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Journal of Marriage and Family


Volume 78, 2016

Issue 1, February

Issue Information

Issue Information - Editorial Board

Issue Information - Information for Authors

Issue Information - Table of Contents

Issue Information - Business Information for Readers

Educational Variation in Parenting

Maternal Education and Investments in Children's Health
Kate C. Prickett and Jennifer March Augustine

The Widening Education Gap in Developmental Child Care Activities in the United States, 1965–2013
Evrim Altintas

Socioeconomic Status and Parenting Priorities: Child Independence and Obedience Around the World
Heejung Park and Anna S. Lau

Children in Immigrant Families

Latin American Immigration, Maternal Education, and Approaches to Managing Children's Schooling in the United States
Robert Crosnoe, Arya Ansari, Kelly M. Purtell and Nina Wu

Adoption, Foreign-Born Status, and Children's Progress in School
Kevin J. A. Thomas

Familism Values, Family Time, and Mexican-Origin Young Adults' Depressive Symptoms
Katharine H. Zeiders, Kimberly A. Updegraff, Adriana J. Umaña-Taylor, Susan M. McHale and Jenny Padilla

Conflict Between Work and Family

Maternal Work–Family Conflict and Psychological Distress: Reciprocal Relationships Over 8 Years
Elizabeth M. Westrupp, Lyndall Strazdins, Angela Martin, Amanda Cooklin, Stephen R. Zubrick and Jan M. Nicholson

Of General Interest

Spillover in the Home: The Effects of Family Conflict on Parents' Behavior
Meredith S. Sears, Rena L. Repetti, Bridget M. Reynolds, Theodore F. Robles and Jennifer L. Krull

Conflict Between Work and Family

Time for Each Other: Work and Family Constraints Among Couples
Sarah M. Flood and Katie R. Genadek

Supervisor Support Buffers Daily Psychological and Physiological Reactivity to Work-to-Family Conflict
David M. Almeida, Kelly D. Davis, Soomi Lee, Katie M. Lawson, Kimberly N. Walter and Phyllis Moen

Of General Interest

Integrated Motherhood: Beyond Hegemonic Ideologies of Motherhood
Dawn Marie Dow

New Parents' Psychological Adjustment and Trajectories of Early Parental Involvement
Rongfang Jia, Letitia E. Kotila, Sarah J. Schoppe-Sullivan and Claire M. Kamp Dush

Marriage Advantages in Perinatal Health: Evidence of Marriage Selection or Marriage Protection?
Jennifer B. Kane

Family Migration and Subsequent Employment: The Effect of Gender Ideology
Philipp M. Lersch

Contextualizing the Education Effect on Women's Employment: A Cross-National Comparative Analysis
Nadia Steiber, Caroline Berghammer and Barbara Haas

Comments and Response

Understanding the Importance of Parental Time With Children: Comment on Milkie, Nomaguchi, and Denny (2015)
Ariel Kalil and Susan E. Mayer

How Important Is Parental Time? It Depends: Comment on Milkie, Nomaguchi, and Denny (2015)
Jane Waldfogel

Quantity of Maternal Time and Child and Adolescent Development: Response to Kalil and Mayer (2016) and to Waldfogel (2016)
Kei Nomaguchi, Melissa A. Milkie and Kathleen E. Denny

Issue 2, April


Issue Information - Editorial Board

Issue Information - Information for Authors

Issue Information - Table of Contents

Issue Information - Business Information for Readers

Brief Report

Family Flexibility in Response to Economic Conditions: Fathers' Involvement in Child-Care Tasks
Brian Knop and Karin L. Brewster

Couples Over Time

Pathways of Commitment to Wed: The Development and Dissolution of Romantic Relationships
Brian G. Ogolsky, Catherine A. Surra and J. Kale Monk

Does Partner Responsiveness Predict Hedonic and Eudaimonic Well-being? A 10-Year Longitudinal Study
Emre Selcuk, Gul Gunaydin, Anthony D. Ong and David M. Almeida

Couple Resilience to Economic Pressure Over Time and Across Generations
April S. Masarik, Monica J. Martin, Emilio Ferrer, Frederick O. Lorenz, Katherine J. Conger and Rand D. Conger


Great Expectations? Working- and Middle-Class Cohabitors' Expected and Actual Divisions of Housework
Amanda J. Miller and Daniel L. Carlson

Dynamics of Domestic Labor Across Short- and Long-Distance Family Relocations
Sergi Vidal, Francisco Perales and Janeen Baxter

Division of Labor, Gender Ideology, and Marital Satisfaction in East Asia
Yue Qian and Liana C. Sayer

Parents' Family Time and Work Schedules: The Split-Shift Schedule in Spain
Pablo Gracia and Matthijs Kalmijn

Of General Interest

Marital Monogamy as Ideal and Practice: The Detraditionalization Thesis in Contemporary Marriages
Adam Isaiah Green, Jenna Valleriani and Barry Adam

