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Демографический ежегодник России. 2014

2013 United Nations Demographic Yearbook

Демографический ежегодник Казахстана

Italy. Health systems in transition

Народонаселение мира в 2014 году

По страницам журналов «Гигиена и санитария» и «Актуальные проблемы Европы»

Содержание журнала «International Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Health»

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International Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Health

The Alan Guttmacher Institute


Volume 40, 2014

Number 1, March

In This Issue


Unmet Need, Intention to Use Contraceptives and Unwanted Pregnancy in Rural Bangladesh
Rebecca Callahan and Stan Becker

Relationship Characteristics and Contraceptive Use among Couples in Urban Kenya
Laili Irani, Ilene S. Speizer and Jean-Christophe Fotso

Injectable Contraceptive Sales at Licensed Chemical Seller Shops in Ghana: Access and Reported Use in Rural and Periurban Communities
Elena Lebetkin, Tracy Orr, Kafui Dzasi, Emily Keyes, Victoria Shelus, Stephen Mensah, Henry Nagai and John Stanback

Differences in Unintended Pregnancy, Contraceptive Use and Abortion by HIV Status among Women in Nigeria and Zambia
Akinrinola Bankole, Sarah Keogh, Odunayo Akinyemi, Kumbutso Dzekedzeke, Olutosin Awolude and Isaac Adewole

Is Age Difference Between Partners Associated with Contraceptive Use Among Married Couples in Nigeria?
Latifat Ibisomi


Higher Levels of Risky Sexual Behavior Reported In Polling Booth Surveys than in Face-to-Face Interviews

Many Bangladeshi Pharmacies Do Not Provide Accurate Information on How to Use Misoprostol

In Vietnam, Telephone Follow-up for Medication Abortion Is Feasible

Training Clinical Officers in Tubal Ligation May Help Meet Rural Ugandan Women’s Need for Sterilization

Thailand Unprepared to Offer Newborn Circumcision for HIV Prevention

Cash Transfers Associated With Reduced HIV Risk among South African Girls

Prophylactic Treatment for HIV Does Not Lead To Risky Sexual Behavior


Acknowledgment to Reviewers

Guidelines for Authors

Number 2, June

In This Issue


Evaluation of a Communication Campaign to Improve Continuation among First-Time Injectable Contraceptive Users in Nyando District, Kenya
Holly McClain Burke and Constance Ambasa-Shisanya

Individual- and Community-Level Influences on the Timing of Sexual Debut among Youth in Nyanza, Kenya
Eric Y. Tenkorang and Eleanor Maticka-Tyndale

Knowledge and Use of Emergency Contraception: A Multicountry Analysis
Tia Palermo, Jennifer Bleck and Elizabeth Westley

Traditional Birthspacing Practices and Uptake of Family Planning During the Postpartum Period in Ouagadougou: Qualitative Results
Clémentine Rossier and Jacqueline Hellen


Using Mapping of Service Delivery Sites to Increase Contraceptive Availability in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo
Jane T. Bertrand, Patrick Kayembe, Nelly Dikamba, Eric Mafuta, Julie Hernandez, Jacqueline Hellen and Arsene Binanga


Maternal Mortality Is Declining, but Not Enough to Meet Millennium Development Goal 5

Repeat Abortions Are Common in Vietnam, May Be Linked to Son Preference

HIV Stigma Is Related To Testing Among Women but Not Among Men

Women Who Have Four Antenatal Visits Rarely Receive All Recommended Services

South African Intervention Improves Likelihood of Consistent Condom Use

In Kenya and Nigeria, the Common Stereotype of Emergency Contraceptive Users Does Not Apply


Guidelines for Authors

Number 3, September

In This Issue


Pregnancy Termination in Matlab, Bangladesh: Maternal Mortality Risks Associated with Menstrual Regulation and Abortion
Mizanur Rahman, Julie DaVanzo and Abdur Razzaque

Pregnancy Termination in Matlab, Bangladesh: Trends and Correlates of Use of Safer and Less-Safe Methods
Julie DaVanzo and Mizanur Rahman

Repeat Use of Emergency Contraceptive Pills in Urban Kenya and Nigeria
Dawn Chin-Quee, Kelly L’Engle, Conrad Otterness, Sarah Mercer and Mario Chen

Fertility Decisions and Contraceptive Use at Different Stages of Relationships: Windows of Risk among Men and Women in Accra
Ivy Frances Osei, Susannah Harding Mayhew, Leticia Biekro, Martine Collumbien and the ECAF Team

Contraceptive Method Skew and Shifts in Method Mix In Low- and Middle-Income Countries
Jane T. Bertrand, Tara M. Sullivan, Ellen A. Knowles, Muhammad F. Zeeshan and James D. Shelton


Postabortion Contraceptive Services in Nepal Leave Room for Improvement

A Fourth of Married African Women Have an Unmet Need for Contraception

In Malawi, HIV Prevalence Elevated Among Men Coerced into Having Sex

Disability Linked To Increased HIV Risk in Meta-Analysis

The Need for Contraception to Delay First Pregnancy In India Is High

Continuation and Pregnancy Rates Are Similar For Continuous, Cyclic Pill


Guidelines for Authors

Number 4, December

In This Issue


Fertility among Orphans in Rural Malawi: Challenging Common Assumptions About Risk and Mechanisms
Rachel Kidman and Philip Anglewicz

Young Women’s Access to and Use of Contraceptives: The Role of Providers’ Restrictions in Urban Senegal
Estelle M. Sidze, Solène Lardoux, Ilene S. Speizer, Cheikh M. Faye, Michael M. Mutua and Fanding Badji

Risk for Coerced Sex Among Female Youth in Ghana: Roles of Family Context, School Enrollment And Relationship Experience
Jeffrey B. Bingenheimer and Elizabeth Reed

Gender-Based Power and Couples’ HIV Risk in Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand, North India
Alpna Agrawal, Shelah S. Bloom, Chirayath Suchindran, Siân Curtis and Gustavo Angeles

Achieving the Goal of the London Summit on Family Planning By Adhering to Voluntary, Rights-Based Family Planning: What Can We Learn from Past Experiences with Coercion?
Karen Hardee, Shannon Harris, Mariela Rodriguez, Jan Kumar, Lynn Bakamjian, Karen Newman and Win Brown


Use of Misoprostol to Treat Incomplete Abortion Should Be Limited To the First 12 Weeks of Pregnancy

Home-Based HIV Care Linked to Increased Uptake

In Nepal, Contraceptive Use Is Low and Discontinuation Common after Abortion

Men’s Data Are Needed to Estimate Unmet Need among Couples

Greater Amounts of Financial Compensation Linked to Increased Uptake of Male Circumcision

Increased Use of Facilities Helped Reduce Maternal Mortality in Bangladesh


Guidelines for Authors

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