blossfeld, Nevena Kulic, Jan Skopek and Moris Triventi (eds.): Childcare, Early Education and Social Inequality. An International Perspective
Birgit Becker

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