The Ties That Bind: Midlife Parents' Daily Experiences With Grown Children
Karen L. Fingerman, Kyungmin Kim, Kira S. Birditt and Steven H. Zarit

Parental Divorce, Residence Arrangements, and Contact Between Grandchildren and Grandparents
Maaike Jappens and Jan Van Bavel

Children's Postdivorce Residence Arrangements and Parental Experienced Time Pressure
Franciëlla van der Heijden, Anne-Rigt Poortman and Tanja van der Lippe

Parent–Child Relationships in Stepfather Families and Adolescent Adjustment: A Latent Class Analysis
Paul R. Amato, Valarie King and Maggie L. Thorsen

Testing Family Stress and Family Investment Explanations for Conduct Problems Among African American Adolescents
Leslie Gordon Simons, K. A. S. Wickrama, T. K. Lee, Melissa Landers-Potts, Carolyn Cutrona and Rand D. Conger

Legitimizing Family Management: The Role of Adolescents' Understandings of Risk
Simone Ispa-Landa

Incongruent Teen Pregnancy Attitudes, Coparenting Conflict, and Support Among Mexican-Origin Adolescent Mothers
Diamond Y. Bravo, Adriana J. Umaña-Taylor, Katharine H. Zeiders, Kimberly A. Updegraff and Laudan B. Jahromi

Broken Promises: Abstinence Pledging and Sexual and Reproductive Health
Anthony Paik, Kenneth J. Sanchagrin and Karen Heimer

Parent Involvement in Head Start and Children's Development: Indirect Effects Through Parenting
Arya Ansari and Elizabeth Gershoff

Issue 3, June

Issue Information

Issue Information - Editorial Board

Issue Information - Information for Authors

Issue Information - Table of Contents

Issue Information - Business Information for Readers

Brief Reports

The Progression of Sexual Relationships
Sharon Sassler, Katherine Michelmore and Jennifer A. Holland

Changes in the Satisfaction of Cohabitors Relative to Spouses Over Time
Elena Pirani and Daniele Vignoli

The Changing Demography of Grandparenthood
Rachel Margolis

Understanding Grandfamilies: Characteristics of Grandparents, Nonresident Parents, and Children
Natasha V. Pilkauskas and Rachel E. Dunifon

“Like My Grandparent, But Not”: A Qualitative Investigation of Skip-GenerationStepgrandchild–Stepgrandparent Relationships
Ashton Chapman, Marilyn Coleman and Lawrence Ganong


Ambivalence in Gay and Lesbian Family Relationships
Corinne Reczek

Positive, Negative, and Ambivalent Interactions With Family and Friends: Associations With Well-being
Hyo Jung Lee and Maximiliane E. Szinovacz

Of General Interest

Does Couples' Communication Predict Marital Satisfaction, or Does Marital Satisfaction Predict Communication?
Justin A. Lavner, Benjamin R. Karney and Thomas N. Bradbury

Hugs, Not Hits: Warmth and Spanking as Predictors of Child Social Competence
Inna Altschul, Shawna J. Lee and Elizabeth T. Gershoff

Relationship Churning and Parenting Stress Among Mothers and Fathers
Sarah Halpern-Meekin and Kristin Turney

Continuity and Change in Stepfather–Stepchild Closeness Between Adolescence and Early Adulthood
Valarie King and Rachel Lindstrom

Couple-Level Economic and Career Concerns and Intimate Partner Violence in Young Adulthood
Jennifer E. Copp, Peggy C. Giordano, Wendy D. Manning and Monica A. Longmore

The Life Satisfaction Advantage of Being Married and Gender Specialization
Małgorzata Mikucka

Marriage and Women's Health in Japan
Sojung Lim and James M. Raymo

Older Adults Developing a Preference for Living Apart Together
Jacquelyn J. Benson and Marilyn Coleman

The Concept of Familism in the Lived Experiences of Mexican-Origin Caregivers
Carolyn A. Mendez-Luck, Steven R. Applewhite, Vicente E. Lara and Noriko Toyokawa

Transition to Grandparenthood and Job-Related Attitudes: Do Grandparental Sex and Lineage Matter?
Bettina S. Wiese, Christian L. Burk and Dalit Jaeckel

Issue 4, August

Issue Information

Issue Information - Editorial Board

Issue Information - Information for Authors

Issue Information - Table of Contents

Issue Information - Business Information for Readers

Neighborhoods, Networks, and Family

Residential Instability, Family Support, and Parent–Child Relationships Among Ethnically Diverse Urban Families
Elizabeth M. Riina, Adam Lippert and Jeanne Brooks-Gunn

Household Disorder, Network Ties, and Social Support in Later Life
Erin York Cornwell

The Combined Effect of Women's Neighborhood Resources and Collective Efficacy on IPV
Aubrey L. Jackson

