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Труд и занятость в России. 2013

Методология анализа демографической безопасности и миграции населения

Безопасность как ценность и норма: опыт разных эпох и культур

Миграция населения: теория, политика

История российской государственной статистики: 1811-2011

По страницам журналов «Вопросы статистики» и «Российский вестник перинатологии и педиатрии»

Содержание журнала «Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies»

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Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies


Volume 39, 2013

Issue 10


Editorial: Signing Off
Russell King & Jenny Money


Language Boundaries and the Subjective Well-Being of Immigrants in Europe
Harald Beier & Clemens Kroneberg

Post-Multicultural Cities: A Comparison of Minority Politics in Amsterdam and Los Angeles, 1970–2010
Walter Nicholls & Justus Uitermark

Integration Discourses and the Generational Trajectories of Civic Engagement in Multi-Nation States: A Comparison of the Canadian Provinces of Quebec and Ontario
Emily Laxer

The Attachments of New York City Caribbean Indian Immigrants to Indian Culture, Indian Immigrants and India
Pyong Gap Min

The Selective Integration of Muslim Immigrant Women in the United States: Explaining Islam's Paradoxical Impact
Saba Senses Ozyurt

How Do Husbands Affect the Labour Market Participation of Majority and Immigrant Women?
Idunn Brekke

Social Isolation, Loneliness and Return Migration: Evidence from Older Irish Adults
Alan Barrett & Irene Mosca

Not In My Kitchen? Ethnic Discrimination and Discrimination Intentions in Shared Housing among University Students in Germany
Claudia Diehl, Veronika A. Andorfer, Yassine Khoudja & Karolin Krause

School Segregation and the Secondary-School Achievements of Youth in the Netherlands
Brooke Sykes & Hans Kuyper


Thank you (2012–13)

Editorial Board

Editorial Board

Volume 40, 2014

Issue 1


JEMS Welcome note

Original Articles

The Role of Immigrant Enclaves for Latino Residential Inequalities
Richard Alba, Glenn Deane, Nancy Denton, Ilir Disha, Brian McKenzie & Jeffrey Napierala

Framing Immigration in Western Europe
Marc Helbling

Towards Intercultural Engagement: Building Shared Visions of Neighbourhood and Community in an Era of New Migration
Deborah Phillips, Bal Athwal, David Robinson & Malcolm Harrison

‘Is This Islamic Enough?’ Intra-Diasporic Secularism and Religious Experience in the Shi'a Iranian Diaspora in London
Reza Gholami

The Big Five Personality Traits and Attitudes towards Immigrants
Aina Gallego & Sergi Pardos-Prado

Attitudes towards Muslim Immigrants: Evidence from Survey Experiments across Four Countries
Zan Strabac, Toril Aalberg & Marko Valenta

The Immigration and Integration Debate in the Netherlands: Discursive and Programmatic Reactions to the Rise of Anti-Immigration Parties
Sjoerdje van Heerden, Sarah L. de Lange, Wouter van der Brug & Meindert Fennema

Under the Multicultural Flag: Japan's Ambiguous Multicultural Framework and its Local Evaluations and Practices
Tomoko Nakamatsu

The Gay Second Generation: Sexual Identity and Family Relations of Filipino and Latino Gay Men
Anthony C. Ocampo

Issue 2

Special Issue: Regulation of Speech in Multicultural Societies


Regulation of Speech in Multicultural Societies: Introduction
Marcel Maussen & Ralph Grillo

Towards the Blasphemous Self: Constructing Societal Identity in Danish Debates on the Blasphemy Provision in the Twentieth and Twenty-first Centuries
Signe Engelbreth Larsen

The Global Battle over Religious Expression: Sweden's A*ke Green Case in Local and Transnational Perspective
Clifford Bob

Hate Speech and Dialogue in Norway: Muslims ‘Speak Back’
Ulrika Ma*rtensson

The Politicisation of Hate Speech Bans in the Twenty-first-century Netherlands: Law in a Changing Context
Marloes van Noorloos

Fighting Words: What's Wrong with Freedom of Expression?
Sindre Bangstad

Freedom of Expression versus Racist Hate Speech: Explaining Differences Between High Court Regulations in the USA and Europe
Erik Bleich

Denial of Genocide and Crimes against Humanity in the Jurisprudence of Human Rights Monitoring Bodies
Artu-rs Kuc(s

Free Speech or Non-discrimination as Trump? Reflections on Contextualised Reasonable Balancing and Its Limits
Veit Bader

Issue 3


Immigrants' Ethnic Identification and Political Involvement in the Face of Discrimination: A Longitudinal Study of the German Case
Marion Fischer-Neumann

An Intergenerational Model of Spatial Assimilation in Sydney and Melbourne, Australia
Barbara Edgar

