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Русский язык на рубеже XX-ХХI веков

Учебная миграция из стран СНГ и Балтии: потенциал и перспективы для России

Мир пожилых людей и как его обустроить

Демографический ежегодник Кыргызской Республики: 2008-2012

Этнодемографические процессы и переселенческое общество на востоке России: история и современность

По страницам журналов «Демографія та соціальна економіка» и «Статистика Украины»

Содержание журнала «Journal of International Migration and Integration»

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Journal of International Migration and Integration


Volume 13
Issue 4, November 2012

Original Papers

Patterns of Social Integration of Western European Migrants
Michael Braun, Angelika Glöckner-Rist

Disadvantage, Ethnic Niching or Pursuit of a Vision?
Charlotta Hedberg…

Flexible Citizenship and the Inflexible Nation-State: New Framework for Appraising the Palestinian Refugees’ Movements
Sari Hanafi

Patterns of Ethnic Intolerance in Europe
Zan Strabac, Ola Listhaug…

The Labor Force Participation and Earnings Gap among African Immigrant Women in the U.S.A.
Yanyi K. Djamba, Sitawa R. Kimuna

Do Muslims in Germany Really Fail to Integrate? Muslim Integration and Trust in Public Institutions
Peter Doerschler, Pamela Irving Jackson

Sexuality and Health Among Chinese Seniors in Canada
A. Ka Tat Tsang, Esme Fuller-Thomson…

Young Adults of Maghrebi Origin from the French Banlieues: Social Mobility in Action?
Emmanuelle Santelli

Bridging Borders in the Global City: Negotiating Sameness and Difference in Hong Kong’s Skilled Immigrants from Mainland China
Cangbai Wang

Volume 14
Issue 1, February 2013

Original Papers

Towards Integration in Norway: Dynamics of Cultural Incorporation in the Context of Transnationalization
Sarvendra Tharmalingam

Are Immigrants from Asia Healthier than Immigrants from Other Regions?: Self-reported Health Status and Functional Difficulties of Immigrants in the USA
Juyeon Son

Cities, Migrant Incorporation, and Ethnicity: A Network Perspective on Boundary Work
Janine Dahinden

Educational Cultural Brokers and the School Adaptation of Refugee Children and Families: Challenges and Opportunities
Sophie Yohani

Portrayals of Global Health Worker Migration in Canadian Print News Media: Domestic Concerns vs. Global Awareness
Jen Pylypa

Social Capital and Somali Families in Australia
Robyn Ramsden, Ann Taket

Space of Possibilities: Civic Discourse and Multicultural Citizenship in Locally Produced Chinese Television Programs in Metro Vancouver
Shuyu Kong

Enriching Foreign Qualifications Through Canadian Post-secondary Education: Who Participates and Why?
Maria Adamuti-Trache, Paul Anisef…

“Too Asian?” or the Invisible Citizen on the Other Side of the Nation?
Dan Cui, Jennifer Kelly

Immigration in Italy: Between Economic Acceptance and Political Rejection
Maurizio Ambrosini

Book Review

Knut A. Jacobsen and Selva J. Raj (Ed.): South Asian Christian Diaspora: Invisible Diaspora in Europe and North America
Paul Bramadat

Issue 2, May 2013

Origina Papers

Nuancing Neoliberalism: Lessons Learned from a Failed Immigration Experiment
Alexandra Dobrowolsky

Working In a Regulated Occupation in Canada: An Immigrant–Native Born Comparison
Magali Girard, Michael Smith

Crises Now and Then—Comparing Integration Policy Frameworks and Immigrant Target Groups in Denmark in the 1970s and 2000s
Martin Bak Jørgensen, Trine Lund Thomsen

Is it Push or Pull? Recent Evidence from Migration into Bangalore, India
Kala Seetharam Sridhar,  A. Venugopala Reddy,  Pavan Srinath  

Children and the Sexualized Construction of Otherness: the Imaginary Perceptions of Russian and Romanian Immigrant Women in Cyprus
Spyros Spyrou

Managing Integration: German and British Policy Responses to the “Threat from Within” Post-2001
Anika Haverig

Circulating Capitals Between Poland and Scotland: a Transnational Perspective on European Labour Mobility
Marta Moskal

Explaining the Integration Paradox Among Small Immigrant Groups in the Netherlands
Majka van Doorn,  Peer Scheepers,  Jaco Dagevos

Issue 3, August 2013

Original Papers

Open Minds on Open Borders
Nathan Basik

Social Capital, Employment and Occupational Status of the New Immigrants in Canada
M. Reza Nakhaie, Abdolmohammad Kazemipur

Perceptions of the Impact of Refugees on Host Communities: The Case of Liberian Refugees in Ghana
Samuel Nii Ardey Codjoe, Peter Quartey, Cynthia Addoquaye Tagoe, Holly E. Reed

The Current Discourse on Islam in Germany
Dirk Halm

Exposure to Remittances: Theoretical and Empirical Implications for Gender
A. K. M. Ahsan Ullah

Hiring Rankings of Immigrant Job Applicants: Immigrants’ Acculturation Strategies and Managers’ Personality Trait Perception
Jøri Gytre Horverak, Gro Mjeldheim Sandal, Ståle Pallesen,  Marieke E. Timmerman

Economic Assimilation of Asian Indians in the United States: Evidence from the 1990s
Raaj Tiagi

Peer Relations of Chinese Adolescent Newcomers: Relations of Peer Group Integration and Friendship Quality to Psychological and School Adjustment
Zuhra Teja, Kimberly A. Schonert-Reichl

Talent for Citizenship and the American Dream: the USA as Outlier in the Global Race for Talent
Yolande Pottie-Sherman

Urban Conflicts and Immigrants’ Engagement. A Comparative Pragmatic Analysis of Two Northern Italian Cities
Michela Semprebon

Rebuilding Professional Lives: Immigrant Professionals Working in the Ontario Settlement Service Sector
Adnan Türegün

Issue 4, November 2013

Original Papers

Linguistic Assimilation of First-Generation Jewish South African Immigrants in Israel
Rebeca Raijman

Engaging Diasporas: a Fledgling Role of Cluster Organizations
Ibn-e Hassan, Noraini Abu Talib

PLAR in Nursing: Implications of Situated Learning, Communities of Practice and Consequential Transition Theories for Recognition
Joy Van Kleef, Patrick Werquin

Building a Self-Directed Process for the Development of Internationally Trained Professional Profiles in Canada
Sylvie Albert, Pawoumodom M. Takouda, Yves Robichaud,  Rana Haq

Human Capital and the Economic Assimilation of Recent Immigrants in Hong Kong
Dongshu Ou, Suet-ling Pong

Occupational Adjustment of Immigrants in The Netherlands
Aslan Zorlu

Barriers and Facilitators to Professional Licensure and Certification Testing in Canada: Perspectives of Internationally Educated Professionals
Liying Cheng, Melisa Spaling, Xiaomei Song

Globalisation, Labour Market Transformation and Migrant Marginalisation: the Example of Transmigrant Seafarers in Germany
Helen Sampson

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