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Миграционная политика России: история и современность

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Демографический ежегодник Кыргызской Республики: 2011-2015

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Содержание журнала «Journal of International Migration and Integration»

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Journal of International Migration and Integration


Volume 17, 2016
Issue 1, February 2016

Socioeconomic Adaptation of Post-1991 Eastern European Immigrants in the USA
Nina Michalikova, Philip Q. Yang

Tapping into the Potential of Academic Diaspora for Homeland Development: the Case of Nigeria
Francis Amagoh, Taiabur Rahman

Economic Integration of Pre-WWI Immigrants from the British Isles in the Canadian Labour Market
Jason Dean, Maryam Dilmaghani

Developments and Complementarities in International Migration Paradigms
I. H. Burnley

Home in Canada? The Settlement Experiences of Tibetans in Parkdale, Toronto
Jennifer Logan, Robert Murdie

Socioeconomic Diversity Among African Immigrants in the United States: An Intra-African Immigrant Comparison
Abdi M. Kusow, Sitawa R. Kimuna, Mamadi Corra

Immigrant Enclave Thesis Reconsidered: Case of Chinese Immigrants in the Enclave and Mainstream Economy in Canada
Eva Xiaoling Li, Peter S. Li

From International Migration to Transnational Diaspora: Theorizing “Double Diaspora” from the Experience of Chinese Canadians in Beijing
Shibao Guo

Predictors of Living in Precarious Housing Among Immigrants Accessing Housing Support Services
Micheal L. Shier, John R. Graham, Eriko Fukuda, Alina Turner

Back to School in a New Country? The Educational Participation of Adult Immigrants in a Life-Course Perspective
Janina Söhn Pages

Understanding Immigrant Population Growth Within Urban Areas: A Spatial Econometric Approach
Joan Carles Martori, Philippe Apparicio, André Ngamini Ngui

Communicating Employability: the Role of Communicative Competence for Zimbabwean Highly Skilled Migrants in the UK
Roda Madziva, Simon McGrath, Juliet Thondhlana

Discrimination of the Second Generation: Evidence from a Field Experiment in Norway
Arnfinn H. Midtbøen

In Their Own Words: Mental Health and Quality of Life of West African Refugees in Nigeria
O. O. Akinyemi, E. T. Owoaje, E. O. Cadmus

Mandatory Integration Measures and Differential Inclusion: The Italian Case
Paolo Cuttitta

Involuntary Return Migration and Reintegration. The Case of Ghanaian Migrant Workers from Libya
Esi Akyere Mensah

Issue 2, May 2016

Testimonial Engagement: Undocumented Latina Mothers Navigating a Gendered Deportation Regime
John Doering-White, Pilar Horner, Laura Sanders, Ramiro Martinez, William Lopez, Jorge Delva

Migration Stressors, Psychological Distress, and Family—a Sri Lankan Tamil Refugee Analysis
Miriam George, Jennifer Jettner

Understanding Diversity in the Phenomenon of Immigrant Organizations: A Comprehensive
Deby Babis Pages

Forced Migrants or Voluntary Exiles: Ethnic Turks of Bulgaria in Turkey
Cem Dişbudak, Semra Purkis

“But Many of These Problems are About Funds…”: The Challenges Immigrant Settlement Agencies (ISAs) Encounter in a Suburban Setting in Ontario, Canada
Maria Mukhtar, Jennifer Dean, Kathi Wilson, Effat Ghassemi, Dana Helene Wilson

Former Soviet Union Immigrant Engineers in Germany and Israel: the Role of Contexts of Reception on Economic Assimilation
Alla Konnikov, Rebeca Raijman

Tackling Germany’s Demographic Skills Shortage: Permanent Settlement Intentions of the Recent Wave of Labour Migrants from Non-European Countries
Andreas Ette, Barbara Heß, Lenore Sauer

Labor Exploitation and Health Inequities Among Market Migrants: A Political Economy Perspective
Iffath Unissa Syed

Assimilation and Heritage Identity: Lessons from the Coptic Diaspora
Jennifer M. Brinkerhoff

Social Capital and Employment Outcomes of Zimbabwean Immigrants in the United States
Josphine Chaumba

The Complementarity of the Irish and British Liberal Market Economies and Skilled EU Migration Since 2004 Compared to the Swedish Coordinated Market Economy
Dorothea Johanna Baltruks

Out of the Loop: (In)access to Health Care for Migrant Workers in Canada
Jenna Hennebry, Janet McLaughlin, Kerry Preibisch

More than Altruism: Cultural Norms and Remittances Among Hispanics in the USA
Mónika López-Anuarbe, Maria Amparo Cruz-Saco, Yongjin Park

Immigration as a Threat: Explaining the Changing Pattern of Xenophobia in Spain
Mª Ángeles Cea D’Ancona

Assessing Advocacies for Forcibly Displaced People: A Comprehensive Approach
Arsène Brice Bado

Social Rights and Migrant Realities: Migration Policy Reform and Migrants’ Access to Health Care in Costa Rica, Argentina, and Chile
Shiri Noy, Koen Voorend

Tú velas por los tuyos: Weak Labor Markets and the Importance of Social Networks
Jacqueline Villarrubia-Mendoza

Issue 3, August 2016

Between Opportunity and Constraint: Understanding the Onward Migration of Highly Educated Iranian Refugees from Sweden
Melissa Kelly, Lina Hedman

