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Труд, занятость и человеческое развитие

Миграционные процессы в России

Иностранные трудовые мигранты в России

Международная миграция населения на постсоветском пространстве в эпоху глобализации

Экономическая активность населения Казахстана 2010-2014

По страницам журналов «Медико-социальная экспертиза и реабилитация» и «Терапевтический архив»

Содержание журнала «Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies»

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Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies


Volume 41, 2015

Issue 4

Special Issue: Deportation, Anxiety, Justice: New Ethnographic Perspectives


Deportation, Anxiety, Justice: New Ethnographic Perspectives
Heike Drotbohm & Ines Hasselberg

Original Articles

Balancing Legitimacy, Exceptionality and Accountability: On Foreign-national Offenders' Reluctance to Engage in Anti-deportation Campaigns in the UK
Ines Hasselberg

The Jewish State of Anxiety: Between Moral Obligation and Fearism in the Treatment of African Asylum Seekers in Israel
Barak Kalir

The Management of Anxiety. An Ethnographical Outlook on Self-mutilations in a French Immigration Detention Centre
Nicolas Fischer

‘We Deport Them but They Keep Coming Back’: The Normalcy of Deportation in the Daily Life of ‘Undocumented’ Zimbabwean Migrant Workers in Botswana
Treasa M. Galvin

Deportation Stigma and Re-migration
Liza Schuster & Nassim Majidi

The Reversal of Migratory Family Lives: A Cape Verdean Perspective on Gender and Sociality pre- and post-deportation
Heike Drotbohm

Deportation Studies: Origins, Themes and Directions
Susan Bibler Coutin

Issue 5

Original Articles

Explaining Natives' Interethnic Friendship and Contact with Colleagues in European Regions
Michael Savelkoul, Jochem Tolsma & Peer Scheepers

Is the Spanish Recession Increasing Inequality? Male Migrant-native Differences in Educational Returns Against Unemployment
Héctor Cebolla-Boado, María Miyar-Busto & Jacobo Muñoz-Comet

Denying Discrimination: Status, ‘Race’, and the Whitening of Britain's New Europeans
Jon E. Fox, Laura Moroşanu & Eszter Szilassy

Gender Equality Attitudes among Turks in Western Europe and Turkey: The Interrelated Impact of Migration and Parents' Attitudes
Niels Spierings

Early Partner Choices of Immigrants: The Effect of Preferences, Opportunities and Parents on Dating a Native
Pascale I. van Zantvliet, Matthijs Kalmijn & Ellen Verbakel

State-assisted Highly Skilled Return Programmes, National Identity and the Risk(s) of Homecoming: Israel and Germany Compared
Nir Cohen & Dani Kranz

Choosing Your Country: Networks, Perceptions and Destination Selection among Georgian Labour Migrants
Erin Trouth Hofmann

Adapting to the Dual Earner Family Norm? The Case of Immigrants and Immigrant Descendants in Norway
Hanne C. Kavli

Issue 6

Special Issue: Migrants, Minorities, and the Media: Information, Representations, and Participation in the Public Sphere

Original Articles

Migrants, Minorities and the Media: Information, Representations and Participation in the Public Sphere
Erik Bleich, Irene Bloemraad & Els de Graauw

Immigrants in the Media: Civic Visibility in the USA and Canada
Irene Bloemraad, Els de Graauw & Rebecca Hamlin

An Emerging ‘European’ News Portrayal of Immigration?
Alexander Caviedes

Local and National Accounts of Immigration Framing in a Cross-national Perspective
Andrea Lawlor

Media Portrayals of Minorities: Muslims in British Newspaper Headlines, 2001–2012
Erik Bleich, Hannah Stonebraker, Hasher Nisar & Rana Abdelhamid

Racial Mediation in the Coverage of Candidates' Political Viability: A Comparison of Approaches
Erin Tolley

Debating Multicultural Korea: Media Discourse on Migrants and Minorities in South Korea
Joseph Yi & Gowoon Jung

Issue 7

Original Articles

Border Enforcement and Return Migration by Documented and Undocumented Mexicans
Douglas S. Massey, Jorge Durand & Karen A. Pren

Beyond Group-threat: Temporal Dynamics of International Migration and Linkages to Anti-foreigner Sentiment
Jack DeWaard