Intergenerational Relationships

My Pride and Joy? Predicting Favoritism and Disfavoritism in Mother–Adult Child Relations
J. Jill Suitor, Megan Gilligan, Siyun Peng, Gulcin Con, Marissa Rurka and Karl Pillemer

History of Childhood Abuse and Intergenerational Support to Mothers in Adulthood
Jooyoung Kong and Sara M. Moorman

Coordination Tasks and Negotiation Modes of Linked Lives in Entrepreneurial Families
Isabell K. Stamm

Greedy Spouse, Needy Parent: The Marital Dynamics of Gay, Lesbian, and Heterosexual Intergenerational Caregivers
Corinne Reczek and Debra Umberson

Of General Interest

The Gendered Division of Housework and Couples' Sexual Relationships: A Reexamination
Daniel L. Carlson, Amanda J. Miller, Sharon Sassler and Sarah Hanson

Romantic Relationship Commitment Behavior Among Emerging Adult African American Men
Steven M. Kogan, Tianyi Yu and Geoffrey L. Brown

Repartnering After Union Dissolution in Later Life
Christoph M. Schimmele and Zheng Wu

Consequences of Dating for Post-divorce Maternal Well-being
Michael R. Langlais, Edward R. Anderson and Shannon M. Greene

Father's Migration and Leaving the Parental Home in Rural Mozambique
Sophia Chae, Sarah R. Hayford and Victor Agadjanian

Explaining Gender Inequalities That Follow Couple Migration
Natascha Nisic and Silvia Maja Melzer

Educational Gradients in Parents' Child-Care Time Across Countries, 1965–2012
Giulia M. Dotti Sani and Judith Treas

Differences in Family Norms for Men and Women Across Europe
Arieke J. Rijken and Aart C. Liefbroer

Factors Associated With Perceptions of Family Belonging Among Adolescents
Valarie King and Lisa M. Boyd

Comparing Parents of Children With Down Syndrome at Different Life Span Stages
Briana S. Nelson Goff, J. Kale Monk, Juliana Malone, Natira Staats, Allison Tanner and Nicole P. Springer

Parenting Style and Adolescent Externalizing Behaviors: The Moderating Role of Respiratory Sinus Arrhythmia
W. Justin Dyer, Daniel J. Blocker, Randal D. Day and Roy A. Bean

Issue 5, October


Issue Information - Editorial Board

Issue Information - Information for Authors

Issue Information - Table of Contents

Issue Information - Business Information for Readers

Brief Reports

Trends in Children's Family Instability, 1995–2010
Susan L. Brown, J. Bart Stykes and Wendy D. Manning

Is Your Spouse More Likely to Divorce You if You Are the Older Partner?
Paula England, Paul D. Allison and Liana C. Sayer

Parenting Gains in Head Start as a Function of Initial Parenting Skill
Arya Ansari, Kelly M. Purtell and Elizabeth T. Gershoff

Children Living With Uninsured Family Members: Differences by Family Structure
Sharon Bzostek and Christine Percheski

Domestic Outsourcing, Housework Time, and Subjective Time Pressure: New Insights From Longitudinal Data
Lyn Craig, Francisco Perales, Sergi Vidal and Janeen Baxter

Call Home? Mobile Phones and Contacts With Mother in 24 Countries
Zoya Gubernskaya and Judith Treas

Special Issue: NLSY 50 Years

Introduction to Special National Longitudinal Surveys Issue
Elizabeth C. Cooksey

Reexamining the Association of Maternal Age and Marital Status at First Birth With Youth Educational Attainment
Fenaba R. Addo, Sharon Sassler and Kristi Williams

Is Baby a Blessing? Wantedness, Age at First Birth, and Later-Life Depression
Heather M. Rackin and Melanie Sereny Brasher

The Role of Boomerang Fathers in Adolescent Female Depression
Daphne C. Hernandez, Emily Pressler and Cassandra Dorius

Father Absence and Adolescent Depression and Delinquency: A Comparison of Siblings Approach
Anna J. Markowitz and Rebecca M. Ryan

At-Home Father Families in the United States: Gender Ideology, Human Capital, and Unemployment
Karen Z. Kramer and Amit Kramer

Do Young Mothers and Fathers Differ in the Likelihood of Returning Home
Karen Benjamin Guzzo

Cohort Differences and the Marriage Premium: Emergence of Gender-Neutral Household Specialization Effects
Michelle J. Budig and Misun Lim

Anticipating the “Ball and Chain”? Reciprocal Associations Between Marital Expectations and Delinquency
Rachel Arocho and Claire M. Kamp Dush

The Long-Term Effects of Caregiving on Women's Health and Mortality
Jennifer Caputo, Eliza K. Pavalko and Melissa A. Hardy

Religion, Marriage Markets, and Assortative Mating in the United States
David McClendon

How Early Life Religious Exposure Relates to the Timing of First
Lisa D. Pearce and Shannon N. Davis

Special Reviewers

Special Reviewers for Volume 78

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