Twice Migrants in Canada: Who Are They and How Do They Perform Economically?
Sandeep Kumar Agrawal

Are Residential and Workplace Concentration Correlated for Immigrants? Evidence for Sweden
Krishna Pendakur, Ravi Pendakur, Pieter Bevelander

“Seeing the Life”: Redefining Self-Worth and Family Roles Among Iraqi Refugee Families Resettled in the United States
Matthew Nelson, Julia Meredith Hess, Brian Isakson, Jessica Goodkind

Exploring the Migration Intentions of Ghanaian Youth: A Qualitative Study
Mavis Dako-Gyeke

Connecting Return Intentions and Home Investment: the Case of Ghanaian Migrants in Southern Europe
Edmond Akwasi Agyeman, Mercedes Fernández Garcia

Does Employment-Related Migration Reduce Poverty in India?
Sanjay K. Mohanty, Sandhya Rani Mohapatra, Anshul Kastor, Ajeet K. Singh, Bidhubhusan Mahapatra

Exploring Community Engagement and Cultural Maintenance Among Forced and Voluntary West African Immigrants in New York City
Tracy Chu, Andrew Rasmussen, Adeyinka M. Akinsulure-Smith, Eva Keatley

Screening, Skills and Cultural Fit: Theorizing Immigrant Skill Utilization from an Organizational Perspective
Jennifer Elrick

Does Social Capital Affect Immigrant Political Participation? Lessons from a Small-N Study of Migrant Political Participation in Rome
Le Anh Nguyen Long

Unemployed Migrants Coping with the Economic Crisis. Romanians and Moroccans in Italy
Devi Sacchetto, Francesca Alice Vianello

The Way Forward: African Francophone Immigrants Negotiate Their Multiple Minority Identities
Amal Madibbo

Not Boxed In: Acculturation and Ethno-Social Identities of Central American Male Youth in Toronto
Morgan Poteet, Alan Simmons

Exploring the Experiences of Newcomer Women with Insecure Housing in Montréal Canada
Christine A. Walsh, Jill Hanley, Nicole Ives, Shawn Renee Hordyk

School Achievement of Immigrant Children: The Decreasing Influence of Ethnic Concentration
Mérove Gijsberts, Rozemarijn van der Ploeg

Looking (also) at the Other Side of the Story. Resilience Processes in Migrants
Sandra Roberto, Carla Moleiro

Are Peripheral Regions Benefiting from National Policies Aimed at Attracting Skilled Migrants? Case Study of the Northern Territory of Australia
Kate Golebiowska

Issue 4, November 2016

Between National Models and Multi-Level Decoupling: The Pursuit of Multi-Level Governance in Dutch and UK Policies Towards Migrant Incorporation
Peter Scholten

The Perception of Myanmar Development on its Return Migrants: Implications for Burmese Migrants in Thailand
Mya Mya Thet, Piriya Pholphirul

Negotiating Cultures and Identities: Education and Adaptation Among Young North Korean Settlers in South Korea
Yoon Young Kim

‘I Feel Like a Beggar’: Asylum Seekers Living in the Australian Community Without the Right to Work
Caroline Fleay, Lisa Hartley

A Longitudinal Study of Cultural Adaptation among Mexican and Dominican Immigrant Women
Esther J. Calzada, Keng-Yen Huang, Maite Covas, Denise Ramirez, Laurie Miller Brotman

Skilled Immigrants and the Negotiation of Family Relations During Settlement in Calgary, Alberta
Jeanna Parsons Leigh

Getting Ahead: Educational and Occupational Trajectories of the ‘New’ Second-Generation in Switzerland
Philipp Schnell, Rosita Fibbi

The Burden of Geopolitical Stigma: Iranian Immigrants and Their Adult Children in the USA
Sahar Sadeghi

Education as Cultural Capital and its Effect on the Transitional Issues Faced by Migrant Women in the Diaspora
Beatrice Akua-Sakyiwah

Making Sense of Naturalization: What Citizenship Means to Naturalizing Immigrants in Canada and the USA
Sofya Aptekar

“Living in Our Own World”: Parental Influence on the Identity Development of Second-Generation Ethiopian and Eritrean Youth During Their Formative Years
Mary Goitom

Immigration and Occupational Mobility of Native Workers in Spain. A Gender Perspective
Leire Aldaz Odriozola, Begoña Eguía Peña

Hope as a Crucial Factor in Integration Among Unaccompanied Immigrant Youth in the USA: A Pilot Project
Jayshree Jani, Dawnya Underwood, Jessica Ranweiler

Immigrant-Friendly and Unfriendly Cities: Impacts on the Presence of a Foreign-Born Population and City Crime
Daniel Hummel

Socio-Cultural Determinants of Physical Activity among Latin American Immigrant Women in Alberta, Canada
Ximena Ramos Salas, Kim Raine, Helen Vallianatos, John C. Spence

Reluctance to Use Host Social Services by Ethnic Minorities: The Role of Consensual Separation, Threat to Heritage Culture and Misunderstanding of the Host Society Language
Michaël Dambrun, Anne Taillandier, Loose, Christelle Maisonneuve, Esther Gras, Isabelle Tourret, Dominique Uhlen

Rights and Restrictions: Temporary Agricultural Migrants and Trade Unions’ Activism in Canada and Spain
Tanya Basok, Ana López-Sala

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