Narrating Liberal Rights and Culture: Muslim Face Veiling, Urban Coexistence and Contention in Spain
Marian Burchardt, Mar Griera & Gloria García-Romeral

Identifying City Differences in Perceived Group Discrimination among Second-generation Turks and Moroccans in Belgium
Ahu Alanya, Gülseli Baysu & Marc Swyngedouw

The Mobile Emplacement: Chinese Migrants in Italian Industrial Districts
Antonella Ceccagno

Spatial Dependence in Asylum Migration
Fabian Barthel & Eric Neumayer

The Bumpy Landscape of Family Reunification: Experiences of First- and 1.5-generation Filipinos in France
Asuncion Fresnoza-Flot

Neoliberalism and the New Race Politics of Migration Policy: Changing Profiles of the Desirable Migrant in New Zealand
Rachel Simon-Kumar



Issue 8

Original Articles

The Global Mobility Divide: How Visa Policies Have Evolved over Time
Steffen Mau, Fabian Gülzau, Lena Laube & Natascha Zaun

Political participation and dual identification among migrants
Sarah Scuzzarello

Do policy legacies matter? Past and present guest worker recruitment in Germany
Antje Ellermann

Union Citizenship Revisited: Multilateral Democracy as Normative Standard for European Citizenship
Antoinette Scherz & Rebecca Welge

Ethnic Discrimination in the London Market for Shared Housing
Magnus Carlsson & Stefan Eriksson

Dreams Delayed: Barriers to Degree Completion among Undocumented Community College Students
Veronica Terriquez

Three-generation Marriage Patterns: New Insights from the ‘Dissimilation’ Perspective
Helen Baykara-Krumme

Language Proficiency among Post-1990 Immigrants in Israel
Rebeca Raijman, Moshe Semyonov & Rona Geffen


Issue 9

Special Issue: The public and the politics of immigration controls

Original Articles

The Public and the Politics of Immigration Controls
Chris Gilligan

Public Opinion, Responsiveness and Constraint: Britain's Three Immigration Policy Regimes
Robert Ford, Will Jennings & Will Somerville

The US Congressional Immigration Agenda: Partisan Politics, Policy Stalemate and Political Posturing
Katherine Fennelly, Kathryn Pearson & Silvana Hackett

Managed Migration under Labour: Organised Public, Party Ideology and Policy Change
Erica Consterdine

Framing Citizenship: Media Coverage of Anti-deportation Cases Led by Undocumented Immigrant Youth Organisations
Caitlin Patler & Roberto G. Gonzales

Public Debate and Policy-making on Family Migration in the Netherlands, 1960–1995
Saskia Bonjour & Marlou Schrover

The Gap between Public Preferences and Policies on Immigration: A Comparative Examination of the Effect of Politicisation on Policy Congruence
Laura Morales, Jean-Benoit Pilet & Didier Ruedin


Issue 10

Original Articles

Social Networks and Local Incorporation—Grounding High-skilled Migrants in Two German Cities
Jörg Plöger & Anna Becker

Political Competition and Attitudes towards Immigration in Africa
Beth Elise Whitaker & Jason Giersch

Transformations in Network Governance: The Case of Migration Intermediaries
Dimitria Groutsis, Di van den Broek & Will S. Harvey

How Anti-immigrant Right-wing Populist Advertisements Affect Young Voters: Symbolic Threats, Economic Threats and the Moderating Role of Education
Desirée Schmuck & Jörg Matthes

Posted Migration and Segregation in the European Construction Sector
Erka Caro, Lisa Berntsen, Nathan Lillie & Ines Wagner

Secure Communities and Community Values: Local Context and Discretionary Immigration Law Enforcement
Daniel E. Chand & William D. Schreckhise

A Life Course Approach to High-skilled Migration: Lived Experiences of Indians in the Netherlands
Anu Kõu, Leo van Wissen, Jouke van Dijk & Ajay Bailey

Friendship-making: Exploring Network Formations through the Narratives of Irish Highly Qualified Migrants in Britain
Louise Ryan

Between Security and Mobility: Negotiating a Hardening Border Regime in the Russian-Estonian Borderland
Alena Pfoser

Issue 11

Original Articles

The view from back home: interpersonal dynamics of transnational Mexican families
Heather R. Fuller-Iglesias