A Longitudinal Study of Migration Propensities for Mixed-Ethnic Unions in England and Wales
Zhiqiang Feng, Maarten van Ham, Paul Boyle & Gillian M Raab

Do Integration Policies Affect Immigrants' Voluntary Engagement? An Exploration at Switzerland's Subnational Level
Anita Manatschal & Isabelle Stadelmann-Steffen

Researching Mobility Barriers: The European Visa Database
Mogens Hobolth

Does Immigration Erode the Multicultural Welfare State? A Cross-National Multilevel Analysis in 19 OECD Member States
Takanori Sumino

Remittances and the Business Cycle: A Reliable Relationship?
Isabel Ruiz & Carlos Vargas-Silva

Migration, Race and Nationhood in Argentina
Tanja Bastia & Matthias vom Hau

The Impact of the Economic Crisis on Foreigners in the Italian Labour Market
Corrado Bonifazi & Cristiano Marini

Issue 4

Original Articles

Ethnicity, Education and Income, and Residential Mobility Between Neighbourhoods
Karina Schaake, Jack Burgers & Clara H. Mulder

I Trust, Therefore I Remit? An Examination of the Size and Motivation of Remittances
Theodore P. Lianos & Anastasia Pseiridis

Do Institutions or Culture Determine the Level of Social Trust? The Natural Experiment of Migration from Non-western to Western Countries
Peter Nannestad, Gert Tinggaard Svendsen, Peter Thisted Dinesen & Kim Mannemar S?nderskov

Who Is a Refugee? Political Subjectivity and the Categorisation of Somali Asylum Seekers in Sweden
A*. Wettergren & H. Wikstro"m

Trading Places: French Highly Skilled Migrants Negotiating Mobility and Emplacement In London
Louise Ryan & Jon Mulholland

Silent Bargain or Rural Cosmopolitanism? Refugee Settlement in Regional Australia
Susanne Schech

Migration and Transnational Commitment: Some Evidence from the Italian Case
Maurizio Ambrosini

Fans, Racism and British Football in the Twenty-First Century: The Existence of a ‘Colour-Blind’ Ideology
Jamie Cleland & Ellis Cashmore

Medical Xenophobia and Zimbabwean Migrant Access to Public Health Services in South Africa
Jonathan Crush & Godfrey Tawodzera

The Ethics of Displacement and Migration in the Abrahamic Faiths: Enlightening Believers and Aiding Public Policy
Peter Admirand

Issue 5

Original Articles

The labour market integration of refugee and family reunion immigrants: a comparison of outcomes in Canada and Sweden
Pieter Bevelander & Ravi Pendakur

Neighbourhood Ethnic Composition and Employment Effects on Immigrant Incomes
Roger Andersson, Sako Musterd & George Galster

Is There a Distinct Israeli Diaspora? Impact of Temporal Sociopolitical Circumstances on the Formation of Diaspora Groups
Aviad Rubin & Ofir D. Rubin

Organising Muslims and Integrating Islam: Applying Organisational Sociology to the Study of Islamic Organisations
Kerstin Rosenow-Williams

The Performance of Early Age Migrants in Education and the Labour Market: a Comparison of Bosnia Herzegovinians, Chileans and Somalis in Sweden
Alireza Behtoui & Erik Olsson

Migrant Values and Beliefs: How Are They Different and How Do They Change?
Nathalie E. Williams, Arland Thornton & Linda C. Young-DeMarco

Fixed-Term Contracts: Does Nationality Matter?
Juan-Ignacio Marti'nez-Pastor

Collective Transnational Power and its Limits: London-Based Nigerian Organisations, Development at ‘Home’ and the Importance of Local Agency and the ‘Internal Diaspora’
Ben Lampert

Continuation or Switching? Career Patterns of Polish Graduate Migrants in England
Aga Szewczyk

Issue 6

Special Issue: International Organisations and the Politics of Migration

Original Articles

International Organisations and the Politics of Migration
Martin Geiger & Antoine Pe'coud

Exchanging Knowledge, Enhancing Capacities, Developing Mechanisms: IOM's Role in the Implementation of the EU–Russia Readmission Agreement
Oleg Korneev

The Politics and Discourse of Migrant Return: The Role of UNHCR and IOM in the Governance of Return
Anne Koch

Refugee Protection Meets Migration Management: UNHCR as a Global Police of Populations
Stephan Scheel & Philipp Ratfisch

Migration Management and Humanitarian Protection: The UNHCR's ‘Resettlement Expansionism’ and Its Impact on Policy-making in the EU and Australia
Adele Garnier

Managing the International Migration of Health Workers: The Development of the WHO Code of Practice
Cle'mence Merc,ay

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