Mechanisms of declining intra-ethnic trust in newly diverse immigrant destinations
Abigail Fisher Williamson

The Ethnic Penalty in the Italian Labour Market: A Comparison between the Centre-North and South
Maurizio Avola

Migrants' regional allegiances in homeland elections: evidence on voting by Poles and Ukrainians
Anar K. Ahmadov & Gwendolyn Sasse

The Effect of the Country of Birth of the Owner on Business Survival. Evidence from Milan Metropolitan Area, Italy
Egidio Riva & Mario Lucchini

Bureaucrats as Immigration Policy-makers: The Case of Subnational Immigration Activism in Canada, 1990–2010
Mireille Paquet

Return Wishes of Refugees in the Netherlands: The Role of Integration, Host National Identification and Perceived Discrimination
Francesca Di Saint Pierre, Borja Martinovic & Thomas De Vroome

Attitudes towards Homosexuality amongst Recent Polish Migrants in Western Europe: Migrant Selectivity and Attitude Change
Antje Röder & Marcel Lubbers

Issue 12

Original Articles

Does Mandatory Integration Matter? Effects of Civic Requirements on Immigrant Socio-economic and Political Outcomes
Sara Wallace Goodman & Matthew Wright

Migration Strategies of Polish Migrants: Do They Have Any at All?
Stephen Drinkwater & Michał P. Garapich

Politics and Group Belonging: Predictors of Naturalisation Behaviour in France
Dani Carrillo

Migration, Resilience and Security: Responses to New Inflows of Asylum Seekers and Migrants
Philippe Bourbeau

Negotiating Places of Incorporation: Comparing the Practices of Community Development Organisations in Immigration and Incorporation
Sheryl-Ann Simpson

Uneven Paths: Latin American Women Facing Italian Family Reunification Policies
Paola Bonizzoni

Renegotiating Obligations through Migration: Senegalese Transnationalism and the Quest for the Right Distance
María Hernández-Carretero

Work and Cosmopolitanism at the Border: Indonesian Women Labour Migrants
Wendy Mee

Issue 13

Original Articles

Family Dynamics and the Integration of Professional Immigrants in Canada
Mai B. Phan, Rupa Banerjee, Lisa Deacon & Hila Taraky

Ancestry into Opportunity: How Global Inequality Drives Demand for Long-distance European Union Citizenship
Yossi Harpaz

Getting There? The Effects of Functional Factors, Time and Place on the Social Integration of Migrants
Ade Kearns & Elise Whitley

A Stratified Right to Family Life? On the Logic(s) and Legitimacy of Granting Differential Access to Family Reunification for Third-country Nationals Living within the EU
Reinhard Schweitzer

An Empirical Study of Status Exchange through Migrant/Native Marriages in Italy
Raffaele Guetto & Davide Azzolini

Predicting Online and Offline Civic Participation among Young Czech Roma: The Roles of Resources, Community Perceptions and Social Norms
Jan Šerek & Hana Machackova

Why Do States Develop Multi-tier Emigrant Policies? Evidence from Egypt
Gerasimos Tsourapas

We Inspire Each Other, Subconsciously’: The Circulation of Attitudes towards Difference between Polish Migrants in the UK and their Significant Others in the Sending Society
Anna Gawlewicz

Issue 14


The Punishment/El Castigo: Undocumented Latinos and US Immigration Processing
Ruth Gomberg-Muñoz

Ways of Staying Put in Ecuador: Social and Embodied Experiences of Mobility–Immobility Interactions
Diana Mata-Codesal

Bridging and Bonding Ethnic Ties in Voluntary Organisations: A Multilevel ‘Schools of Democracy’ Model
Wahideh Achbari

Do Immigrants’ Preferences for Neighbourhood Qualities Contribute to Segregation? The Case of Oslo
Susanne Søholt & Brit Lynnebakke

Social Networks and Labour Market Access among Brazilian Migrants in Ireland
Garret Maher & Mary Cawley

Moments of Humiliation, Intimidation and Implied ‘Illegality’: Encounters with Immigration Officials at the Border and the Performance of Sovereignty
Paloma E. Villegas

Does Ethnicity Matter in Intentions to Study Abroad? Analysis of High School Students in Estonia
Enel Pungas, Kadri Täht, Anu Realo & Tiit Tammaru

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